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Published April 2, 2019

Devil May Cry 4 was a game that took an interesting turn when introducing the new character, Nero; who come to find out is a part of the Sparda Bloodline. Dante, makes a return in the game and is there on a mission to destroy the Order of the Sword. At first, the game seemed like it was a little overwhelming using a new character that’s not Dante who’s come to be a favorite in the Devil May Cry games.

I’ve had the pleasure of playing this awesome game and I got to say that it was not half bad; there were times when I felt like I wanted to get angry but I didn’t because the game tells you, if you’re willing to listen, that the most complicated problem can be solved with the simplest solution.

Case in point, Nero lacks Dante’s well, everything; the biggest thing Nero has going for him is the Auto-Search ability which he gets after he destroy Bael on Mission 4. Ultimately, Nero and Dante walk different paths in the game; Nero goes toward Castle Fortuna and Dante is making his way out of it when he starts.

I’m going to touch on some things like Dante and Nero separate paths, the concept of the Player Change, Notes on Nero and places of interest for him, areas of interest for Dante and I’ll be dropping a big tip. So having said all that, let’s get started.

Separate Paths – Dante & Nero

As previously mentioned, Dante and Nero walks separate paths in the game. Simply, Nero is going toward and inside Fortuna Castle to investigate the foul going-ons there while Dante, who makes the discovery beforehand via Lady, is making his way out of the Fortuna Castle with the sole mission of stopping Sanctus. Playing the game with both guys, you’ll come to discover that there are Combat Adjudicator statues for each respective character.

Get Dante to and thru that door on Mission 12, it’s important!

Dante will get all of his combat adjudicator statues as he’s leaving the castle, his first is on the level he starts; Mission 12. Interestingly, he has to go to the Gauntlet area before leaving the castle. Nero is getting everything that’s his on the way to the castle. For example, his combat adjudicator statues all lie within his direct path. So as long as you’re being thorough, you’ll never have to worry about missing anything with Nero.

Everywhere Nero is going, Dante is going to be coming from that same locale. For example, Foris Falls has a combat adjudicator for Dante which he can’t reach until Mission 15, Nero goes to the Underground lab in Mission 6, Dante goes in Mission 16.

There are secret missions that only Dante can do, an example of this is Secret Mission 8 which Dante can’t do until Mission 14. There’s a combat adjudicator statue that belongs to Dante that lie in the Ruined Church but Dante can’t get it until Mission 13.

The hardest thing I ever had to do was wait a long time before I could do a secret mission that required a weapon that only Dante possessed, secret mission 7 – Free Running comes to mind; Dante’s Pandora’s mobile missile battery mode is the key to getting the Blue Orb Fragment there.

Notes on Nero

Now, playing with Nero can be a little overwhelming at first; it was to me and I didn’t like Nero because he wasn’t Dante. However, playing as Nero gave me a chance to appreciate his abilities like his Max-Act (has be bought and should, totally worth it), his Air Hike along with a few other bobbles so to speak. If you’re just getting into this game here are some notes on Nero to mind always.

*Start saving up for the Air Hike for Nero after you clear Mission 6; return to Mission 1 search for all blue orb fragments while working your way back to the current level.
—-At the time I did this, I was on Mission 10 when I backtracked but I only did that to give myself a vantage point to work back up to in order to get Proud Souls; I wasn’t farming them, I was just working my way back to Mission 10 and gathering them on the way.

*There’s a Blue Orb Fragment in the Ruined Valley on Mission 7 and its looking for a master, make sure its Nero.
—–I was working my way back to Mission 10 when I got this, I didn’t have the Air Hike when I first went to Mission 7; so don’t sweat it if you don’t either.

*The Hidden Pit area in the Lost Woods on Mission 8 have a Blue Orb Fragment for Nero if he’s willing to pay attention and keep his ears to the air.
——–I managed to get this one as I was making my way back to Mission 10; I just picked it up on the way.

*A blue orb fragment awaits atop the blue elevator where you have to use the Wing Talisman on Mission 10; Nero’s Air Hike will nab this.
——I got this one with Dante on Mission 12, but I went back and got it with Nero on his respective mission; it just didn’t feel right leaving it for Dante.

*Before you start Mission 11, buy the Max-Act, Exceed 3, Split, Roulette Spin; the combat adjudicator statue that Nero is going to cross paths with will be his and will require the use of all of the aforementioned. Next, go to the item half of the shop and buy what Blue and Purple Orbs you can afford.
——Nero’s combat adjudicator on Mission 11 was hard as hell to break; I barely managed to break it even using all of these moves,

*Before starting Mission 19, you should have a crap load of Proud Souls. Buy the Snatch 3, Charge Shot 2 and Showdown for the Yamato.
——–To be perfectly honest, I bought two of these on a whim and that was the Snatch 3 and Charge Shot 2; looking back, I should’ve just blown my entire “fortune” on Yamato and it alone. Lesson learned!

