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  1. Edrian SaguipedEdrian Saguiped

    Ahh video games… I really love them as a child and now! They are so addicting and I really enjoy the moments I have with them. I plan to get the Xbox 1 S so I could play all the popular games on there! Super fun and really addicting. I will never stop loving video games

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      That’s why I’ve always loved them and why I’ll go to the grave loving them. I saw that you looked at my page, and I also know that you saw the amazon product on there. Do you think visitors to my website will see that page in particular because I couldn’t post the code/amazon product in a blog post because it didn’t show up but it did show up on my page. What do you think, do you think visitors will see that amazon product on the page considering that I have drop-downs? 

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