Strategic Ways to Play Mega Man games

Easily the most iconic games in the entire video gamedom, Mega Man games have been keeping gamers entertained since the very first Mega Man game. Mega Man games are both challenging and fun, I’ve been playing them since ’89. In fact, my first Mega Man game was Mega Man IV and it was in that game where I learned how to strategically destroy the robot bosses in the game using weapons that you get from destroying other robot bosses.

Mega Man IV

There are a lot of strategic ways to play mega man games, but many of those strategies surround one little aspect that gives the game value; the weapons that you get from the robot bosses you kill in the game. The weapons were designed to be used on bosses in the game to deal lethal damage to them. However, using the weapons to kill the bosses are not their only use.

Mega Man 6

Many gamers know that Mega Man games are fraught with dangerous traps and obstacles that can cause a problem for Mega Man. So having said that, here is the strategy I use when playing Mega Man games.

Using Weapons vs. M/X-Buster

Mega Man X

When I first started playing Mega Man games, I sort of had to figure which weapon killed which boss and that took a while to master. Normally, using weapons before getting to the robot boss of that level in Mega Man games is forbidden because many of the robot bosses in the game die by certain weapons.

Mega Man 2  Mega Man X

For example, Air Man from Mega Man 2 takes lethal damage from the Wood Man’s Leaf Shield. However, the Leaf Shield can be used to block projectiles but only if you’re standing still. In the Mega Man X series, you’re exposed to a lot of new weapons along with the X-Buster. Flame Mammoth’s Fire Wave can be used as a barricade that X, once he’s charged it up to max, can walk inside of while it’s traveling along with ground and enemies will not be able to harm X.

Mega Man X

I always felt that sticking with the M/X-Buster is boring and I learned very quickly that your M/X-Buster will not be able to get you out of every situation. One of the most strategic ways to play mega man games is by testing out your weapons on different levels and situations; you’d be surprised what works and what doesn’t.


There are so many obstacles in Mega Man games to count and some of them are downright irritating and can cause a gamer to rage quit. In particular, the metal enemies that fly up from the chasms up to the fan in the beginning area of Cloud Man’s level in Mega Man 7. Using the Danger Wrap on them will keep the one encased in the bubble on screen and keep others from appearing hence crossing the chasm easily.

Mega Man 7

To put a fine point on this, Burst Man is the robot master who’s the owner of the Danger Wrap. You might get caught up in his Danger Wrap(s) and be carried off up to the spike ceiling. The easiest way to avoid getting killed by the Danger Wrap is by sliding when the Danger Wrap touches the spikes hence avoiding death.

Mega Man 7

There are enemies that like to follow a pattern of floating upward and standing in the air for a few seconds, Mega Man 6 has Knight Man who has the Knight Crush which you can direct upward to kill enemies that act as obstacles on walls or ceilings.

Mega Man X6

The Yammar Option in Mega Man X6 is ideal for combating enemies that are stalwart and stubborn, it can be used to defend and attack which comes in handy on Shield Sheldon and Infinity Mijinion’s levels.

Don’t Drain Your Weapons

The last thing that you want to do is use up all of your weapons especially the ones you need to kill a particular boss. Strategic Ways to play Mega Man games is all about knowing when to use your weapons and when to conserve them, it is easy to get caught up in using your weapons to get past obstacles and enemies; believe me, I’ve done it.

Mega Man 5  Mega Man 5

Don’t make the mistake of draining your weapon supply just so you can get past the level, it’ll come back and bite you; I promise you that. For example, if you’re using the Crystal Eye (Mega Man V) to kill enemies that you don’t want to get near because you’re low on health then that’s okay but don’t use it on Napalm Man’s level because he’s allergic to the Crystal Eye.

Also, since the Crystal Eye will split up into smaller crystals when they hit a solid object, it is not a bad idea to use it to get enemies far away from even use it to tackle enemies skyward which will keep you from taking unnecessary damage from enemy attacks above.

Outside of solving puzzles

Although using the Robot Masters/Reploid bosses weapons to clear obstacles, they can be used to solve puzzles. Coincidentally, there are few puzzles in Mega Man games that actually exist to challenge gamers. I can say that there are other strategic ways to play Mega Man games that does not involve running and gunning; using other weapons to get past chasms such as in Pharaoh Man’s level in Mega Man IV

Mega Man 4

Dive Man’s level harbors the Wire gadget which can be gained by jumping down the hole after killing the second whale, some enemies take damage from weapons as well. My strategic ways of playing mega man games has gotten me out of a lot of binds in those games since 1989; I can say that I am a Mega Man master.