Notes & Areas of Interest for Dante

Interestingly but not surprisingly, Dante is always the man called in to clean up someone’s mess whether it is his father’s, his brother or even that of some random bad guy. There are areas of interest that hide from even Dante, and since he doesn’t have Nero’s Auto Search ability then finding these area were a bit of a challenge.

However, here’s a few notes to keep in mind when you play with Dante.

*Before starting Mission 12 officially, purchase the following goods: Air Hike, Speed, Trickster, Gunslinger, Swordmaster and RoyalGuard Lv. 2 & 3; Charge Shot for Ebony and Ivory, buy all of Rebellion’s moves and buy the Charge Shot for the Coyote-A
——In all honesty, I was sort of confused about what to buy for Dante because I assumed he had everything which I found out later that he didn’t. So I went with buying the abovementioned things.

*At the start of Mission 14, buy the RoyalGuard Lv.4 along with Kick 13 for Gilgamesh
——Don’t buy the RoyalGuard Lv.4; that was the biggest mistake I ever made, if you can only buy one Lv.4 style upgrade, I suggest you blow it on any of the other 3. Kick 13 is a great investment, do buy that.

Secret Mission 8

——-Interesting enough, when I was trying to half-ass the instruction in the video, I ended up completing the secret mission; talk about unexpected surprises!

Case in point –

*Secret Mission 9 on Mission 15 is in the library at the bottom of a dilapidated staircase

—–I had trouble finding this one but the library had a tell, it was the red orb crystal and a hole in the wall that was not there on Nero’s run-through.
——I beat Secret Mission 9 easily by going Gunslinger and used Pandora’s Mobile Missile form via Circle button continuously until all of the enemies were dead. So all you’re doing is double jump, press Circle and press Square to fire off the rockets; the rockets will hit their targets so just keep double jumping and pressing Square and the enemies will die.

*Secret Mission 11 on Mission 16 is at Fortuna Castle Gates area

—–I bought Pandora’s Hatred and Revenge forms before I came to Mission 16, but I think I only had enough to afford one so I went with the Revenge form because I knew I was going to need it for Secret Mission 11.

——-Secret Mission 11 couldn’t have been easier, all I did was stand a medium distance from where the statue was and used Pandora’s Revenge form which can be accessed by pressing and holding X button then rotating the Left Analog Stick 1440 degrees i.e. 360 x 4 then fire it off destroying the statue from whichever end you started at.*

*A Blue Orb Fragment on Mission 16 is hanging out in the Second Mining Area
—–I got this one with Dante because I got tired of scratching with Nero not to mention trying to do several air moves was hard as hell

*Secret Mission 12 can be found in the Fortuna Plaza, on a gate off to your immediate right
——-I did this secret mission easily by filling up the disaster gauge then went Gunslinger, I just double jumped, activated Pandora’s Mobile Missile Launcher form by pressing Circle and I just floated to the finish line. Easy, peasy.

*Mission 17 has a Blue Orb Fragment on top of a restaurant with a pale green awning.

A Piece of Advice

A piece of advice, buy whatever you need as you’re making your way back to Mission 10 (Nero), don’t wait until you get back to Mission 10 because you’ll have missed a lot of stuff like moves like the Air Hike etc.

Case in point, if you manage to pony up 2600 Proud Souls while you’re backtracking from Mission 1 to 10, say like if you get the 2600 before you start mission 6 then get the Air Hike ASAP. My point, don’t wait on buying anything if you can help it.


There are things about Devil May Cry 4 that might seem overwhelming at first like getting to know a whole new character, Nero; a man that plays and operates differently than Dante. Remembering too that both men walk different paths which means that you’ll have to get to know them as you’re using them.

Don’t forget that Nero gets everything he can before going to Castle Fortuna and while Dante is working his way out of Castle Fortuna, so don’t worry if you feel like one character missed out on an opportunity; I assure they didn’t and neither will you.

So what are your thoughts on my guide of Devil May Cry 4, too little too late or right on time, do you think Nero is better than Dante or Dante better than Nero? Send me a message with your thoughts and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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  1. Bobby Bobby

    Hi RJ! Dude, I LOVE Devil May Cry. I played the first 2, but haven’t had the chance to try out the 2 latest ones.

    I’m glad you broke it down like this, now I have a resource for when I try out DMC 4, it’s always a plus going into a game with an idea of some of the important things to do, and knowing where some of the items you’ll need can be found.

    I can tell you took some serious time with this game, it shows with how thorough your report is, great job. Maybe now I won’t have to work so hard to get good at DMC 4. lol

    Keep on rockin’ out man, I’ll come back to see any updates you post!


    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Thanks Bobby, I’ve posted quite a few updates on my website so check that out when you get a chance. Also, I want it to go on the record that in the game, you’ll be using Nero’s Devil Bringer a lot but it can be complemented with different moves and such. Overall, it’s a great game and so is 3 but if you’re going to play them in order then I’d play them in this order 3, 1, 2, 4 and 5. Word to ya!

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