Back up your Game Data and Saves

Long ago, the concept of saving your game was practically non-existent; Nintendo was the first to make that possible and saved gamers, myself included, hours of having to recomb through areas that had little to offer us in the ways of sustenance and valuables. Every game console after Nintendo carved a path of righteous saving with the intent of not only keeping their customers loyal, but coming back for more i.e. buying video games and many like them.

Kirby's Adventure

The first game save data I started

Games such as Star Wars the Force Unleashed, the Shining Force games and just about every PS3 games are among the many that require back up game saves because backtracking to previous levels isn’t allowed for one. Secondly, if the gamer is trying for a 100% in one game then it stands to reason why it is important to back up your game data and saves.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

Get this now or it’s gone forever or is it

Many gamers can argue that new generation games are next to impossible to back up save because of potential systematic viruses. However, data saving items like flash drives are necessary and works better than any modern in computer/in game data saves. So, here’s the games and the way to gather that peace of mind.

Why you should

One of the biggest reasons why you should back up your game data and saves is because continuously getting killed in a dead zone i.e. a battle with no weapons or healing items gets frustrating and waste valuable time. Case in point; one day not that long ago, I was playing Shining Force 2 and I was at the Chessboard battle. I forgot to buy healing items at the elven town and by the time I got shrunk in Creed’s Mansion; it was too late.

Shining Force 2

Don’t enter this battle without healing items

Imagine fighting a battle where you’re hopelessly outnumbered and your healer is dead and/or your medipaks are all gone; starting over from scratch is a huge pain in the ass not to mention destroys any potential chance of replaying that game.

Final Fantasy X

Unless you like Blitzball, immortalize this and forget about it

Another reason why you should is because there are certain places in the game that might prove difficult or hold a special place in your heart. For example, I have A Final Fantasy X save game data saved on a separate memory card of me completing blitzball once and for all and getting Wakka’s Jupiter Sigil and another of my final confrontation with Sin with all the other sidequests taken care and I like the music that plays as you’re fighting Sin.

Final Fantasy X

I love this part of the game!

Games That Make This Critically Necessary

Back up your game data and saves when you play games like Star Wars the Force Unleashed PS2 & PS3, Shining Force 2 and Final Fantasy X. Here’s why I chose these games in particular. Star Wars the Force Unleashed; there’s no backtracking to previously visited planets, it’s either you do a full scale sweep of that planet thereby picking it bone clean or completely miss out until new game plus.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

You can’t come back to get this if you leave it

Shining Force 2, battles happen almost immediately and everywhere you journey to demand a back up save game so you’re not doing it all again. Remember the Chessboard battle I mentioned, if you have no healing items or your healer is weaker that everyone else then you’ll continuously die; in-battle healing and fighting will fix this, but you’ll lose everyone else too.

Final Fantasy X

You’ll be happy to not do this again

Final Fantasy X’s very own Blitzball, Chocobo Trainer Challenges, the Lightning Dodge sidequests; these are among the biggest pains in the butt in the entire game but necessary to beat in order to finish the game on not just a good note, a great one.

The Steps

Okay, if you’re going to back up your game data and saves on the aforementioned games which I recommend then here’s how you should go about it. For Star Wars the Force Unleashed PS2 version, save your game to a separate file after you touch down on the next level. The benefit to doing this is that you’ll be able to reload that same data and overwrite the saved data so you can continue going back to the same place over and over thereby creating a loop.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed  Star Wars the Force Unleashed

For Star Wars the Force Unleashed PS3, your game is automatically saved when you touch down anywhere. However, you can restart the level from any point in the stage you are if you feel you missed something.

Shining Force 2, all you have to do is save in game at a church then when you’re asked if you want to continue then say no. Next, when you’re going to continue your game then go to copy and copy your data. I don’t recommend doing this if you’ve decided to do an in-battle save which will then ultimately doom you. Only copy your data if you’re in a town; NEVER in a battle.

Shining Force 2

Pretty self-explanatory

Final Fantasy X, save your game on a separate memory card; that simple or save the part(s) of the game to a separate memory card. This way, when you replay the game then you can use that data to skip the part of the game you don’t want to do like if you play Blitzball and the Lightning Dodge games and saved the game data after doing those then you won’t have to do them again on copied save file.

