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My name is Rodney McGill Jr, I live in Gary, Indiana; a small town that’s 30 miles from Chicago. Gary, Indiana is one of the smaller towns in all of Indiana not to mention one of the more noticeable ones with a bad past.

By day, I am a humble stay at home dad who looks after and tends to his active 4 year old son (right now my only child) and an affiliate marketer. By night, I am a DSP – Direct Support Professional who tends to and works with disabled individuals. Also, my job entails taking care of individuals with terminal illnesses along with those with mild intellectual disabilities not to mention individuals with a troubled past such as domestic abuse or domestic violence.

The reason people should read my blog

On my website –, I give insight on the latest games along with those hidden “nooks and crannies” that some game sites do not mention or cover. For example, insight into the latest game, Chasm PS4; a game about a knight who will gain access to magic spells including fireball magic as he progresses.

Also, I provide an in-depth look at how to play some of the more popular games and how to minimize things such as unnecessary backtracking, saving money on weapons and armor as well as how to save up money to buy equipment. Another aspect I cover in my blog is strategies on how gamers can play their game thinking outside the box such as using different weapons or trying other methods in certain strategy games.

So, if you’re a gamer that likes to be told about all of the different RPGs and strategies on how to completely enjoy that RPG game and doing so without level-grinding then you’ll feel right at home on my site.

Make no mistake, you’ll find everything you need on the site including game reviews as well as other aspects of reviews on gaming tech like gaming chairs and gaming snacks.

Not your normal gaming site, and what you can expect from my site

My website isn’t your run-of-the-mill website where you’ll be given step by step instructions on how to beat a video game. My website is strictly for trouble spots in video games and give you a clear-cut understanding of how to go about dealing with those troublesome areas in the game such as trying to find the Valkyrie, Hildr in Niflheim quickly before you die via the cursed mist in God of War PS4.

I want to go on record as saying that my website also covers how to handle video game trials and tribulations in real life such as spending too much time on a game, gamer frustration and what to do if you’ve been working on the same game for weeks at a time.

I have even made videos that helps answer some of those all important questions that come up such as how do I beat Darth Vader with ease in Super Empire Strikes Back? Most gamers know how to get past an obstacles or two, but my videos and strategies get right to the heart of every gaming conundrum.

Can a gamer still learn even though they know a game inside and out?

Everything on my website is all about telling gamers how it is and how to go about saving their sanity when it comes to the games they play. Despite the fact that I play video games daily even retro games, I still feel as if I am learning as a result of gaming. For example, I used to try to do everything at once like sidequests and try to beat a game quickly. But, I learned that there is a time and place for everything. I am still learning and developing simpler ways to play any video game whether its past or present.

I believe that gamers can learn a great deal from the games they play such as how to minimize sidequest headache and strategies that help you learn different ways to make boss battles easy and less life-draining which you will learn about on my site. In my opinion, gaming is about learning and trying different methods to defeat different bosses and enemies.

On my website, you won’t be sifting through different other webpages to find and learn about that critical piece of information regarding that oh so important tip. Got a weapon but no money to buy armor, I can help with that. Need a reason to use a forbidden power or taking a different path, I can help you find the answer to any gaming question you have. I am dedicated to helping you learn everything there is to know about how to get the maximum amount of pleasure out of the games coming out even games from days long past, but I am, as I consider myself, the ultimate video game pro.

My blog, the credible source of video gaming information

Gamers the world over and in different gaming communities have sought advice from my website and the information that it holds; gamers know that my website is a one-stop shop for all gaming information not to mention reviews on games that are now and that were popular once upon a time. I know from experience that spending valuable gaming time searching around for a gaming tip is no way to spend your time gaming. I have taken a lot of the headache out of finding a tip or specific tips for games.

I started making notes on certain things I discovered in games which I first started back when I was in college which later led me to writing my own game guide/book so that should give you a pretty good idea how knowledgeable I am when it comes to the video game  strategies. I never sidestep the issues or the latest games as well as strategies for every game, I get right to the point because I know how precious game time is.

So, if you do have any gaming questions or concerns in any game whether it is a retro game, a more up to date game or in any upcoming game then feel free to contact me privately through this form


Thank you and Happy gaming

Rodney McGill Jr.












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  1. Mike VirayMike Viray

    Hi Rodney,

    Glad to see more niche enthusiast sites still becoming active nowadays. I myself enjoy video games as well and it’s refreshing to see a personal blog dedicated to gaming. Will you be covering newer games only or will you also go retro every once in a while?

    Thanks for the write up!

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Hey Mike, thanks for reaching out. For one, yes I cover newer games as well as retro games; I not too long ago created a review on the SNES classic edition. Secondly, I make it my life’s work to cover everything video game related including the gaming workstations; my life is gaming and I bring that passion before everyone else whose passion is gaming as well. 

  2. KarinKarin

    You certainly seem to be very knowledgeable in the gaming field and have a lot to offer those of us who want to beat certain aspects of a game without having to read an entire walkthrough that might not even have what we need to know.

    I look forward to using your site and tips on beating games completely.

    • Wow thanks Karin, you humble me and I truly appreciate the compliment. That’s what I’m all about ‘the rough spots’ we all know they exist and my job is to cover those rough patches. You may already know how to play a game so well but there’s always going to be that one spot you’re going to have trouble with. I hope my site can be of service to you and anyone who I can help with my tips.

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