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Published December 23, 2017

Long ago, the concept of saving your game was practically non-existent; Nintendo was the first to make that possible and saved gamers, myself included, hours of having to recomb through areas that had little to offer us in the ways of sustenance and valuables. Every game console after Nintendo carved a path of righteous saving with the intent of not only keeping their customers loyal, but coming back for more i.e. buying video games and many like them.

Kirby's Adventure

The first game save data I started

Games such as Star Wars the Force Unleashed, the Shining Force games and just about every PS3 games are among the many that require back up game saves because backtracking to previous levels isn’t allowed for one. Secondly, if the gamer is trying for a 100% in one game then it stands to reason why it is important to back up your game data and saves.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

Get this now or it’s gone forever or is it

Many gamers can argue that new generation games are next to impossible to back up save because of potential systematic viruses. However, data saving items like flash drives are necessary and works better than any modern in computer/in game data saves. So, here’s the games and the way to gather that peace of mind.

Why you should

One of the biggest reasons why you should back up your game data and saves is because continuously getting killed in a dead zone i.e. a battle with no weapons or healing items gets frustrating and waste valuable time. Case in point; one day not that long ago, I was playing Shining Force 2 and I was at the Chessboard battle. I forgot to buy healing items at the elven town and by the time I got shrunk in Creed’s Mansion; it was too late.

Shining Force 2

Don’t enter this battle without healing items

Imagine fighting a battle where you’re hopelessly outnumbered and your healer is dead and/or your medipaks are all gone; starting over from scratch is a huge pain in the ass not to mention destroys any potential chance of replaying that game.

Final Fantasy X

Unless you like Blitzball, immortalize this and forget about it

Another reason why you should is because there are certain places in the game that might prove difficult or hold a special place in your heart. For example, I have A Final Fantasy X save game data saved on a separate memory card of me completing blitzball once and for all and getting Wakka’s Jupiter Sigil and another of my final confrontation with Sin with all the other sidequests taken care and I like the music that plays as you’re fighting Sin.

Final Fantasy X

I love this part of the game!

Games That Make This Critically Necessary

Back up your game data and saves when you play games like Star Wars the Force Unleashed PS2 & PS3, Shining Force 2 and Final Fantasy X. Here’s why I chose these games in particular. Star Wars the Force Unleashed; there’s no backtracking to previously visited planets, it’s either you do a full scale sweep of that planet thereby picking it bone clean or completely miss out until new game plus.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

You can’t come back to get this if you leave it

Shining Force 2, battles happen almost immediately and everywhere you journey to demand a back up save game so you’re not doing it all again. Remember the Chessboard battle I mentioned, if you have no healing items or your healer is weaker that everyone else then you’ll continuously die; in-battle healing and fighting will fix this, but you’ll lose everyone else too.

Final Fantasy X

You’ll be happy to not do this again

Final Fantasy X’s very own Blitzball, Chocobo Trainer Challenges, the Lightning Dodge sidequests; these are among the biggest pains in the butt in the entire game but necessary to beat in order to finish the game on not just a good note, a great one.

The Steps

Okay, if you’re going to back up your game data and saves on the aforementioned games which I recommend then here’s how you should go about it. For Star Wars the Force Unleashed PS2 version, save your game to a separate file after you touch down on the next level. The benefit to doing this is that you’ll be able to reload that same data and overwrite the saved data so you can continue going back to the same place over and over thereby creating a loop.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed  Star Wars the Force Unleashed

For Star Wars the Force Unleashed PS3, your game is automatically saved when you touch down anywhere. However, you can restart the level from any point in the stage you are if you feel you missed something.

Shining Force 2, all you have to do is save in game at a church then when you’re asked if you want to continue then say no. Next, when you’re going to continue your game then go to copy and copy your data. I don’t recommend doing this if you’ve decided to do an in-battle save which will then ultimately doom you. Only copy your data if you’re in a town; NEVER in a battle.

Shining Force 2

Pretty self-explanatory

Final Fantasy X, save your game on a separate memory card; that simple or save the part(s) of the game to a separate memory card. This way, when you replay the game then you can use that data to skip the part of the game you don’t want to do like if you play Blitzball and the Lightning Dodge games and saved the game data after doing those then you won’t have to do them again on copied save file.

PS2 Memory Card      Flash Drive

This for separate PS2 data                                                                                        This is preserves PS3 data

Also, for all of you worried about your game data on your PS3 disappearing if you get a virus or your system succumbs to a lot of dust then do like I do and copy your PS3 game data over to a flash drive; it’ll be safe and you can go back to it later on if you want. I usually save my PS3 game data to my flash drive AFTER I beat the game I’m working on; a little food for thought.

Keep an Eye on Your Saves


Now, it’s easy to underestimate the fact that you don’t have to worry as much as about your save data once you have it saved, but that is exactly the reason why you should after you back up your game data and saves because in the off chance that your game system becomes a virus zone then you’ll have that back up.

Game saves

Also, I’d like to stress that keeping an eye on your saves will give you that peace of mind as well especially if you have it on an older flash drive; don’t get negligent but don’t worry so much to the point where safeguarding that data keeps you awake at night. Find a happy medium. For me, I check on my game data saves of my PS3 games on my flash drive every time I beat a game and save it to the flash drive.


One of the hardest things about gaming was being able to pick up exactly where you left off, but thanks to modern technology and many of it made at the time gamers are able to save their games as they see fit and be able to preserve that data especially when they play games like Final Fantasy X, Shining Force 2 and Star Wars the Force Unleashed; both for the PS2 and PS3.

Ultimately, saving your game data to a separate file or something separate of the game will save you many hours of sanity and prevent frustration. I encourage you to do this with not just these three games but many others like them because you never know when the unthinkable might happen; it helps to be prepared. Always remember to back up your game saves and data, it’s time and lifesaving.

If you have any questions about my post or have a comment then please leave me a message and I’ll get back to you before the day is out.







  1. Gabriella Tito Gabriella Tito

    Haha yup. I have been there and done that a LOT of times. Especially with final fantasy games, which can just become endless grinding, especially if you lose that progress from an unfair death.

    I see a lot of people do it in newer games too. I watch a lot of Dark Souls streamers that do speed runs and no hit challenges, and a lot of them utilize back up saves to help train and practice.

    I didn’t know this started from Nintendo though, good to know!

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Yep, Nintendo was at the heart of game saves, you couldn’t back up then but nowadays you can which is great. By the way, Final Fantasy games don’t have to be about the grind, I don’t level grind; I play the game as is and I gain levels by regular through and sidequests. Just a little tip.

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