PS2 Memory Card      Flash Drive

This for separate PS2 data                                                                                        This is preserves PS3 data

Also, for all of you worried about your game data on your PS3 disappearing if you get a virus or your system succumbs to a lot of dust then do like I do and copy your PS3 game data over to a flash drive; it’ll be safe and you can go back to it later on if you want. I usually save my PS3 game data to my flash drive AFTER I beat the game I’m working on; a little food for thought.

Keep an Eye on Your Saves


Now, it’s easy to underestimate the fact that you don’t have to worry as much as about your save data once you have it saved, but that is exactly the reason why you should after you back up your game data and saves because in the off chance that your game system becomes a virus zone then you’ll have that back up.

Game saves

Also, I’d like to stress that keeping an eye on your saves will give you that peace of mind as well especially if you have it on an older flash drive; don’t get negligent but don’t worry so much to the point where safeguarding that data keeps you awake at night. Find a happy medium. For me, I check on my game data saves of my PS3 games on my flash drive every time I beat a game and save it to the flash drive.


One of the hardest things about gaming was being able to pick up exactly where you left off, but thanks to modern technology and many of it made at the time gamers are able to save their games as they see fit and be able to preserve that data especially when they play games like Final Fantasy X, Shining Force 2 and Star Wars the Force Unleashed; both for the PS2 and PS3.

Ultimately, saving your game data to a separate file or something separate of the game will save you many hours of sanity and prevent frustration. I encourage you to do this with not just these three games but many others like them because you never know when the unthinkable might happen; it helps to be prepared. Always remember to back up your game saves and data, it’s time and lifesaving.

If you have any questions about my post or have a comment then please leave me a message and I’ll get back to you before the day is out.






Having trouble on Normal mode; play these on Easy


Every accomplished gamer i.e. gamers that have been perfection gaming for 7 years+ knows how to play a game on just about every difficulty, myself included. I’ve played games on Normal mode, I didn’t bother with Hard or Chaos mode unless I was feeling adventurous which most of the time I wasn’t; Normal was good enough for me. Incidentally, I don’t make the habit of not playing a game on Normal unless I don’t feel that the difficulty is challenging me.

Tomb Raider Anniversary

Then, there’s the concept of playing a game on Easy mode which I won’t do most times because if it’s too easy then I get bored. However, I have played games where playing them on Normal mode was a death sentence; abnormally strong enemies and bosses moving at light speed.

Super Empire Strikes Back

You will come across this more than few times!

Having trouble on Normal mode; the games that I will mention in this post is, if you play them or have played them, Easy mode-worthy due to the extremely challenging elements in the games. So, without further ado, these are the games; take heed and remember that there is no shame in doing this.

Van Helsing

Van Helsing

When I first played this on Normal Mode, I felt myself get overwhelmingly surrounded by Dwerger and other monsters never mind the werewolf monsters on Mission 7 who fly at you at hypersonic speed with little time to get your bearings; retaliation was almost next to impossible. Playing this on Normal Mode is practically suicide, and your life meter upgrades do little to stem the enemy tide; your life is practically drained in seconds.

Van Helsing

There are thousands like him running around the courtyard! Beware.

Do yourself a favor and play this on Easy because you’ll have a better chance of survival and you won’t find yourself as overwhelmed, it is without question that monsters on Normal mode hit harder not to mention move faster; the game makes it seems as if the gamer is playing it on the highest difficulty.

Van Helsing

Complete the Easter Egg challenges and you’ll get the Rifle!

The Easter Egg challenges are even easier which is good because the glyphs you gain killing the enemies within can go a long way towards buying the upgrades and weapon additions. Don’t be ashamed to play this on Easy because you’ll have that peace of mind which is worth more than anything in the world. Finally, you’ll able to exploit your enemy’s weaknesses which increases your chances of survival.

007: Everything or Nothing


This is actually one of the best 007 games I’ve played and while I’ve played it on Normal Mode for most of the game; the game gets to be a pain in the butt in later levels on Normal because there seems to be enemies coming out from all sides. Also, you seem to take more damage and have access to less armor which is a pain too because you become that much easier to kill.


This level is a pain whether it is on Normal or Easy

Playing all the game on Easy Mode isn’t necessary; you can actually play through the game on Normal. However, some stages are extremely challenging even on Normal like the level, Everything or Nothing. The vehicle levels are easy enough on Normal, it just takes a little ingenuity and a little hail mary attitude when you’re gunning your enemies down.


You better play this level on Easy or you’ll be stuck on it forever!