Strategic ways to play mega man games lies in not draining your weapons, but using them to clear obstacles can be helpful and can clear a path so you’re not starting the same area over again and again. There is no better and strategic way to play mega man games than to use your weapons as you see fit as long as you are not using the ones that kill the boss of that particular level.

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007 Everything or Nothing review

007 Everything or Nothing

007 games have been around since 1983 and they have no doubt made fans worldwide which isn’t hard to imagine because everyone dreams of being a super spy as a kid or at one point or another. Incidentally, I’ve played my fair share of 007 games and none of them really appealed to me. The first 007 game I played was Tomorrow never Dies for the Playstation followed by The World is not Enough.

007 Everything or Nothing

I did aspire to play future 007 games despite not liking those two, and I didn’t play any other 007 games until I played 007 Everything or Nothing. I didn’t too much like the game either because I felt it was a little too difficult based on the amount of enemies that bombard you on the “Agent” difficulty level.

007 Everything or Nothing

However, I later bought back and played the game again. I found that the game requires strategy in order to play effectively and enjoy it. There was more than a few things I liked and disliked about it, but I can say that it is a better game than 007 Quantum of Solace. So having said that, here is my 007 everything or nothing review.

Bond Moments

Personally, the Bond Moments was one of the reasons why I wanted to do a 007 everything or nothing review. For one, the Bond Moments, though sometimes frustrating, are clever solutions to destroying your enemies. For example, on Mission 19: The Pontchartrain Bridge, you’ll ride by a house where several gunmen are shooting at you.

007 Everything or Nothing               007 Everything or Nothing

Bond Moment – using the vent controls                                       Bomb the first bridge you see

Destroying the house with a missile from your motorcycle will net you a Bond Moment which is one of the easiest to get on the entire level. Another particular bond moment is on Mission 1: Ground Zero, is shooting one of the enemies rappelling down the wall on the far side of the courtyard after you rappel down the wall on your end after you destroy the chopper; this is one of the harder ones to get.

Bond moments range from easy to frustratingly difficult, but they do come in handy and can give the gamer ideas about how to cleverly dispose of their enemies. The only bad thing I can say about the bond moments is that they can make it so the gamer can become more obsessed with getting them than playing and enjoying the game itself.

Body shots vs. Head shots

While it’s easy to shoot and kill your enemies using your weapons on their bodies, head shots are an entirely different story altogether. Body shots are the easiest way to kill your enemies in the game; all that’s required is using your weapon on your enemies as you see them whether it is in their chest, leg(s), arm etc.

007 Everything or Nothing

Ten times out of ten, it is always easy to do this if you’re looking to get rid of your enemies and have your weapon ready for the obvious reinforcements. There is little room for doubt that enemies are everything waiting to ambush you which I didn’t mind.

007 Everything or Nothing

The head shots, my favorite part about my 007 everything or nothing review, will emphasize why playing the game is worth it. Head shots are instant death sentences in this game and I can say from experience that getting head shots in the game is easy.

What I love about head shots overall is that they can fell even the toughest of enemies, I can tell you that you will come across some hulking bullies in the game. Another thing is that the game makes getting head shots easy even on Agent difficulty because enemies peak out from cover and leave themselves open to getting shot in the head.

Bond Sense

My opinion on Bond Sense is that it is both necessary and unnecessary, here’s why. Bond Sense comes in handy when you’re trying to find hidden things in a room like hidden passageways and it is a great help when you’re trying to find enemies as well. However, Bond Sense sort of becomes unnecessary because the targeting system in the game point out some of those very same things you find with Bond Sense.

007 Everything or Nothing

Coincidentally, a past 007 everything or nothing review I read made Bond Sense out to be completely useless which it more or less is. Personally, it is up to the gamer to use Bond Sense and it does come in handy especially when you’re trying to get awarded Bond Moments on some of the levels.

I’ve used Bond Moments myself a time or two and it is far from useless; I didn’t use it for everything either. My take on Bond Sense is that the gamer should use it as they see fit. The ability will not always be necessary to use especially if you can see your enemies and certain obvious hideaways, but it is there in case it is needed.


No 007 everything or nothing review is complete without talking about the weapon or weaponry as it were. I love the weapons in the game, they are deadly and their firing might is formidable especially the P-99. The weapons in this game is awesome and what I also love is that you actually get to use a real rocket launcher to kill enemies. The Dragunov is a sniper rifle and my least favorite weapon in the entire game.

