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Published April 15, 2019

There has been many games that have come out for previous game consoles and remastered on the PS4, and there were some games that were just made for the PS4 exclusively; in particular Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition.

Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age was a game that was remastered from its PS2 predecessor; Final Fantasy X/X-2HD was remastered from the PS3 ultimately bringing it to the PS4 as well. Incidentally, when you think about the best Final Fantasy games for PS4, it cannot be argued that there is a preference, a favorite if you will.

Any gamer that have been playing Final Fantasy games for a long time will automatically choose one or two over all three which can be said is normal but what if there was a game that came to PS4 but shouldn’t have?

What if there was a Final Fantasy game so incredibly bad and predictable that it should’ve never graced the light of day? Back when Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition came out, I was constantly hearing how Final Fantasy XV failed as a game and just did not satisfy people or gamers as a whole.

In this post, I will examine and take a part three Final Fantasy games on PS4 and express my personal favorite ultimately my judgment and reasons why one or two of the games are worth the monetary expenditure. So having said that let’s start with……

Best Final Fantasy games for PS4

Now, when you think of the best Final Fantasy games for PS4, it’s all down to three of the most notable and impacting which is Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age, Final Fantasy X/X-2HD Remaster and Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition.

Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age was, in a sense, a complete mess; it completely copied everything or just about everything from its PS2 predecessor. The only way that Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age will make it to the top 3 is if they completely remake it, I mean, remake the battle system, the battle mechanics etc. In my opinion, Final Fantasy V would’ve had a better chance of being one of the 3 chosen.

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition was great in a lot of ways and the battle system was awesome, I mean, what Final Fantasy game let you wield 4 weapons at once and at your choosing I might add. The only thing I didn’t particularly care for was the dlc weapons from past Final Fantasy games but at least you still had a choice as to whether or not you want to use them.

Final Fantasy X/X-2HD was excellent and even though I never played this version or the PS3 version; I did see a few videos on them and the remastered version looks awesome. Personally, if my Final Fantasy X for my PS2 got damaged, I would totally buy this.

Personal Favorite

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition was my absolute favorite because I got to take advantage of a lot of the dlc that I got with the game and even though it took almost 7 hours to fully download, it was worth the wait. I was so skeptical about Final Fantasy XV for a long time before I bought it but when I did, I felt like I made the best investment in myself that I ever could make.

Incidentally, the game centered on the current future king of Lucis who’s sole purpose in life is to sacrifice himself to save the world from the daemons. I not only fell in love with the game but I also did of Noctis’ destiny as the true king of kings. The elemancy or magic system was a little eccentric, for lack of a better term, but it was easy to understand and craft magic like it was nothing.

I took a personal interest in the Royal Arms because a lot of Noctis’ ancestors wielded these artifacts of great power; in fact, I used the Royal Arms throughout the whole game without skipping a beat. Personally, Final Fantasy X HD comes in a close second on account of the realism of the remaster.

My Verdict

My favorite part of any game review or insight about games, my verdict. Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age is, despite it being a redo, worth a try if you’ve never played the game before but before you do, get used to the idea of the game playing itself. Personally, I’d never play a game that you can pretty much do on autopilot; that promotes laziness.

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition is definitely worth a try only because it is a great game and a terrific remaster over the original FFXV; I can’t say or guess why there needed to be a Royal Edition or so but I’m happy I took as long as I did because the wait was definitely worth it and the game was just flat out awesome.

Final Fantasy X/X-2HD is worth a look and play if you’re looking for an upgrade but my advice is that if you want to keep your PS2 versions of the game, do; there’s no love lost if you don’t play this because it pretty much plays like the originals except in X-2, there’s a few new dresspheres in the game like the Psychic and the Festivalist that can do all kind of things to your enemies.

Call to Action

If you have ever had any doubts of getting any of the 3 games I mentioned then please don’t hesitate, buy the games. If you’re going to buy Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age then I warn you, you’re going to be doing a lot of sitting on the sideline while your characters make all the moves with minimal button presses.

Definitely and unequivocally buy Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition, it is the most fun you’ll ever have playing a Final Fantasy game since VII. 13 Royal Arms, witty banter from Noctis and his friends, side and back stories, tons of weapons, accessories and powers to keep you satisfied til the endgame and you’re not even done after you beat the game. I’ve maxed out at almost 2 hours 05 minutes in gaming hours.

I love Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition, get the game; it’ll be the best investment you’ve ever made. Final Fantasy X/X-2HD is a game that you can be sure is worth the investment especially if you’ve never played Final Fantasy X or X-2 for the PS2.


The Best Final Fantasy games for the PS4 comes down to 3 games, Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age, Final Fantasy X/X-2HD and Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition. Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age might not seem worth it but it might be if you’re a Final Fantasy XII fan. Final Fantasy X/X-2HD are golden eggs in their own right especially if you never played them before. The remaster version on PS4 is simply incredible.

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition is definitely a must have game, it is not every day that you get to know the crown prince of Lucis who later saves the world through self-sacrifice and becomes king. The game is a slam dunk and must be obtained at all costs. Trust me, you’ll want to pick this gem up.

So what do you think of my post, do you have a favorite; which Final Fantasy game(s) do you have for the PS4, what was the determining factor, your reasoning behind picking up your Final Fantasy game on PS4. Send me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


  1. ClaudiaClaudia

    PS4 is something that my son and husband play. I’m always looking for new games for them to play. I have heard of final fantasy, Is it for everyone? I know that many have things they like but how is this game different from others? And can you guide me on how my boys can enjoy this game? 

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Well Claudia, first; you see all 3 games on my website post, Final Fantasy X, X-2 and Final Fantasy XV. Now, the next thing you should do is ask both of them if they’ve heard of Final Fantasy and which Final Fantasy games do they want to play or have a slight interest and yes, Final Fantasy is for everyone. In fact, I’m 38 and I just beat Final Fantasy XV on my PS4 a couple of months ago. Final Fantasy games are among the most age appropriate games in the video game world. To answer your last question, Final Fantasy X/X-2HD is different from a version that came out on PS3 a few years ago because you have the HD quality of the Final Fantasy X/X-2HD remaster which usually focuses on whether your television is 4k or not; personally that doesn’t matter. Final Fantasy XV is different from the former two I mentioned because it is a whole new story with whole new characters. Actually, if you’re looking to give your husband and son some alternatives then tell them to try Final Fantasy X and XV by themselves.

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