My advice, only switch to Easy Mode i.e. operative difficulty if you’re continuously dying on a level especially if the levels are the following: Death’s Door, Faded Splendor, the High Road, Final Card and Everything or Nothing. Another legitimate reason to play this on Easy is because it’ll give you a chance to get to know the game without getting killed a bunch of times and enemies are slower on this difficulty.

Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3

Dragonball Z BT3

This game can be easy or hard depending on how good you are, but there are some aspects of the game that can get challenging like the energy clash with Frieza on Planet Namek when you battle him as Super Saiyan Goku. There is absolutely no way to win that UNLESS you begin turning the Analog Stick REALLY, REALLY fast when Goku fires his Angry Kamehameha, and I’ve only been able to pull it off once.

Dragonball Z BT3  Dragonball Z BT3

Many of the fighters in the game warrant the easy mode, Cell (Perfect), Janemba (second form) Kid Buu, and to some nth degree, Syn Shenron. Pay attention to the difficulty of the fighter which will tell you if you need to adjust the difficulty of the story mode. You won’t have access to Z-Item hook-ups on your fighters until post story mode so you won’t have help from the items which makes the story mode a little difficult.

Dragonball Z BT3

Playing this on Easy mode might be your best bet if you’re looking to go through the story mode without any trouble or getting very little trouble from enemy fighters. Captain Ginyu, Burter and Recoome are the biggest headaches on Normal so adjusting the difficulty to Easy will take some of the pressure off.

Super Empire Strikes Back

Super Empire Strikes Back

This is one retro game you HAVE to play on Easy mode, why; three words, secondary snowspeeder level. You’ll take lethal damage from the shrapnel of the bombs you destroy. The storm paratroopers deal you lethal damage when they shoot you with their Rapid Ion blast shots.

Super Empire Strikes Back

If you manage to get past the snowspeeder part of that level, you’ll have to continue on foot which is a challenge too because Luke take almost 2x normal damage from the Rapid Ion blast shots and 1.5x normal damage just getting rammed by the storm paratroopers.


I want to go on record as saying that deciding to play a game on Easy mode might not seem like a Normal thing to do for an expert gamer; it can be said that it can devalue an accomplished gamer’s ability and testament as a pro. However, the aforementioned games and many more like them makes playing them on Normal suicide unless you have a plan or are really good at moving at hypersonic speed like your enemies.

Easy Mode

Don’t be ashamed if you have to play a game on Easy mode because some games have adjustable difficulty levels for a reason and it doesn’t make you any less of a gamer taking advantage of an option that the game provides you with. I’ve been playing video games for 28 years and I’ve played my fair share of them on Easy mode and I didn’t feel bad about it, it’s just something you have to do sometimes in games.

If you have any questions at all or my post make you feel a certain way then please leave me a message and I’ll get back to you before the day is out.





My Recommended PS4 Games and Review


Gamers have games that they swear by i.e. games that they love and will recommend to other gamers whether it is one game or a thousand; the common denominator is that gamers know exactly what they want myself included. I’ve played my share of PS4 games and gamers who are looking for good ps4 games can look to my recommended ps4 games and review for guidance. So, without further ado here is my list.

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

For a more in-depth review of this game, click here

This is a game that I DEFINITELY recommend every gamer play at least once, it’s a great buy and worth the price; its a big improvement over the PS2 version. 5 characters, special moves unique to that character and hundreds of potions to level the playing field. The game has an excellent story and gameplay is great not to mention addictive.

Same game as the original, but better; WAY BETTER! When the original Odin Sphere came out for the PS2, it introduced a lot of things that made it great such as potion creation during battles.

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

Case in point! ⇑

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir plays like the original but way better in the sense that the gamer is in control of the battles and there is little need to improvise. For example, all Psypher weapons can destroy the green ooze monsters in the Titania Capital which was not possible in the PS2 version unless you had Mercedes or Oswald.

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

The only way to grow your characters’ skills!

The character development in Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is the game’s best feature which is done via Phozon Prisms which endows special moves and abilities upon the characters. The game makes it so no character is left behind when it comes to maximizing their abilities and strengths which I like because it makes every character a lethal weapon which easily prepares them for their involvement in stopping the Armageddon.

Odin Sphere L.