007 Everything or Nothing

Make no mistake, every weapon has its use no matter what. Also, I love how you, the gamer, can access your weapons by pressing down on the directional pad and up on the directional pad to access gadgets. My 3 favorite weapons in the game is the AT-420 Rocket Launcher, SIG 552 Assault Rifle and MP5K.

007 Everything or Nothing

My advice, play the game, if for nothing else to try the weapons because it is one of the reasons why I got into the game to begin with not to mention being able to switch weapons on the fly which comes in handy so don’t not exercise that option because you’ll need to on a moment notice if one of your weapons is low on ammo.


Every game has positives and negatives especially this one but I hope to encourage more gamers to at least try the game based on my 007 everything or nothing review; the weaponry and bond moments make playing the game worth it alone. Perfecting the Bond Sense and head shots in the game can really be the defining line between keeping the game or trading it in. Gamers will be okay as long as they concentrate on getting body shots to kill their enemy.

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When backtracking is necessary and when it is not

R & C: Crack in Time

A lot of games, past and present, give gamers the ability to be able to backtrack to certain stages and levels. Often times, the gamer can make this work to their advantage whether it is backtracking to get a weapon, an item, a clue about a special power or an ability that’ll make future bosses a cakewalk. However, the real trick to this is being able to tell the difference between when backtracking is necessary and when it is not.

In many of the Sly Cooper and Crash Bandicoot games, backtracking is necessary in order to obtain certain items that’ll allow you to beat the game with a 100% or get access to hidden levels that is inaccessible out the starting gate.

C. Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

Second best reward in the game!

In games like Ratchet and Clank, some levels require the use of certain abilities, gadgets and weapons in order to get certain in stage recognition in the form of skill points that can be applied to unlocking certain content. All in all, many gamers do know when backtracking is necessary and when it is not; here’s my opinion regarding that.

Monetary gain

Sly 4

I could say that returning to previous levels is impractical in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, but who am I to say when backtracking is necessary and when it is not. But, returning to previous levels in Sly Cooper 4 is matter of choice but one that I encourage. You should definitely backtrack because the treasures that you find might seem worthless or almost worth nothing except a couple hundred dollars, it’s still worth it to do.

Sly 4

Yeah, you’ll need this

Personally and from experience, wait until after you get your Thief Costume in Salim Al Kupar’s time period which is the second to last level in the game. The reason, many treasures will require the use of all 5 of your costumes in order to unlock certain doors.

Sly 4 Sly 4

The monetary gain is more than enough reason to backtrack because the money you gain from the treasures will keep your gang up to date on their gadgets and abilities. As I mentioned, it is a matter of choice; if you want to then do but if you don’t want to then don’t but it is in your best interest to because those abilities and gadgets get very expensive but do come in handy.

One thing though, always keep in mind the importance of the value of the treasures per level; the money you get from collecting these treasures add up. Trust me.

Gain extra strength

Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters and Ratchet and Clank games have one thing in common, extra strength await those who are willing to backtrack. There are many times in games when backtracking is necessary and when it is not. For example, using a superpower to gain extra strength or to gather the blueprints/components of a super weapon like the RYNO is worth it; every gamer knows that the RYNO being worth the backtrack is an understatement!

Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus  Ratchet and Clank Tools of Destruction

Lengthening your life and special ability meters should not be a secondary priority because staying alive takes precedence so backtracking to levels that makes this possible should not be ignored. There were too many times in games where I sought to race to the end of the game without backtracking because I felt I was good with my present equipment; I was wrong.

The lesson, don’t make my mistake. Take the time to backtrack because it will become necessary in order to last til the endgame and beyond. Ultimately, games that allow you to backtrack, do it and consider it a blessing because there are games where backtracking is impossible or not allowed. Star Wars the Force Unleashed, for example.

Time Trials of Perfection

Crash 3

Crash Bandicoot games are well-known for their time trials which serve two purposes. One, to gain access to the 5 hidden levels on the upper floor of the time chamber. Two, bragging rights. Interestingly, the gamer has to decide when backtracking is necessary and when it is not in the Crash Bandicoot games based on their choice to complete the time trials to obtain the relics; they’re worth it, the relics are.

