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Published May 23, 2018

There have been many Castlevania games throughout the years that has a special place in the hearts and minds of the gamers that play them myself included, Castlevania games like the first Lords of Shadow, Symphony of the Night, Dracula X, Chronicles and Lament of Innocence to name a few.

Two great Castlevania games

The creator of these great games let it be known that they would be forever immortalized on the consoles for which they were created and they are as far as I’m concerned. However, a Castlevania type game is on the mound and ready to carve its own path of greatness into the hearts of gamers; that game is Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon.

When I first saw this game, I did not think much of it and was not sure that I was even going to buy it because there are so many similarities that it has to many of the Castlevania games like Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse. Naturally, I changed my mind only because the game is awesome and a Castlevania type game, after researching it, and it is that Castlevania feel of the game that’ll bring a lot of gamers home especially if they grew up playing Castlevania games like I did.

Now tell me that doesn’t remind you of Alucard

With that said, Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon is a great Castlevania remake that’s good for everyone for but not limited to the following reasons.

Who this game is for?

This game is for all the Castlevania fans and gamers who grew up playing all the Castlevania games, do you remember how Simon Belmont had that sword that he could not use in Castlevania Chronicles; it’s like you’re getting that second chance to use it when you’re playing with Zangetsu which I think is really cool.

Don’t you wish Simon could’ve used his sword like Zangetsu

Also, everyone remembers Sypha’s Thunderbolt book from Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse. Well, Alfred has his own magic shield of fire that can be used as a defense tool as well as a weapon. Gamers who remember the original Castlevania icons will really get into this game because it has a mixture of Castlevania and its own brand of flavor.

Ultimately, this game is for any gamer who has never played a Castlevania game before in their lives and want that experience. Although this isn’t a Castlevania game, the characters, the weapons along with the spells make it feel like one like Miriam’s axe subweapon; its so big that it would make the Belmonts gasp in amazement.

The Bosses

The bosses in the game are definitely among the most unique that I’ve ever seen and I can say beyond reasonable doubt that gamers will have their hands full trying to topple the giants. Being a video game master that’s beaten almost every Castlevania game ever made, I can say that as skilled a gamer as I am, I might even have a little trouble with the bosses.

I can’t wait to get a piece of that action

But, that’s just what this game is all about; it is a representation of Castlevania and it goes without saying that the bosses are what make playing Castlevania games worthwhile and Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon brought it with their own bosses. Glutton Train is one of the bosses that look strong and tough enough to rival Dracula’s final form in Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse; is it weird that I’m excited to fight that thing?

Not big or gigantic but still dangerous

Growing up playing Castlevania games made me appreciate fighting gigantic bosses like the Stone Man monster at the end of Stage 4 in Super Castlevania 4. Generally speaking, this game is for gamers who can appreciate not just a good boss fight but a boss fight with the boss towering several feet above you.

Appreciating each characters’ strengths

In Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, you start out using one character, the lead character, Zangetsu and meet up with 3 other characters with goals in common with the lead character. I can remember in Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, you could use your secondary character to get past whatever pitfalls that might surface or lie in wait on every level. I love that in this game, you’ll have access to four characters at a time instead of two.

For example, if you’re looking for a character who can go mano e mano with a boss with a high tolerance to damage then using Alfred and his alchemic powers to get the job done would be recommended. Or, using Miriam’s High Jump to get across a gap or to a door that is seemingly out of reach.

Gamers benefit when they can use all of their characters’ abilities to get past an area or a boss or even a part of the level where a specific special ability of a character is needed in order to pass that particular obstacle. Using the special traits of the characters in the game can really ease gamers into the gameplay.

What makes it a great buy

Incidentally, what makes Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon a great buy is the fact that it is not 100.00, 60.00 or even 38.00; it is only 9.99 which is great because gamers can get a great game at a great price. Although the game is not horribly priced at 60.00 like any PS4 game would be, it is good to know that I can drop the dime tomorrow or at midnight tonight and have the game downloaded along with feeling that I didn’t spend a lot to get this great piece of software.

The action is another aspect of the game that makes it a great buy; there are enough enemies and action around every corner. All I can say is that if you’re looking to get your hands on a great game that predates the first great Castlevania game then definitely get this game.


Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon is a game that plays like and is similar to every Castlevania game to ever exist, it’s a great Castlevania remake that is good for gamers who grew playing Castlevania games, gamers who can appreciate the strengths and abilities of their characters and utilize each one accordingly.

Don’t you wonder if he can swing from that thing

The bosses are another reason why this game is for gamers of all sizes and shapes so to speak. The reason that it is a great buy is because the game has a lot to offer gamers especially those who are just playing a Castlevania type game for the very first time. I’m telling you, get your copy of this PS4 title and treasure it forevermore. Buy this game tomorrow, drop the ten dollars and make this game yours forever.

If you have any questions regarding my post or you would just like to comment on the post in general then please leave me a message below and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and happy gaming.




  1. Jim Jim

    Hi Rodney. I have to admit to be a complete novice when it comes to gaming. I just came on line in the hope of finding a couple of decent games for my  17 year old grandson. I know that he is an avid gamer and I also know that he is a fan of horror movies. I know he has one of the Fortnite games and several others that I just don’t remember of hand. I also overheard him talking about his friends having one other Castelvania games and how much he’d like to have one. Could you give me some advice on these game? Which ones do you think would suit him? Thanks Jim

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Well, if your grandson is into Castlevania games then I think you should point him to Castlevania Lords of Shadow i & II. Also, I suggest Mirror of Fate too; they’re all really good games; I’m going to develop a page for Castlevania Lords of Shadow II when I get to playing it. 

      I know some people still play these games despite the PS4 being the hot button item. Plus, it also depends on what game console he has; if he has a Playstation of any kind like a PS3 then he should get the games I mentioned above and if he has a retro gaming console then I suggest Castlevania I, III, IV, Chronicles and Dracula X not to mention Castlevania Bloodlines. 

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