A mere glimmer of what awaits you when you play

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is a game that you can enjoy for hours on end especially getting to know the characters as you’re playing with them. Also, using each characters psypher skills in different battle situations can really get you into the game which I encourage. I’m not looking to tell you what to do or play, but I hope you find my recommended ps4 games and review on this game useful. I urge you to play through this game once, you won’t regret it; I didn’t.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4 is the second to last Uncharted game to come out for the PS4 which made me sad because I think it was more than good enough for the PS3 as well. Gamers looking for that closure from the previous three Uncharted games will get it in this one. The action element in the game equates that of the third Uncharted game and just as well written. This is Nate’s last adventure, but he does go out with a bang.

Uncharted 4

The gameplay is awesome in the aspect that Nate moves around fluidly and he’s easy to control even if there are gamers playing this for the first time. Also, weapons are never in short supply when it comes to defense and defending oneself, gamers don’t have to feel as if they have to think on their feet when they are playing the game; it can be said that the game holds your hand a little which is fine.

Uncharted 4

When you read my recommended ps4 games and review then play the game, you’ll see why its in my top 3 ps4 games of all time. There are treasures aplenty in the game which gamers can appreciate because the treasures are rare and they are among the most beautiful and culturally relevant pieces to exist. Treasure collecting makes playing the game worthwhile because the treasures can teach gamers different things about that time period and culture.

Uncharted 4

Nate’s true treasure

Despite the fact that this is Nate’s last adventure before settling down; the game definitely gives gamers the closure they want when it comes to Nate who retired as a famous treasure hunter which was very generous of the creators given the amount of hell that Nate went through to find his “treasure”. There are more games coming out for the PS4, but my recommended ps4 games and review is all about pointing gamers toward good games…like this one.

Ratchet and Clank: Remastered

Ratchet and Clank

A significant remaster of the original, it gives new meaning to the phrase “what was old is new again”. The game introduces a lot of new elements such as weapon upgrade through continuous use, different weapons, gadgets etc. Ratchet and Clank remastered might seem like a game that was put together out of desperation but its anything but.

The gameplay is similar to the original version of the game which might seem like child’s play, but the gameplay is from a strategic perspective in which you are always ready for the unexpected. Any gamer can feel as if they are really getting into the game because of how enemies are jumping out at you as you play and you really feel like you’re a part of the action.

Ratchet and Clank

One of the main weapons in the game and quite powerful!

The weapons in the game is awesome and gamers will appreciate the fact that they will have access to a lot more weapons in the game especially the Proton Drum which is basically a weapon that damages enemies in a wide area; the weapons are definitely not lacking in the game and the weapons gain experience the more they’re used by the gamer which one can appreciate.

Now for the coup de’ grace. The first Ratchet and Clank game had so many levels which was good about getting your feet wet in Ratchet’s universe, but it did not do the game any favors and it often made gamers wonder if they’d ever finish.

Ratchet and Clank

The remastered version has fewer levels which means that gamers can play through the game and not get bored, it is without question that longer games tend to get boring quicker especially if they are repetitive; gamers won’t have to worry about that in this game.


Above are my recommended ps4 games and the review of those games; if you get any games for your PS4 I recommend these. Go out and get them because despite the fact that they are coming down in price, it is without a doubt that they will keep you entertained.

If you have any questions or want to address anything in my post then message me and I’ll get back to you before the end of the day.

PS4 Product Review, a look at a spectacular machine that’s worth the money!

Sony has created some very powerful not to mention enjoyable gaming consoles starting with the original Playstation that came out in September 1995. The PS2 made its debut March 2000 then the Playstation 3 came out November 2006 which now brings us to the present day Playstation model, the Playstation 4 or PS4.


I want to go on record as saying that I didn’t think so much of the PS4 at first when it came out because it didn’t have any games that were really worth buying and I saw a lot of the PS3 games being transferred over to the PS4 to “fill in the gap” as it were; I somewhat still do.

However, I personally feel a ps4 product review is definitely in order because there is so much to love about it that I didn’t see before. The Playstation Network Friend Request for one, a unique feature to be sure. Low heat, simple setup; it is pretty much like its predecessors which I will be covering in this review; sort of on the fence about the game disk collection elimination though. Here’s my ps4 product review.

PS4 Heat

Playing the PS4 over the time that I’ve had it, I have often asked after touching it, “what heat?” Playing the PS4 for long periods of time does not seem to affect it, it does get a little heated but doesn’t to a degree that it affects the system itself. I was playing Odin Sphere Leifthrasir 3 nights ago, I was playing from 8:30p to 2:21a. I felt the console get hot but not a lot; it seemed very lukewarm.