The time trials in the game can make backtracking to certain levels a drastic mistake and an ill-advised course of action. However, the possibility of getting a Platinum Relic on certain levels make the backtrack worth it; it is to me because obtaining a platinum relic from a time trial has motivated me to strive for perfection in the time trial or close enough to it where getting a platinum relic gets easier and easier.

I used to think that the time trials were not worth doing because they were too hard; there are shortcuts in levels that’ll make getting the platinum relic easy. My advice, do the time trials even if you don’t get a platinum because they’re worth it and the achievement you gain is worth more than the value of the relic itself.

Skill points

Ratchet and Clank 1 Ratchet and Clank 2

Skill points are the main reason why I play Ratchet and Clank games especially Tools of Destruction because it supports the concept of when backtracking is necessary and when it is not. Many skill points such as in Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando – Nothing to see here – is worth the backtrack to Planet Todano because it is one of the easiest skill points to get; just destroy all 4 rockets in the starting area.

Likewise, in Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time, a skill point titled – Son of Kaden – isn’t worth the backtrack because being able to get to the finish line in 45 seconds or less is an impossibility so it is a skill point that I wouldn’t bother with let alone backtracking to the races for. For the record, all skill points that require a race is not worth it so spare yourself the hours of frustration.


When backtracking is necessary and when it is not is a matter of choice by the gamer, it is within that gamer’s best interest to backtrack because whether it is gaining extra strength or monetary gain or even to work toward completing that time trial for the sole purpose of getting that platinum relic warrants backtracking.

Skill points in the Ratchet and Clank games might not seem like they’re worth backtracking for, but they definitely are and I would encourage you to do so; you’ll be thankful when you unlock that cool in-game content. If you have any questions or want to leave a comment about my post then please feel free and I’ll respond to you within the hour.





Critical Points about Promotion Items in Shining Force 2

Shining Force 2

Shining Force I and II have one thing in common, promotions or characters getting promoted to a higher class upon reaching a certain level. What is great about Shining Force 2 is that the game takes the concept of promotion to a whole another level. Case in point, Jaha can be promoted to Gladiator at level 20, but he can be promoted to the class of Baron with the Warrior’s Pride in his possession.

Shining Force 2

One of the most critical points about promotion items in shining force 2 is that every promotion item should be found and never ignored because they give certain characters advanced powers upon promotion which does wonders for their abilities in battle. Plus, those chosen characters will be more of an asset in battle in the aspect that the gamer will not want to take those characters out of the party.

However, finding some of the promotion items can be a little challenging; some are in plain sight while others are sitting off in a corner or hidden amongst debris or old firewood, hint, hint.

Silver Tank, don’t bother promoting your Archers using this

Shining Force 2  Shining Force 2

                           Janet, no!

Shining Force 2

Janet, yes! See the difference.

In fact, get rid of the Silver Tank all together. In the bowels of the Cavern of Darkness on your way to Mt. Volcano to see Peter’s boss; you’ll stumble across this item. Get it and sell it, do not promote your chosen Archer using this item. Yes, the Silver Tank will allow them to be promoted to Brass Gunner(s) which might be a big deal at first glance, but I assure you, after trying it, it’s a big deal and an even bigger mistake.

The second of critical points about promotion items in shining force 2 is that some do not always work to a characters advantage, promote your archers to snipers; you’ll be happy with your choice overall. Incidentally, selling promotion items is a big no-no. The Silver Tank is the only exception to the rule because your archers are among the most valuable members of your party; they’re going to be slowed to a crawl if you promote them to Brass Gunners.

Rohde, a significant character in the game that joins you already as a Brass Gunner and trust me, he doesn’t get much action in the game unless you split your force up into two teams; if you use him, you WILL do this because it’ll be the only way he’ll get experience points to level up.

Warrior Pride, easy if you know where to look

Shining Force 2  Shining Force 2 Shining Force 2

King Granseal is not happy about his new digs, but your force loves it. In fact, Inspecting the shield at the rear of the room where your force is will easily reveal this valuable item. Another of my critical points about promotion items in shining force 2 is that you shouldn’t dismiss any promotion item because it looks like a toy or something inferior. The Warrior Pride, when used to promote a Warrior, will promote the Warrior to the class of Baron.

You’ll have one of the most powerful fighters in the game on your team, it is no question that enemies will die almost instantly when enemies are fighting your Baron one on one. Generally, I always equip my Baron with swords because I feel that swords are more powerful than axes; ironically.

