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Published May 27, 2018

As long as gaming has existed, saving game data is and will always be a must in order to get to the end of that game. Playstation 1 & 2 introduced the oh so reliable memory card as a means to save game data so they can be forever immortalized for years to come. The Playstation 3 introduced the concept of saving your game to the hard drive of the PS3 which enabled gamers to easily pick up where they left off.

Now where would we gamers be without these babies?

The unique thing about the PS3 and saving games to the hard drive is that the data could later be transferred to a Flash Drive of your choice. This was a monumental game changer when it came to immortalizing the game saves on the PS3. Now, for the PS4. The Playstation 4 introduced the Autosave feature that is found in many of the games we enjoy today.

Fairly expensive but lifesaving

There were autosave available for a few of the games for the PS3 but it is more prevalent in the current generation of games i.e. PS4. Autosave is counted on as being the basic way for a game to be saved, but does that mean that it is the only reliable way to save; the answer, no. Saving manually can also be done as well and it should a part of your saving regimen; here’s why.

There’s no going back if you missed something, my instance at my point in God of War

For one, there’s no going back if you miss or missed something or if you happen to skip a cutscene that might be vital to your gameplay to that game. For example, I was playing God of War PS4 and I had just got the light power in order to make it past the breath of darkness and was looking into doing favors for Brok and Sindri since I was at a point in the game where I could or so I thought.

I almost had those blades, save your game; the struggle is real

Well, long story short, I was counting on the game’s autosave feature only and not saving my games manually; my entire game data and where I was in the game went up in habitual blaze. And uhhh, want to know were I was when I had to start over from scratch, I was in the mountain and I was a hairbreadth away from getting the shock arrows then the Blades of Chaos; you cannot begin to imagine how upset I was. Unmoot point, save manually, don’t be lazy because it will cost you! You have been warned!

Saving manually saves you time and frustration; reversing time becomes possible

Back in the day, saving your game manually was the only way to be certain that your place in that game was locked down whether you came back to it a day, a month or even a year, it didn’t matter because where you last saved is where you forever remained. The best part about this is that you can reverse time, reversing time becomes possible in many games.

This is necessary, DO IT!!!

For example, saving your game in God of War will let you go back to say, the Lake of Nine to complete a favor for Brok or one for Sindri. Saving your game manually in Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana will afford you the possibility of remembering how to do the characters’ ultimate power move especially since you need that knowledge to severely damage and end the boss in the battle in which you learn it.

I don’t want to see this screen if I can avoid it!

The autosave feature makes it possible to never have to worry about saving your game manually because the action in the game is all that matters and trying to keep up with it, but saving manually will allow you to go back to a previous save if you need to relearn something or watch something to get an idea like when Sorey first becomes the Shepard in Tales of Zestiria and using Lailah.

Autosaving becomes necessary only when…

Autosaving, despite the potential damage it can do if it is counted on profusely, can be useful. Case in point, autosaving becomes necessary only when you’re looking to shut down from playing for an hour or two like if you’re watching a television show or if you have yard work or are feeding the baby. Incidentally, autosave is still necessary but I feel that it would be more useful if you are already are at a save point in the game.

I’d hate to have to start over from this point

For example, say you’ve just got Rose in Tales of Zestiria and you don’t want to see the cutscene, you make the choice to skip it; autosave activating right after is okay if that is what you want because many of the cutscenes in games potentially drag on forever. Autosaving is okay and necessary in instances where you’re feeling drowsy and need to go to bed or even to close your eyes for a few moments.

Arguments and Counterarguments

Although autosaving has made gaming a little easier in the PS4 gaming generation, it can be argued that it has been acknowledged as the go to when you don’t feel like saving the game manually whether because you’re too absorbed in the game itself or you just don’t believe in it anymore. In either case, it is still a very recommended course of action. Being a gamer, I know how gamers think and we always want to do what’s easier, here are some arguments that could arise.

Initial Argument – The days of saving manually is gone with the wind; if the game creators wanted the game to be saved manually then they wouldn’t have autosave in many of the games that are out today.

Counterargument – Saving manually will save you time and frustration, you can count on autosave alone but just remember this, there is no concept of in game time reversal if you’re using autosave by itself.

Don’t forget, carelessness costs!

Second Argument – Saving manually is only for those truly concerned about losing all they’ve worked for; repairing game save data damage is no longer the horror it once was.

Counterargument – Autosave may be handy, but I assure you the possibility of having to start over from the beginning at the New Game screen is no less real.

Third Argument – Well, if you’re that concerned with the damage that the autosave can do then just disable it, if it’s possible.

Counterargument – Okay, that sounds cool, but I don’t see a reason why you can’t make both of them work together and to your benefit and to that of your gameplay. Again, don’t be lazy; take the time and save manually. At least do a manual save when you enter a new area or have to revisit an old one!

If you can do it, go for it!


Autosaving may have revolutionized how games are saved and are later returned to, but many grow depend on this and forget what it means to manually save or why they should save their game manually. Saving manually should be done regularly because there’s no going back if you missed something or someone, and it saves you time and frustration; I mean, who want to go back to the beginning of a game?

Autosaving is not all bad as long as you’re using it as a means of “cool down” or to combat drowsiness so you don’t lose your place in the game. Overall, save manually and often.

I couldn’t have said it better myself

What do you think about saving manually and autosaving, which do you think is easier to do; leave me a message below with your response and I’ll get back to you in a timely manner. Thank you and happy gaming.





  1. Furkan Furkan

    My bro really wants a PS4 and I also want to play games like god of war.
    After reading this writing I think that saving is a really good idea. Because if I miss something and there is no way to get it and I would be pissed if that happens so I will definitely save it manually.

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Thanks for reaching out Furkan, I’ve gone through that way too many times to count and that’s why I do everything to avoid it.

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