Heatsinks means no heat!

There is no danger in playing the PS4 for a long period and it succumb to heat damage to the console because that was a chief concern when it came to the PS3, I love that the PS4 did not inherit that problem because I’m a gamer that loves to play for hours on end without worrying about any console consequences.

Also, the concept of any PS4 heat that might surface seems a million miles away; it encouraged me to write this ps4 product review. I was impressed with the lack of heat that the PS4 had while I was playing it for the 5 hours and 51 minutes that I was. Superb!

Simple Setup

This is one of the other aspects about the PS4, the simple setup; it didn’t take a lot of time for me to get everything set up including the arrangements of the cords along with the cord plugins on my power strip. I was easily able to get myself established within the Playstation Network and the PS4 community; my data was already on there from the PS3 which I liked and my trophies transferred as well which was also a plus.

I was given a choice of avatars to use that would recognize me as the owner of the controller so to speak; I felt like the entire process took no longer than about 20 minutes max, I wanted to point this out in my ps4 product review because it’s important that you know what you’re in for if you’re getting a PS4 for the first time, you’ll feel like the setup is so simplistic which it is.


Also, I like that there were tutorials on how to maneuver the controller in some situations such as inputting letters to “inscribe” your name. The entire PS4 system setup practically speaks to you which can give you a sense of belonging and security; you’ll feel like the people at the Playstation Network got your back which is not entirely false.

Playstation Network Friend Request

I would chalk this up to be my secondary reason for writing this ps4 product review; the Playstation Network Friend Request feature is one of my favorites. The PS3 had something like this, but I didn’t feel as if it was as “evolved” as the PS4 inclusion of this feature. I added a friend of mine recently and she was able to chime in on a game that I was playing, it’s a stroke of luck that me and her have Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.


Another aspect of this that I like is that you can link up and friend request people you know and random people, I always believed that video games allow people to develop bonds with other people. I love that Sony brought this over from the PS3 because it gives you “reach” when you want to get in contact with distant friends and family.

All in all, this feature is one of the handiest on the PS4 not to mention being able to communicate with people that you are friends with while you play; you don’t have to feel as if you’re having to decide to do one or the other.

Eliminates Game Disk Collection

It is pretty obvious that one terabyte of memory is more than enough to download any and every game you want without fear of losing your game download or data not to mention eliminating game disk collection as a whole; I have 3 games downloaded to my PS4 right now.


One of the biggest motivators behind my ps4 product review, the PS4 practically eliminates game disk collection so you don’t have to worry about your games getting lost, destroyed or scratched.

Unfortunately, the downside to this is that if the Playstation Network goes down or succumbs to a virus then it’ll wipe out all Playstation data and game saves which is the only thing that I don’t like about the PS4 especially since I made the decision to not buy any PS4 game disks. Although it is not a primary concern, it is still wise to keep the possibility in the back of your mind.



There are not enough good things to say about the PS4 and put it all into my ps4 product review because the list can go on and on, the heat concept of the PS4 is nothing to worry about. The setup is a simple one and the Playstation Network Friend Request is a great feature to take advantage of not to mention the possibility of not having to wonder why your PS4 disk is not playing; there’re no scratches on a digital download.

Drop me a comment or message me if and when you have any thoughts about my post, I’d love to hear it and will respond to you before the day is out.


Retro Gaming Console Machines – 3


Retro gaming has become popular recently despite all the games coming out for the new generation consoles such as PS4, Nintendo Switch and XBox One X etc. But, one could argue that retro gaming never left the building in the first place i.e. the hearts and minds of gamers who grew up playing them. Games such as Kirby Super Star, Castlevania I, II, III, Rocket Knight Adventures, Sonic CD, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night was forever lost in the tunnel of time with no way to preserve them for future play.


However, thanks to the construction and absolute power of certain retro gaming console machines, playing the aforementioned games and many more like them is no longer a dream but a reality that many gamers live every single day of their lives.

I used to say and believe with my whole heart that even though there are new generation consoles and games coming out, the classics would never die; happily, they didn’t. I have, within my video game collection, a retro gaming console that gives me access to a little over 4000 games.

I found a few more of these on different gaming websites that have almost 3 times more games than I have on mine. So, having said that, here’s my view on the 3 retro gaming console machines which is the Retro Arcade Game Station, Raspberry Pi 3 and the Retro Game Station.