However, equip your Baron with swords and axes because the weapon is going to compliment them no matter what and they are going to tear up the battlefield. Promote Jaha to Baron instead of Randolf because if you promote Randolf to Baron, you won’t be able to take full advantage of his strength and Randolf’s rise in levels are practically in the toilet when he joins you.

Vigor Ball, Sarah and Karna’s transformation

Shining Force 2 Shining Force 2 Shining Force

This powerful item can be used to promote Sarah or Karna to Master Monk, go with Sarah and use it to promote her to Master Monk because Sarah is better at attacking. Plus, Sarah gets more turns to act, heal and attack; Karna is usually among the last of your characters to get a turn which can be a problem if you need to use her Aura spell to heal people which you will in your battle against Zalbard and Geshp.

While you’re not completely compelled to follow my critical points about promotion items in shining force 2, it’ll put you on the fast track to beating the game with minimal difficulty. I can tell you from experience that there is no going back once you make that choice to use a chosen promotion item to promote that chosen character so choose wisely.

Shining Force 2  Shining Force 2

The Elven Town is where you’ll find this item, check the corner in the far upper left portion of the screen; you’ll discover it hidden away by the trees. Coincidentally, you’ll find Kazin’s Secret Book here in one of the bookshelves in the biggest house in the village.

Pegasus Wing, so close yet so far

Pacalon Castle is in a village far from anywhere you’ll venture and by the time you get there, Chester should be around level 23-24 provided you used him up to that point; the last of my critical points about promotion items in shining force 2 is don’t feel pressured into using an item to promote a character that you get later in the game because you’ll be robbing yourself of that character’s potential.

Shining Force 2 Shining Force 2 Shining Force 2

The only reason Chester is the exception, which he should be, is if you plan to promote him to Pegasus Knight which you should because Jaro joins you as a Pegasus Knight but he’s not as powerful and hard hitting as Chester. In Pacalon Castle, make your way out of the throne room walking down the right side of the blue carpet. Walk straight until you hit the wall then search it to find the Pegasus Wing.


Many of my critical points about promotion items in shining force 2 may seem a little odd or rigid but trust me, I’ve played and beaten this game from every angle; there is no greater authority on this game than me. The promotion items that you find, make good use of them to promote your characters because they’re your greatest power and asset.

If you have any questions about my post or about the game then please feel free to leave me a comment or just tell me what you think and how you feel and I’ll get back to you ASAP.





Advice for using weapons with low ammo, what you need to do.

Uncharted 2

Many gamers come across many powerful and destructive weapons in games; weapons like a Grenade Launcher, Desert Eagle, Regular Grenades, Rocket Launcher and Shotgun to name a few. However, the ultimate downside to these weapons are their limited ammo which can present a problem to gamers trying to save that particular weapon to quell an ambush.

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Ten times out of ten, gamers don’t realize that many weapons with limited or low ammo are not meant to serve no other purpose than to be used at that moment or where they are particularly in that part of the level. For example, I could find a Rocket Launcher with 3 shots next to a grave in a cemetery along with 3 snipers who emerge from my left, right and center.


After I use that Rocket Launcher to kill those snipers, it’ll have no ammo left which means that it’s not meant for me to leave that cemetery with it because it’ll be several stages before I get another Rocket Launcher; most times there is no avoiding that. So having said that, here’s my advice for using weapons with low ammo.

Don’t abandon your primary weapon

A lot of times in games where guns are the primary weapons, you’ll start out with either a revolver, a handgun or a hand cannon; depends on the game like in the Uncharted games. Don’t be so quick to abandon or drop that primary weapon that you started with for that Rocket Launcher or Desert Eagle because of it’s power and damage output. The reason, that powerful new gun’s ammo will not last you the entire level; from experience.


One of my best pieces of advice for using weapons with low ammo is to keep using your primary weapon and save your low ammo weapon for challenging situations or if you’re ambushed. The worst thing you can do is trade or ignore your primary weapon because you feel it lacks power, a weapon with low damage will usually last you longer than a weapon with high damage output.

I can recall a time when I was playing Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and I found the Grenade Launcher and it only had 6 shots while my handgun had a little less than 50; I was able to take out the enemy forces which consisted of 20 guys, with shots to spare. The Grenade Launcher only killed 4 of those 20 which goes back to my point; keep and use your primary weapon.

Make the Best of It

Sometimes enemies will drop a Grenade Launcher or Rocket Launcher or even a Shotgun and when they do, you owe it to yourself and your enemies to make the best of it. This is a crucial piece of advice for using weapons with low ammo; it can be lifesaving and keep enemies off your tail long enough to make an escape.

