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Published June 2, 2019

In ArcaniA, you’re introduced to a lot of awesome weapons that can be used to slay your enemies; swords, maces, axes even daggers. However, if you’re into action RPGs like me, you’re going to want to go for the best weapon in the game which the sword ultimately is. Why; the sword is lethal and it makes short work of enemies and it comes in one as well as two-handed.

Many of the awesome weapons in the game all have great stopping power to put your enemies to death and some you wouldn’t even think had the power to take down a something like an orc let alone a deer. There is one weapon that I’ve discovered that can bring your enemies to their knees just as easily if not quicker, that weapon is the Bow & Arrow.

The Bow & Arrow, if you used correctly, can eliminate most enemies in the game with minimal effort; you might not think that much of the Bow & Arrow or even discard it which I don’t recommend. Maces have incredible power despite their diminutive size, but I’ve seen an Orc die at the hands of a Mace so that should tell you that the weapon is no joke along with the Bow & Arrows along with a few other things such as enemy takedowns even magic which I’ll discuss in my post so without further ado, I’ll start with………….

ArcaniA Weapons

ArcaniA weapons are powerful as they are many and I want it to go on the record that it can be hard to just pick out one weapon or stick with one weapon throughout the whole game. Personally, I stuck with Swords; specifically one-handed swords which I deemed were easy enough to handle and I didn’t have to worry about taking extra damage because I had a shield which I barely remember using.

One of the takeaways I got as I was using the weapons in the game was that you could pretty much hold onto weapons to deal with enemies that might take lethal damage from a specific weapon type especially if your enemies are Orcs. I pretty much used every one-handed sword that I could get my hands on and used that on the enemies.

For the most part, my opinion on the ArcaniA weapons is that some of them will definitely capture your attention as if to beg “use me” but not every weapon is up to the task of destroying your enemies; some of them should be ignored.

You see, the lesson I got from using the weapons is always pick the one that you cannot do without; for me it was the one-handed swords as I stated earlier but then I discovered…..

The Bow and Arrows’ true power

In many Action RPGs, you may often find that sometimes or even once in a great while that you stumble upon an awesome weapon with such power that it practically takes your breath away, I’m talking about the Bow & Arrow. The Bow and Arrow has such power that I can’t think of a reason for you not to use it. Whenever I played Drakan: The Ancients’ Gate (PS2), I would automatically throw it away after I visited Jade in her Magic Emporium.

I got used to using magic when it came to long distance as well as short distance attacks; maybe the bow and arrow in Drakan: The Ancients’ Gate is just as lethal as the one used in ArcaniA but that theory is open to speculation. The true power of the Bow and Arrow lie in two things, how long you hold the button down before releasing to fire and where you’re targeting your enemies.

Targeting your enemies on their bodies can deliver damage to them that’ll slow them down, but when you aim and shoot your enemies in the head, you’ll deal them lethal damage and I can tell you right now, there are few enemies that can withstand the awesome power of the headshot.

Enemies takedowns

Enemy takedowns can be conducted using any weapon, but it is important to use one that’ll make quick work of your enemies and sometimes that is not always the case especially since many of the awesome weapons in the game will take your enemy’s head clean off. Bow and Arrows are a different story, you cannot take your enemies down with just shooting arrows and hope they would die.

Also, it is worth mentioning that Orcs are not the only enemies that die by being shot in the head. Many of the enemies like the humanoid enemies go down just as easily when you put a few arrows in their head. You’ll face a lot of mages in the game which will shoot their elemental energies at you in form of fire, ice and lightning.

A particular strategy to keep in mind is that while you’re waiting on your magic meter to refill, use your Bow and Arrows on your enemies, aim for their heads and take it off. Ten times out of ten, you’ll buy yourself some time while waiting on your magic meter to refill.

This strategy works for pretty much any enemy but Orcs, humans, and some vermin enemies take lethal damage from this. Remember always.

Strategic tips for destroying the masses

Depending on how strong your magic is and how much you’ve invested in it, it can be used to destroy your enemies singlehandedly; I’ve done so its definitely possible. However, for it to become possible you have to get your magic at least to Lv. 3.

Here are a few strategies that I believe will help you as they have helped me. Strategy #1, using your sword to inflict damage on your opponents then using magic to finish them off; the problem that could arise with this strategy is that you might just stick to using one or the other or just use a stronger weapon in general.

Strategy #2, if you open with using magic on your enemy then make sure they die the way you started but if that’s not possible and you fear for your life especially if its being drained then use your weapon to take them out.

Strategy #3, When you’re using the Bow and Arrow on a target far away, make sure your bow is up to par and if you can buy a stronger bow then do it because the stronger the bow the easier it’ll be to destroy your enemies.

Strategy #4, when you face Skeletal enemies like mages and sword fighters; try to take them down at a distance with your bow and arrow because they take 15% more damage from arrows to the head if you have War Arrows that are +10 power etc.


Awesome weapons are everywhere in the world of ArcaniA but only a few of them truly make the cut as the ‘master’s favorite’ like the bow and arrow for example which can take down everything from Orc to Human mages to skeletal fighters. The true power of the Bow and Arrow lie in the length of time you wind up the shot before you fire.

Using your magic to start and finish your enemies is wise in so doing, you’ll see which elements work on which enemies. Enemy takedowns is a bit of a nonchalant matter especially since you’re aiming for the head and nowhere else on the body.

So what do you think of my post, do you think I’m right on or way off; send me a message and I’ll respond immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


  1. PhilPhil

    Hello Rodney, 

    I’m shopping for a video game for my son’s birthday, and he’s asked for Arcania, which brought me to your page. He’s 8 yo.

    I’m wondering if this game is suitable for him. I think he’s much too young for it. I guess you must be getting this question a lot…

    I can see from your video and pictures why he’s so keen about getting this game: it does look like a great game, but definitely for older kids I reckon. So what’s your opinion? Thanks, Phil

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Well Phil, you’re the parent so you know what’s best for him but in my opinion, I think if you’re okay with getting him the game and he wants it then you should definitely get it but if you feel that the in-game blood (which there isn’t a lot of) and hack n’ slash action is too much for him then you can always take it from him and wait a year or two when you think he’s mature enough but personally, I think you should get it only because it’s harmless and the hack n’ slashing he’ll be doing in the game is no less harmful to him than playing games like God of War or even Resident Evil. Sorry if my answer was a little long.

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