Retro Game

The differences between the 3

Gamers might notice the differences between the 3 retro gaming console machines being that they have different shapes and wiring etc. However, the distinction between the three lie in the games that they have or in some cases, don’t have. For example, the Raspberry Pi 3 does not come equipped with any games which means that the gamer will have to download them; discouraging, I know.

Gaming          Gaming

The Retro Game Station comes with a little under 4200 games already installed on the machine and the Retro Arcade Game Station comes with 10,000 games that are ready to play out of the box. Interestingly, the Raspberry Pi 3 might seem ideal because it gives gamers the ability to download their own games hence giving them control.


However, I love that the Retro Game Station and Retro Arcade Game Station come with games already downloaded so there is never any chance that you will have to undo or delete a game that you downloaded that was not to your liking.


Ah, my favorite topic. The Retro Game Station and the Retro Arcade Game Station come with classics such as Ninja Gaiden 3, Sparkster, Super Castlevania IV, Aladdin (Genesis), to name a few and the great thing about these games is that the gamer can play them again and again. Being someone that loves retro gaming, I can say beyond reasonable doubt that when I saw all the retro games on my Retro Game Station, I fell in love!


My Retro Game Station only has under 4200 games for me to play but that is more than enough for me, I had my eyes on the Retro Arcade Game Station. I wanted to buy it immediately but I decided to hold off because of money issues, but it is a good buy for anyone looking to play Super Metroid and find that hidden missile power up; believe me, I missed it too.


Actraiser, Demon’s Crest, Shinobi I, II, and III; these games are forever. I can’t think of a better present to give myself as a gamer who loves video games but loves the retro games too; I think EVERY gamer should possess this item. The best part is, there are no cartridges to blow in to get them working!

Bits and Pieces

Unlike the Retro Game Station and the Retro Arcade Game Station, the Raspberry Pi 3 has a Micro SD card that you have to install in order to be able to save your games to the hard drive. The Retro Arcade Game Station and the Retro Game Station already come installed with an SD card/save feature thereby allowing the gamer to save their games effortlessly.


I want to go on record as saying that I have always been a gamer that likes being able to put a console together using as little parts as possible. My problem with the Raspberry Pi 3 is that, despite it being one of the many retro gaming console machines, it sort of makes putting it together more a chore if a gamer is not into it.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that it can pretty make the gamer feel as if they wasted money on something that they shouldn’t have to put together on their own especially if the instructions are written in a whole another language which it is sometimes; be careful.

My recommendation

This may sound completely bias and I want to apologize ahead of time if it does, but I recommend that gamers get the Retro Arcade Game Station out of the 3. I say that because my Retro Game Station is one of a kind and there has not been any made since the one I bought. So, I say the Retro Arcade Game Station is your best bet and I stand by this product because it works flawlessly with no trouble to date.

Gaming  Gaming

You may very well get the Raspberry Pi 3 retro game console not only because it is one of the more underrepresented retro gaming console machines, but because it gives the gamer the control to download their own games. But, if you don’t want to go through all of that then go with the Retro Arcade Game Station.


Retro gaming will never go out of style; not with retro gaming console machines like the Retro Game Station, Raspberry Pi 3 and the Retro Arcade Game Station. Those consoles are valuable and every gamer should get one if for nothing else to be free of all the bits and pieces that go into putting them together.


The differences between the three should be a deciding factor of the gamer, but I say that the games alone make it worth buying. If you have any questions or any comments about my post then please feel free to leave me a message and I’ll get back to you within the hour.





Final Fantasy X 2 Review

Final Fantasy X-2

On March 13th, 2003, Square Enix created, what they thought, was a necessary continuation of one of the most awesome games (Final Fantasy X) ever created for the Playstation 2 and that game was Final Fantasy X-2. Interestingly, the game brought a lot of things to the table that Final Fantasy X did not; 3 character focus, 17 dresspheres, a mountain of abilities and lots more. However, it cannot be argued that the game did have something for everyone.

Final Fantasy X-2   Final Fantasy X-2

The game was ranked decent at best because of the elements that it possessed, but it left a lot of people wanting when it came to certain aspects of the game such as the Blitzball tournament in Luca in Chapter 5 or the full exploration of Lake Macalania that existed in Final Fantasy X. Incidentally, I tried playing and beating the game several times and the result is the same every time; poor.

