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Published July 17, 2018

Being a gamer, despite the glamour and somewhat celebrity status that it can bring us gamers, can be very hard sometimes because we’re often forced to make some decisions that we would not ordinarily see ourselves making. For example, rage quitting a game because we can’t quite get it to do what we want or the controls for the game are clunky or whatever the case is. Incidentally, we gamers also make bad choices when it comes to games because of the over extensive hype that some games get.

Now, there are times when we gamers dedicate ourselves to working on one game at a time until we conquer it. However, sometimes elements in the game can get so overwhelmingly aggravating that we start getting burned out trying to get past whatever obstacle that is stopping us from progressing. I can remember plenty of times when this has happened to me and it almost drove me to rage quit; something I always said I’d never do.

This can happen enough to gamers to the point where giving up on that game is the only thing we can do and to keep our pride as expert gamers, but there are things you can do in game and outside of the game that can really help in matters such as these.

Play something else

This is the first thing that we gamers never want to do, play something else. We gamers become so enamored with trying to get to the end of that all important game that this becomes an option we NEVER want to exercise. How many times have you been on the brink of beating that boss and all of a sudden they switch up their attacks and you end up dying; I can’t count on one hand how many times that’s happened while I was fighting the Valkyrie Queen, Sigrun.

I was happy to chill out with this for a while

Play something else, preferably a game that you started on another game. For example, whenever I got tired of playing God of War PS4 or when I was getting my butt handed to me too bad then I went on and played something else like Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness. Ten times out of ten, playing something else will preserve whatever patience you have left and it can be a saving grace when you need a break. Besides, no gamer anywhere want to spend another $40-60 dollars on another game or controller; I know I don’t.

If an area is the reason for your aggravation then avoid the area altogether especially if it’s optional

Now, this is something that I ran across when I was playing God of War PS4. Niflheim was the place that caused me so much aggravation that I did not want to be nowhere near the place or even go there if I didn’t have to. Ultimately, the Valkyrie, Hildr was there and I wanted her head but it also meant going to Niflheim and battling the cursed mist so as to stay alive until I destroyed her.

I stayed away from this area altogether, it so long and aggravating!

I love battle, I loved doing battle with the enemies in the game but doing it in Niflheim was not an option; so I sought to stay away from the area altogether because since it was optional as were the Valkyries then I didn’t have to make the energy to go after her if I didn’t want to. If you find that you’re getting aggravated then leave the area alone and don’t bother going back. There’s nothing wrong with accepting the fact that an area is more than we gamers can handle at times.

Some of us think this makes us weak as gamers when it is just the opposite; we’re strong, stronger for admitting that we can’t handle an area at that moment, it doesn’t mean we’re weak, it just means that we’re ill-equipped at that present time.

Review what you already know then make a plan for the next time you play

Most of the time, it is easy to come up with strategies for certain enemies and bosses because we’re fighting them but taking the time to review what you already know about the boss can help you devise more ways to get creative with your attacks and defense. For example, when I fought the Forgotten One in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, I felt I needed to take a break from fighting him because I was going at him for almost 2 hours and getting killed by him.

So, I reviewed what I knew about him and paid attention to him closely which gave me another idea on when to strike him or when would it be easier to strike him; I found it’s easier to do it when he does the Helm Breaker connect attack in which he’s knelt down for a few seconds thereby allowing me to get in some free hits.

Make a plan for the next time you play a game or are fighting a particular enemy; sometimes we don’t need to be stronger or have better hard hitting equipment, we just have to be smarter than our enemy which isn’t hard if you review what you know about your enemy and make a plan. This is how I effortlessly beat over 900+ games over the 30 years that I’ve been gaming.

Take your time coming back to the game

This hardly needs to be said but take your time coming back to the game, it can be an instrumental tool to help you get back into the game or to help you strategize effectively; 7 times out of 10, you’re likely to remember a move or a skill that you have or bought recently in your arsenal that would be useful against whatever enemy you’re facing. Also, it is a good way to cool down and try other games that you have.

I chilled out with this before coming back to…


For example, I used to get burned out on Dragonball FighterZ so I played my other games and got to a point where I felt ready to go back to the game I was working on at my own pace and not because I felt that I had something to prove.


Video games to us gamers is considered lifeblood needed to sustain us, but one thing is for sure that we can get burned out on a game that we’ve been working on for long periods of time. However, if you play something else, avoid the area altogether, review what you learned about enemy and make a plan for the next time you play and above all, take your time coming back to the game, you’re going to be less likely to get burned out and aggravated.

Keep these strategies in mind always and remember, accepting and admitting that an area is too much to handle at the present time doesn’t make us gamers weak; it makes us strong.


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

When you play a game that is open world and have hidden items within that area, don’t make it your life’s work to get everything when you first start and finish an area; come back to it after you get the “ultimate power” i.e. Seraph Shoulders in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow or the X-Buster upgrade in Mega Man X. The ability to revisit areas you’ve been to previously is there for a reason, exercise at the appropriate time and not before.

Yeah, you need these


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