007 Everything or Nothing

For example, you find a Desert Eagle in a shed a few inches from an enemy camp that can drop your enemies with one shot; make the best of that Desert Eagle and start eliminating those guys so you can move on. Some weapons are only meant to last you long enough to get out of an area unless you find ammo refills which, if you’re pinned down, is not going to happen unless you get some breathing room.

Make use of any weapon you find in that part of the level or in that moment to wipe out the enemy masses because at the end of the day, your survival is the only thing that matters unless you want to keep starting over at a checkpoint in the level and I know you don’t want to do that.

Pay attention to placement

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune    Black


This is really important. Weapons are placed in places where there is a lot of enemy activity particularly areas where there are enemies on all sides including abandoned buildings. Sniper Rifles are usually in areas like this and if you happen to find a particular weapon in a particular area, use it because 9 times out of 10 you’ll be prompted to anyway because whatever weapon you have won’t level the playing field like the weapon you find. Unmoot point: Read the between the lines.

This piece of advice for using weapons with low ammo got me through a lot of bad areas in a lot of hard games including the Contra games for the NES. One of the best ways to use a weapon with low ammo to its full potential is to pay attention to where it is in a level because it’s meant to be there for your enemy killing pleasure not to mention lessen enemy ranks.

One could argue that weapon placement on many levels is a mere coincidence, I’ve been playing video games like this for the past 27 1/2 years and I can assure you, it’s not.

It’s not a bad thing

If you’re a gamer like me that likes using powerful weapons, you’re also the type to feel like you’ve been robbed or jipped when your oh-so-powerful weapon runs out of ammo. Generally, advice for using weapons with low ammo would lie in not getting too used to that weapon; it’s not a bad thing to use a weapon with limited ammo because it takes the challenge factor out of the game if used consistently.

Uncharted 3

Look at it like this, as long as weapons with low ammo are in places where they are needed, it doesn’t matter how often or how little they’re used. Most times, a low ammo weapon is only useful for getting to other parts of a level or area; it can be saved until later on but that would also mean that you’re depriving yourself of becoming versed using other weapons which can and is more versatile than the one you’re trying to save or keep.

It’s not a bad thing to abuse a weapon with low ammo while you’re where you are in an area because that’s why it’s there, to keep enemy advances to a minimum.



A lot of games give gamers access to a lot of weapons, some with a lot of ammo, and some with very little. However, gamers can make that weapon with low ammo work to their advantage by making the best of it within that moment, not dropping or abandoning their primary weapon, paying attention to placement.

Remember, it’s not a bad thing to have or use a weapon with low ammo, a temporary use can go a long way in destroying your enemies especially if those enemies are in places your primary weapon can’t reach unless you’re close to your enemies.

If you have any questions about my advice for using weapons with low ammo or want to leave me a comment then please feel free to reach out to me.








R.J’s Tips for Playing Shining Force 2

Shining Force 2

Shining Force 2 is one of the most versatile RPGs to ever come out on Sega Genesis, and it gives new meaning to the term metamorphosis because of the different changes the characters can experience outside of the norm. I remember when I first played Shining Force 2, I was 16 years old and this was back in ’96; I’ve learned a lot about the game not to mention developed my own tips for playing the game. I can say beyond reasonable doubt that I’m still as happy playing the game now as I was 21 years ago.

Healers, divide and distract, keeping your characters’ levels even is only a few things that can make playing the game a cakewalk but the game is not easy by any means. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to survive that battle and work to stay alive in subsequent battles, it can get to be trying at times.

However, a little strategy and hard work can go a long way in this game and I’m saying that from experience; so having said all that, here’s R.J’s Tips for Playing Shining Force 2.

Give all Healing Items to your Healer(s)

Shining Force 2     Shining Force 2

One of the most important of r.j’s tips for playing shining force 2 is that giving your healer(s) all healing items serves three purposes. One, doing this will ensure that the healer will be able to perform their healing duties even after they run out of Magic Points during a battle which they can and do.

Second, if a character is on the brink of death then gamers will not have to worry about that character dying with that healing item(s) in their possession especially since it is so easy to forget that a character has a healing item to begin with. For example, if Kazin is on the brink of death and has a Healing Drop, if I don’t remember that he has that before he’s attacked again then he dies which brings me back to my point of giving it to the healer.