Final Fantasy X-2

In X-2, None of this!

The game is a decent buy if you’re looking to speed right to the end, but you might find yourself having mixed feelings about wanting to make it to the end. With that said, here’s my final fantasy x 2 review.

The Good

Final Fantasy X-2 is, as I said, a decent game that is worth a play through if you’re looking for closure from Final Fantasy X. The battle system is okay in which it and the dresspheres as well as their abilities give gamers a chance to choose which dressphere is or would be ideal for certain battles against enemies such as the Black Mage dressphere being useful against plant enemies and Lupines(wolf) enemies.

Final Fantasy X-2

The game also allows gamers to be able to learn any of the available dressphere abilities of their choosing instead of learning them in order which allows the gamer to have a specific ability or power when dealing with enemies. For example, learning the Warrior dressphere’s Thunder Blade ability will come in handy while you’re navigating Macalania Woods.

Final Fantasy X-2

Black Mage and Thief dresspheres will be more than a match for everything on the Moonflow, enemies there like the Ochu aren’t fond of heat i.e. fire. There were other people who gave their final fantasy x 2 review and none of it was teetering on good and bad, it seemed like it was mostly bad. Area select was another good aspect about the game; gamers were not bound by going to levels with enemies that were not worth the energy expenditure.

The Bad

There were aspects of the game that seemed really tedious and just overall bad. For one, certain dresspheres were stronger than others which did not do the gamer any favors in regards to HP totals. For example, Dark Knight dressphere has high HP which starts the gamer out at 3,000 to 4,050 at their present level while the Songstress has a little under 1000 HP.

          Final Fantasy X-2

See the difference?!

I especially wanted to cover this in my final fantasy x 2 review because I feel this must be said and emphasized on. Many battles in the game leaves many dresspheres at a disadvantage and what I mean is that you can go into battle against an Oversoul Queen Coeurl using a Dark Knight, Black Mage and a Songstress; the Dark Knight is the only one that’ll survive because of its excellent magical and physical defense.

Final Fantasy X-2         

Also, what I didn’t like about the game was that the farther you got, the more some dresspheres became useless especially when the gamer makes the decision to take on Via Infinito at Bevelle in Chapter 5. There is no greater pain in the butt than going into battle and having to heal the “weakest link” of the group. Flat out annoying!

The Ugly

Final Fantasy X-2

No final fantasy x 2 review is complete without talking about the percentage point aspect of the game – the bane of my existence. The percentage point aspect of the game made it so you had to do everything perfectly for the 100% which isn’t worth it by any means. Secondly, the dressphere abilities make it so you have to play the game at least 3 times to max out every ability for every dressphere.

Final Fantasy X-2

Many of the areas in the game get so boring while navigating them that it can make any gamer stop playing because many of the same areas have the same enemies with no new moves or nothing new to learn. The ability point reward per battle was plain terrible; gamers were learning dressphere abilities at an extremely low rate unless they were using a dressphere ability that allowed for pacifism such as the Warrior dressphere’s Sentinel ability etc.

Final Fantasy X-2

The AP Egg is found here; late in the game!

Learning abilities in the game was the toughest part of the game because it relied more on how many times in battle that a particular girl participated; I felt the game did not create enough opportunities for ability point gain or learning abilities quickly in the game until gamers found the AP Egg in the Chocobo Ruin Depth dungeon on Ch.5 following a very complex algorithm that granted you access.

No Love Lost

I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that the game is worth playing if the gamer wants to know what happened to Tidus after Final Fantasy X, but the truth is that the gamer will have a pretty good idea of that when they see the ending to Final Fantasy X so there’s no love lost if they don’t play or finish Final Fantasy X-2; heed my final fantasy x 2 review and remember to think long and hard before buying this game.

Final Fantasy X-2


Final Fantasy X-2

Final Fantasy X-2 is a game that makes the gamer work hard toward learning abilities and being ready for anything that enemies can throw at them. However, the game gets very tedious and boring making gamers want to quit long before they finish and the percentage point aspect of the game demands that the gamer play the game to perfection which get very frustrating.

My opinion of this is that there really is no real reason to play this game because Final Fantasy X was better and the elements in the game are not worth exploring let alone playing the game for; keep Final Fantasy X and leave this one alone.

I hope my final fantasy x 2 review has inspired you gamers out there to make a decision regarding the game and what you’re not missing. If you have any questions or comments regarding my post then please feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you within the hour.