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Published September 10, 2019

There are certain missions that require different items in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Ancient Tablet is one of the items required to complete a specific quest called Hull Yeah which is given to you by your right-hand man and first mate, Barnabas. Now, you would think that this is another mission that’s easy to complete right, you’d be wrong; I certainly was.

The problem here is twofold. The first, lack of Ancient Tablet, this is a problem that you’ll likely run into if you have been going to every location on the map in the form of “?”. The second, one of the most reliable sources where you can get everything i.e. the blacksmith doesn’t even have any ancient tablet material.

Exhibit 1

Barnabas points you to sinking ships on the open ocean and boarding them to get supplies or looting whatever you can in hopes of getting some ancient tablet material but even that does little to actually help you accomplish the endgame goal.

Incidentally, Hull Yeah is a quest but one that you would think needs your immediate attention which it does but what if you don’t have any ancient tablet or can’t find any; there is a solution but first, there are other avenues which I’ll discuss in this post.

Hull Yeah Quest

As previously mentioned, Barnabas gives you the Hull Yeah quest which requires that you have the materials for the hull which consist of 80 Iron Metal, 130 Olive Wood, 2 Ancient Tablets and 1400 Drachamae. You may have the materials already but in the likely event that you don’t then its fine because there is solution to that. The Hull Yeah Quest seems like one of those quests that if you’re going to do it then you’re definitely going to need some assassin’s creed odyssey ancient tablet in order to fully complete the job.

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However, you may find that if you been to every location on the map to this point and you don’t have anywhere else to turn then what do you do; you may find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place. There are other countermeasures in place in order to get ahead of this quest but one can only assume that it is not a primary concern considering that you’re not exactly held to a standard of completing it on a time limit.

Primarily, the quest is all about teaching the lesson of taking care of your transportation which is a valuable one especially if you don’t see what needs to be upgraded until you go to your ship screen but you’ll know if and when the quest is completed.

What to do if you don’t have any Ancient Tablet or can’t find anymore at your current point in the game

So now you’re asking, what do I do if I cannot find any more assassin’s creed odyssey ancient tablet; the answer is simple, move on. Simply, I say that because you’re obviously going to be either expecting to have all of the materials or the ancient tablet being the only missing ingredient from your quest completion. Now, if you did like me and accidentally forgot about Solitude Tower in the Grand Mount Parnassos area then you can get your hands on an ancient tablet in this area.

Exhibit 3

However, you’ll still find yourself one ancient tablet short of completing the goal but still just move on with the adventure. The overall rationale is that eventually you’re going to get another ancient tablet from a fort or another anonymous locale so don’t sweat it if you’re feeling a little short from not having ancient tablet material so you can complete the Hull Yeah quest.

I find it hard to believe that you need to actually pay this quest any more mind than you have to, it’s also worth noting that you can try to explore all of the continents for ancient tablet material but you’ll come up empty but if you’re just looking to leave the quest alone for now until you get the materials then you can do so.

The blacksmiths don’t have it

When you think materials you think blacksmith or that a blacksmith in the game would have that material but as I can tell you right now, no blacksmith has the material; there MAY BE places that I haven’t checked but I was pretty thorough when I did check town after town blacksmith and came up empty. So needless to say that the blacksmiths don’t have it. This was one of the first things I thought of when I went in search of the ancient tablet material.

Incidentally, I was informed of an assassin’s creed odyssey ancient tablet map that you can buy from the in game store that’ll point you to where the ancient tablet materials are but its sort of pointless if you have already been everywhere there is one. But back to the Blacksmith, I’ve been up and down the valleys and none of the blacksmiths sell that material.

Ironic considering that they have leather, obsidian glass, precious metal ore to be sold inside the shop. In a small way I can’t believe that the blacksmiths don’t have the material but the ancient tablet material comes off to me as a rare material that’s needed to completely transform the ship to legendary status which I’m sort of not shooting for right now.

Sinking ships will get old fast

As previously mentioned, Barnabas will direct your attention to sinking ships in order to get materials to upgrade the hull which is all fine and good, but guess what, it does little to get materials like the ancient tablet material. I’ve sunk over a dozen ships, some them Athenian, Spartan and Pirate; not one of them had ancient tablet material on them. So don’t get it in your mind that sinking ships is going to solve your problems and get you that material because I’ve already tried it.

The secondary problem with sinking ships is that there is nothing on them of value, I mean, yeah you can get some gear from the ships you loot and the soldiers you kill but that doesn’t mean that you’re not going to get tired of doing the same thing hour after hour with no hope of finding a material that doesn’t exist or doesn’t exist on the open seas.

Also, I want it to go on the record that you are to sink any and all mercenary ships that cross swords with you and I guarantee you they will find you on the open seas so consider yourself warned. Other than that, don’t bother sinking any ships because you’ll be happy with the loot haul but not the hull or the time wasted on trying to find the assassin’s creed odyssey ancient tablet on the open seas.


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Ancient Tablet is a very, seemingly rare material that is and is not available everywhere. Yes, you can find it in forts and places of importance but when there is nothing or no place left to find it not even on the open seas, you just have to move on. If you’re lucky to find one at Solitude Tower because you forgot about the locale then definitely go there and get it but continue on afterward and forget about the blacksmith because they don’t have the material.

So what do you think of my post, do you think I’m right on or still missing some facts? Leave me a message and I’ll respond to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.

Next stop, Athens

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