Third, the healer will be able to still gain experience points using those healing items which will increase their attack power stat which is weak anyway, but doing this will also help them jump to higher levels much easier and much faster. Plus, other characters can have their equipment slots free so they can obtain other items.

Promote at Lv. 23 – 24

Shining Force 2

Okay as an expert gamer, I don’t like for a game to be too easy or make it too easy to beat. Shining Force 2 becomes so easy that my 3 year old can beat with minimal difficulty when you make the choice to promote your characters at Lv. 40. Another of r.j’s tips for playing shining force 2 is to promote your characters when they reach levels of 23-24.

In the past, I’ve promoted my characters at lv. 40 and I was one-shotting every enemy except for the prism flowers; those died in two hits. So, I’ve found that promoting your characters at levels 23-24 will make them stronger, but make it so they can still gain experience to learn skills that they need before the endgame.

Also, it is a great feeling knowing that you can still strategize to topple that greater devil as opposed to just running out into the open and using one or two characters to kill everything which makes the game boring after a while.

Plus, as crazy as this is going to sound, I don’t mind taking moderate damage from enemies as opposed to just taking 1 damage point per enemy because it gives my healers something to do i.e. heal and they get experience; if you promote at level 40, the game’s enemies are going to be like newborn babies hitting you, it won’t hurt.

Don’t be afraid to Divide to Distract

Shining Force 2

Coincidentally, enemies can surround you from all sides and can overwhelm your entourage quickly, swiftly and hard. Enemies sometimes do this and almost end up killing your characters and succeeding which is why you should never be afraid to divide your characters to distract your enemies.

Your “force” in battle consists of 12 people, having 6 go in one direction and having another 6 go in the other direction will distract your enemies and keep them focused on that group rather than the force as a whole which would make it easier for them to pick your characters off if they use magic spells that target more than one character.

This is the more critical of r.j’s tips for playing shining force 2 because it has gotten me out of more bad predicaments in battle than I can count especially in the battle with Sir Odd Eye and his cronies. Plus, doing this make your team harder to kill especially if you have a healer in a particular group which you always should.

An added word of advice, keep two healers in the party so you can have one for each group when you decide to divide your party so every character in their respective groups will survive.

Use your Powers

Shining Force 2   Shining Force 2

Bowie, the lead character, (or whatever you named him) will eventually learn the Bolt spell as he journeys and other characters will be learning their respective spells as they level up. The most important of r.j’s tips for playing shining force 2 is to always use your powers no matter what they are. For one, you’ll see what works and what doesn’t work.

Second, you’ll thin herds of enemies in minutes instead of hours because most times the strength of any spell is enough to weaken or kill enemies. I can remember a time when I had a Lv. 37 Bowie and I wanted to severely weaken the enemies surrounding me so I used Bolt 3 which weaken some enemies and kill a couple of them.

I can remember another time when I was fighting Zeon and my Slade (Ninja) had already learned Katon and used it on Zeon which took a big chunk of Zeon’s health. Don’t hesitate to use your powers ever because they can and will become your saving grace when your normal attacks are not getting the job done.

Keep your characters levels even

Shining Force 2           Shining Force 2

This is actually a lot easier than it sounds. Basically as you kill enemies, it is important to let everyone have a turn so they can get stronger too. For example, if Sarah is a level 4 while Bowie and Chester are level 3 then get Sarah away from the action so she can’t participate in battle with that enemy which destroys any chance of a counterattack on her part then let Bowie and Chester kill enemies until they catch up to Sarah.

The best part about leveling your characters up this way is that it eliminates ANY chance of grinding which I am definitely encouraging you to not do. If you don’t adhere to any of r.j’s tips for playing shining force 2 above then at least do this.


While Shining Force 2 is one of the best RPGs to ever grace a gaming console, it is still fraught with it is own dangers and dangerous enemies but as long as you keep your characters levels even, use your powers, divide your force to distract the enemy there won’t be anything you can’t handle.

Promoting your characters at lv. 23-24 will keep them on a positive path of growth and don’t forget to give all healing items to your healer(s) because they too need to be able to grow and gain experience. If you have any questions or want to leave a comment regarding r.j’s tips for playing shining force 2 then please feel free to leave them below.





Innovative Ways to kill Tough Baddies

Final Fantasy X-2

Every enemy in every video game ever made have weaknesses that we gamers exploit for our own purpose which usually involves destroying the enemy whether it is through elemental magic usage or combos. Coincidentally, you can kill enemies in many games in very interesting and strategic ways.

