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Published March 19, 2019

A Menace Sleeps in Steyliff is one of the hardest dungeon sanctums in Final Fantasy XV and it is a part of a sidequest given to you by Ezma in Meldacio Hunter HQ which is near the Vesperpool area. The biggest thing about the sidequest is moving on past the final area in the dungeon to the locked door beyond.

Now, a few facts to note about Steyliff Grove in general; it’s only open at night for one. Definitely a fact to keep in mind when you’re playing this game and feeling like you’re racing against the clock during the daytime trying to get to the joint.

The second thing to note is that the monsters in here are practical pushovers which gives you a chance to leave here in one piece, it is without a doubt one of the more confusing of all the dungeons in the game even more so than the Duarell Caverns in Schier Heights.

The Menace sleeps in Steyliff is a dungeon beyond the locked door and one that you should not do unless you’re going in there prepared which is what I’ll talk about in this post along with why you shouldn’t enter at all along with why campsites help but not by much, why your curatives aren’t enough to get you through and unless you’re skilled with using the Armiger Unleashed moves then it’ll barely be effective and/or save your life.

Don’t enter here or else

Just like the heading says, don’t enter here or else. A Menace Sleeps in Steyliff has 100 rooms which means that based on the enemies you’re fighting that are either on par with your party’s levels or higher, you’re going to find yourself seemingly outmatched in every conceivable way; that is unless you level-grind which I DON’T RECOMMEND!!!!!

Do not open that door!

For example, you’re going to face a lot of Tonberries enemies that are wielding one-hit kill shots which will bring you out of Armiger Unleashed so fast it’ll make your head spin. Think about it, you’re locked in a room with 4 Tonberries and Master Tonberry with laser knife attack which does lethal damage just looking at it.

You’ll face other enemies here but you won’t really have to worry much about them unless you’re at a dangerously low level. The minimum level requirement for entering here/opening the locked door is 86. But I’m telling you now, don’t enter here; it’ll be the biggest mistake you ever made, I know I’m regret opening that door.

If you do make the choice to enter here and do this sidequest to its completion, make it the very last sidequest you do but I’d leave well alone altogether if I were you; there’s no love lost if you do.

Campsites help but not by much

All the “A Menace Sleeps in” dungeon areas have one thing in common, campsites. A Menace Sleeps in Steyliff is no different except there are 9 campsites in the dungeon and they are there for your resting pleasure; it goes without saying that you cannot run through this dungeon to the end because it’ll cost you your life along with other things.

With the campsites, you can rest up and be ready to face the daemon hordes that lie in wait but in my opinion, the campsites do little to help prepare you for the daemons. Incidentally, the campsite would’ve been a little more of an A+ place to hang out if there were elements to absorb and a shop to buy stuff that you need.

Sadly, the campsites are a mere convenience and that alone. You can get food made by Ignis at the campsites which is a BIG plus because of the status inducing properties of the meal(s), but the stats effects of the meal lasts only for so long as you well know.

My advice, weigh your options. Personally, it isn’t worth the gamble or the trek to go to the campsites within because of there’s little benefit to you doing so.

Curatives aren’t enough

During my little “jaunt” through here, I made a terrifying discovery, your curatives aren’t enough to get you through the whole dungeon and the even sadder part about that fact is that most of your curatives will go toward healing the damage you take from the Tonberry enemies that lie in here along with other enemies.

Since there is no store or any way to replenish your curatives then you’re going to have to do at least two things. One, make sure you buy all the curatives that you can before you enter the dungeon because once you’re in, you’re in. Two, make sure you have at least 200,000+ gil because you’re going to need that amount of money to replenish your curatives.

The longer you walk and make your way through the enemies here, the more curatives you’ll burn through and that is if you’re afraid that Noctis’ friends won’t get to him when he’s in danger or when either of his friends are in danger.

Most enemies are very quick to further damage and kill party members in danger status so my advice is to keep an eye on everyone but even that’ll do little to bridge the gap between the enemies in here and the curatives you’re burning through to stay alive.

Armiger Unleashed is barely effective unless you’re skilled with it

Now, you might be at a point where you’ve considered yourself the greatest Final Fantasy gamer on the face of the earth; I do, but Armiger Unleashed is barely effective against the enemies in here unless you’re skilled in how to use it. Using Armiger Assault, Armiger Storm and Armiger Vortex along with Armiger Barrage and Armiger Onslaught.

Those 5 moves are the keys to leveling entire battlefields in under 2 minutes to lesser enemies, under 10 minutes with the enemies in here. Armiger Unleashed is a very powerful weapon to use against the Tonberries and it does cause them to topple over which is good because any enemy you knock on it back is vulnerable in which they’ll be open to taking 2x more damage from standard attacks.

In my opinion, Armiger Unleashed is powerful but its power does little to stem the tide between the enemies and you; you can use Armiger Storm – Circle x 2 and Triangle (press Triangle just a second before Noct stop glowing) to deal damage to enemies radially, but the damage might not seem that significant if the enemy is Lv. 80+.

You can stand to use Armiger Barrage – Circle x 2 and Triangle if you’re looking to avoid attacks from enemies on the ground but you have to time it just right which isn’t always easy.


A Menace Sleeps in Steyliff is a very challenging dungeon area of 100 rooms with 9 campsites in Final Fantasy XV, campsites that don’t help very much because it severely lack things that really could’ve helped the gamer out like having a store where you could replenish your curatives. Your curatives might not be enough to get you through and with this dungeon being what it is, it is not guaranteed that you will have any left if you make the choice to do this.

Armiger Unleashed is effective only if you’ve mastered the moves for it which, if you haven’t, then you’re better off trying to keep your distance from enemies so you don’t take unnecessary damage. So, keep these in mind for when the time comes but otherwise don’t enter here or else. From me to you, You have been warned!

So, what do you think of my post, am I right or wrong or do you have a strategy for Steyliff; if so then please leave me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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