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Published March 20, 2019

A Menace Sleeps in Costlemark is the 8th and final dungeon in Final Fantasy XV and let it be known that it is absolutely the hardest place to survive in the game; enemies down there are at levels about 96+, maybe a little more or a little less. A few things to note about this dungeon, it is not for the faint of heart for one; you’ll be pushed to your limit like never before.

The previous 7 locked door dungeons were just practice compared to this and you’ll be made to feel every single little bit from your enemy’s attacks. Don’t make the mistake of running into the place half-cocked because you’ll know the true extent of failure. This dungeon makes getting past a hungry tiger easy.

Would you fight whatever that is?

Of course being the hardest dungeon and saving it for last doesn’t mean that you have to save it for last or even if you want to do it at all. Before approaching this sidequest, exercise extreme caution which I’ll discuss in this post along with why the dungeon is flat out impossible, why improv on healing doesn’t really help you, why you should look before unlock and my verdict. So, without further ado, let’s explore why this dungeon is………..


As it’s mentioned, this dungeon is IMPOSSIBLE. If you are going to attempt it which, I don’t believe you should ever, there are a host of things to do to adequately prepare to take this dungeon on. But, I’ll give you three general reasons why you shouldn’t even bother with this dungeon. One, all of the enemies in there have power levels over 100,000 HP which means that you’re going to have to be either really smart or really powerful.

Second, many of the enemies have one hit kills so you’re going to have to make food that really guards you against most status effects and elements so you’re practically invincible from beginning to end. Ultimately, this doesn’t seem like it’s a problem at first but if you’re going to do that then make sure you have the ingredients to make the same meal over and over; it can get expensive the ingredients so consider yourself warned.

Finally, there are 60 rooms and 5 campsites which would be more than challenging enough to really give you a run for your money but with the 60 rooms there’s always that worry about how much health you’ll have by the time it all said and done. My biggest fear is not having hardly anything by the time I face Bilrost. I’d leave well alone! Plus, did I mention that all item usage is forbidden, Think about that for a minute.

Improv on healing is not healing or helping

Now, there is an issue with the sidequest that you may or may not know, as I mentioned previously, item usage is forbidden which means that you’ll be counting more on the food at the campsites to keep you healed and safe while you go through the enemy hordes. However, there is a way that you can heal without using items when you get away from the campsite; that is “healcast” or improv healing which may or may not help you.

When making a spell via Elemancy, you could find a catalyst that has a healing factor which would turn your spell into a healcast which, if you have an element, you’ll be healed while you’re using that element hence the healcast. However, the problem with this “improv healing” is that you don’t exactly know how much you’ll get back per cast so it is important to weigh your options with this.

Ultimately, the Healcast is kind of unpredictable but it sort of works like an Elixir or a Mega Potion; my whole thing is that you’ll be spending a lot of money on trying to get everything you need to make the catalyst that you’ll keep you safe while you’re venturing through Costlemark. Not worth it!

Think before you unlock

Here you are, standing before the locked door thinking to yourself “well, here I am getting ready to do yet another dungeon in the name of Ezma; it’s the last dungeon in the game that’ll really challenge what I am”. As you go to unlock the door, you think you’re getting ready to knock this dungeon out as you did the other 7 before it but Costlemark plays by a different set of rules.

My advice, think before you unlock that door because once you unlock it, you can’t lock it again. Also, even if you happen to unlock the door, it doesn’t mean that you have to go through it. I’ve been to Costlemark 3 times, once to get the Sword of the Tall. The second and third, coming here on a sidequest to kill a mega beast. I’ve reached a conclusion right now where trying to even attempt this is suicide!

Don’t open that door if your levels are these!

I love a challenge more than anything in any game but a wise gamer knows when he’s licked and unlocking that door wouldn’t do me any good or you for that matter if you don’t have any intention of going through it. My thing, I’m not going to do this dungeon because the prep work is too much and too time-consuming; I can’t be bothered.

My Verdict

Costlemark Tower is one of the most mentally challenging and draining places in the entire game, you will be making frequent trips there if you’re going to do anything that has to do with Costlemark. However, when it comes to the sidequest A Menace Sleeps in Costlemark, don’t do it, ever! Overall, it is too much trouble for one.

As I stated previously, you’re going to be pushed farther than you ever have before. If you’re not really interested in doing it then you can very well turn your attention from it. Oh and spoiler alert, your reward for doing this dungeon, which’ll finish the entire sidequest as a whole, is a Hunter Medal from the Queen Bee herself, Ezma which’ll let you break the damage limit when it comes to spell usage.

The reward isn’t really that big of a buzz because a couple of reasons, Noctis’ Armiger can already break the damage limit and so can many of the spells you make given the right catalyst and did I mention the Astrals can too so it really doesn’t even matter whether you do this or not but the choice is still ultimately up to you because if you’re looking to get a 100% in the game then by all means do this dungeon but I wouldn’t bother.


A Menace Sleeps in Costlemark is a sidequest that is the hardest dungeon in Final Fantasy XV and while there are several ways to prepare to face the horrors in this dungeon, it goes without saying that you’re either going to be spending a lot cash or spending a lot of time at the different havens i.e. for elemancy ammo.

Also, the enemies along with the some of the other elements within the dungeon make it impossible to complete especially since they are 60 rooms and five campsites. Healcast is seen as improv healing and can be somewhat a decent help since item usage in the dungeon is forbidden.

So given that make sure you think before you unlock that door; this dungeon isn’t worth doing so it’s no love lost if you want to skip the dungeon which I recommend. If you have any questions then please send me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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