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Published December 20, 2018

The PS4 has come out with some amazing games in 2018 no doubt about it and those games are still being played by gamers, adult and child alike. There were a lot of ‘save the dates’ when it came to these games, October 2nd – Mega Man 11. Dragon Quest XI – September 4th, Darksiders 3 – November 27th, God of War – April 20 and Spiderman PS4 – September 7th

I mean, you can’t look at these games and tell me that they weren’t considered to be the best of the best of 2018; God of War PS4 was made Game of the Year with good reason. God of War PS4 has everything, Kratos’ backstory after God of War III, his son’s origins and who Kratos’ wife was.

Above all, the aforementioned 5 games are the best ps4 games of 2018 in my opinion because these games really test your mettle as a gamer and you really feel like they were money well spent; I know I do.

In this post, I will discuss what I deem as the Best PS4 games of 2018 and why along with some tips I’ve come up with for said games along with pros and cons of each game, I’ll also make it known about the recommended audience of the game and why these games are still a must-have despite their “age”.

The Games and Tips

Ah yes, the games. The best ps4 games of 2018 demand the best tips and strategies not just as a means of getting into the game but to be able to approach certain aspects of the game with a plan.

Dragon Quest XI

A game I fell in love with the first time I played it. The game reminded me so much of Dragon Quest VIII; Dragon Quest XI is actually similar to Dragon Quest VIII in many ways but this time around you’re in control of the Luminary Incarnate, you’ll get your hands on all sorts of powers for each of your party members via Character builder.

Top 3 tips for playing Dragon Quest XI with minimal trouble

– Always have 2 chosen weapons for each character, an example is the Luminary, sword and greatsword; Erik, sword and daggers/boomerang etc. Sometimes you’ll find that one weapon is more effective than another.

– Don’t just stick to two skill sets on the character builder, sink your points into all of your skill sets because it pays to have different skills for different battle situations.

– When you’re doing the Crossbow challenge across the regions, always explore the upper and very bottom part of the map on the inner rim of the map; that’s where you’ll find them the targets.

Mega Man 11

Mega Man 11 has Mega Man back in the action and face to face with 8 new robots; the Double Gear System is introduced which gives Mega Man the power to amplify his power and slow down time.

Adhere to my tips 3 in order to have get acclimated to the game

– Don’t hesitate to abuse the Double Gear System especially the “Overdrive” power when your life gets low.

– Buy the Cooling System for the Double Gear System as soon as you’re able, it’ll save you a lot of heartache and pain later

– When you can afford the Auto Charge chip, buy it; you’ll be thankful you did when you don’t have to charge your buster every you want to fire a charge shot.

God of War

Kratos returns from the dead and is set loose in the world of Norse Mythology. Kratos’ goal now is teaching his young son what it means to be a god; his son teaching him what it means to be human. You’ll control Kratos’ new weapon, the Leviathan Axe; a lethal weapon to be sure and the Blades of Chaos make a return as well.

3 tips to follow while venturing to every realm

– Get to know the Leviathan Axe; the weapon is capable of a lot more than you might think.

He’s the first obstacle I learned how to take down with ease

– Abuse Atreus’ summon ability, it’ll come through in a pinch when you need to get breathing room or to distract your enemies.

– Experiment with the various moves you find for your weapons, you’ll find that some work while other do not.

Darksiders 3

Darksiders 3 has you in the driver seat of the sister of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Fury. Your goal will be to track down and reconfine the 7 seven deadly sins. Along the way, Fury will be given powers of Fire, Ice, Force and Storm.

Time for my 3 tips for owning in the game

– Take your time and explore every single inch of an area, you’ll never know what you’ll find or where it’ll lead you.

– Practice your moves for your Hollow powers; each one will come in handy whether its throwing your storm spear at enemies or setting your enemies ablaze by activating your wrath via Flame Hollow.

– The best thing about this game is that you can switch between regular Fury and her Hollow forms; I usually prefer to run around with regular Fury until I run upon a tough enemy then I pick a Hollow form then use it on that enemy. Experiment with your Hollow forms, they’re there for your enemy killing pleasure.

Spiderman PS4

Everything in Spiderman’s world has changed, he’s older, made some new friends and has access to some kick ass suits. There’s never a dull moment in Spiderman PS4, you’ll be doing side missions which might consist of stopping robberies and sabotage around the city and much more.

Spiderman’s three tips for getting New York City under control

– Switch out suits often. For example, when you’re doing night jobs; go Spiderman Noir. The suit’s ability to disable any enemy back up will keep the thugs bumping in the night to a minimal.

– Anytime there is a side mission or finding collectibles, do them first. The rationale, you’ll be that much closer to unlocking suits for missions which will come in handy.

– Don’t overthink the game, its actually a lot easier than it appears and a lot more fun if you know how to take chillaxin’ approach to some of the missions such as hunting down Shocker.

Pros and Cons

Now every game has pros and cons, things that make them great and not so great. What I have here is the pros and cons of each game that I have listed.

Out the starting gate, Dragon Quest XI


– Great game, a lot of action; the Luminary realizes his full power before the endgame

– Character builder skills unique to each character

– Bosses and some enemies bring their A-game in the post game which can make them destroying them a huge chore.


– Sidequests in post game can make the game drag on practically forever

– Gathering materials for the 5 stars weapons and armors can take a while to gather.

God of War


– Leviathan Axe becomes the go to weapon when dealing with enemies, gets stronger as it’s upgraded

– Different attack methods can be utilized once the Blades of Chaos come into play

– So much land to explore


– Valkyries sidequest can go from somewhat difficult to crazy hard

– You can’t get the ultimate elemental attack to the Blades of Chaos or Leviathan Axe unless you grind for materials (depending on which one you chose to get first, I went with Thamur’s Breath).

Darksiders 3


– Ability to access 4 Hollow Forms unique with their own powers and abilities

– Nephilim’s Respite is forever as long as you killing your enemies as you’re using it to stay alive

– Powerful Counterattack per perfect dodge which is easy to master


– Some of the Sins can be hard to find which can leave you walking around for hours until you get a clue.

– Enemies can overwhelm you quickly.

Mega Man 11


– Double Gear System introduces unique gameplay element to playing the game with strategy

– You can access Dr. Light’s Lab anytime in the game

– Parts can be used to enhance and improve the use of certain items or abilities


– Energy Tanks are practically non-existent in robot master levels

– All the parts in Dr. Light’s Lab have to be unlocked as you venture through the game



– Unlocking the suits give Spiderman unique powers even if he doesn’t have that suit equipped

– Gadgets can be accessed anytime

– Hours of fun and a little addictive


– Some sidequests and collectible missions can be difficult like trying to find precisely where a backpack is and you can be right on top of it or something like it and still miss the mark.

– The Octavius Lab puzzles are a bit of a pain in the ass

Recommended Audience

Many gamers have come across games that are and in some cases have not been a fit for them; many parents have made this call in their kids’ place. There are games that are fit for a recommended audience and by audience, I mean people that would find these games appealing.

For one, Mega Man 11 and Spiderman are games that are recommended for kids and gamers who grew up playing earlier versions of these games on other systems such as PS3, PS2 etc. 10+ and under.

Dragon Quest XI, Darksiders 3 and God of War are mostly for mature audiences like teens above the age of 16; the aforementioned games don’t have a lot of gore in them but there are some instances of killing so a little something to keep in mind.

Buying these games are a must

Besides these games being the Best PS4 games of 2018; they signify what made 2018 great in the gaming community. While there are other games that have come out over the course of the year, it goes without saying that these games are the cream of the crop.

If you buy any game this year or if you’re planning on buying a PS4 then I recommend that you start off with the 5 aforementioned games. The rationale, you won’t find a better investment in your gaming future and yourself than you will in these games.


Spiderman, God of War, Mega Man 11, Dragon Quest XI and Darksiders 3 have made it to the top of the list of Best PS4 games of 2018 because of their action packed gameplay and overall enjoyment factor for one. Secondly, they’re a consistent reminder that 2018 was the best year for PS4.

Weighing the pros and cons as well as keeping the tips in mind for the games, you’ll have no trouble playing through the game and loving every minute of it. If you have any questions about my post then please leave me a message and I’ll respond to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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