Many innovative ways to kill tough baddies lies in using certain abilities or strategies that some gamers tend to downplay. For example, enemies that rely on brute strength to deal damage can have the power of their brute strength lowered so their strikes deal no more than at least 130 points of damage.

The thing is, a lot of the gamers, myself included, rely on our expertise and years of gaming strategy to destroy the toughest of enemies. I can remember when I did not always see a reason to use strategy when I played my games but it is thanks to strategy that even enemies that are heavily armored are nothing before my strategic might.

I’ve fought some of the toughest enemies in just about every video game I’ve played in the last 27 and a half years; here are some of the strategies that I used to kill the tough baddies giving me trouble.

Elder Drake – Via Infinito

Final Fantasy X-2

Final Fantasy X-2 has some of the toughest enemies to ever exist in the Final Fantasy-verse and one of those enemies is the Elder Drake whose made a home in Via Infinito in Bevelle. Elder Drake hits like a tank and does lethal damage with each hit, but it can be beat though it can take a long time if you don’t have a strategy in place.

One of the most innovative ways to kill tough baddies like the Elder Drake is by using Rikku’s Mascot dressphere; the Power Eraser ability is the key to destroying Elder Drake, it helps if you learn the move beforehand. Challenge it to mortal combat, use Power Eraser continuously until you see the damage being dealt to you is no more than 130 – 150 points.

Yuna, in her Mascot Dressphere, use Moogle Wallja and Cureja. This’ll keep the party healthy and protected from Elder Drake’s Pyroplexy attack. Paine, in Mascot Dress, use Quartet Knife to whittle Elder Drake’s stats down some more. Yuna should use Moogle Beam to deal damage to the dope while using Moogle Jolt to restore magic points; Paine can use her Cactling Gun to further damage the overgrown nuisance until he dies.

Adol Clones/Shadow Figures – Limewater Cavern

Ys VI: Ark of Napishtim

The Limewater Cavern is THE place where you’ll find some of the most interesting enemies in the game, the dark Adol Clones that become Shadow Bats when the Rainbow Fragment is equipped in particular. Oddly enough, the Shadow Bats can be destroyed by themselves and with minimal difficulty. The dark Adol Clones, the Shadow Bats’ alternate form is practically in a class by itself.

Striking the clones will not deal any damage to them, but the Blirante’s special ability makes destroying them possible; innovative ways to kill tough baddies in this game require use of all of your elemental weapons’ special abilities because it is the only way to destroy them. To destroy the dark Adol Clones, use the Blirante’s special ability by pressing and holding down the Square button for a second then release.

However, the Blirante must be at least Lv. 9 before the Adol Clones can be destroyed this way; you’ll be returning to the cavern not long after you chase off the Romun Fleet so you’ll get a chance to try it out upon your return.

Balam – Mithysmere Canyon

Wild Arms 5

When you first meet Balam while playing Wild Arms 5, he might come off as a little difficult because he cannot be attacked physically; he can only be destroy magically or using magic which means keeping him off the one elemental leypoint that deals damage to him, water. Balam has the Jump ability which he uses, but you can use your own Jump to get to the water leypoint using the Sword Medium. If any of your characters is near the water leypoint then have them get into it so Balam can’t.

Innovative ways to kill tough baddies like this is to keep your spellcasters safe by running interference for them. For example, have a party of Greg, Rebecca and Dean. Place Rebecca and Greg on the water leypoint, Greg will be your magic user so have him cast Blast then have Dean on the leypoint next to the water leypoint to cut Balam off from harming Greg and Rebecca.

Greg and Rebecca have a combo art called Corona Fall which is magic based and can be used on Balam to speed up his demise. It is ideal to have Rebecca use Heal Berries to keep both Dean, her and Greg healthy. The point of the strategy is to have Dean block the entire battle to keep Balam away from Greg and Rebecca while they both end him.

Cyclops Twins – Outside the Palace of the Fates

God of War II

God of War II, one of my favorite games of all time. Incidentally, you’ll come to the Palace of the Fates where you’ll be greeted by two Cyclopes along with two Beast Riders. Now, you may think that this is an impossible battle but its really quite simple. First, choose a Cyclops and dismount the Beast Rider and keep pressing Circle to destroy him then destroy any Beast Rider that appears thereafter; there should be 4 total.

Don’t let another Beast Rider blow their horn of summoning Cyclops because you’ll eventually be destroyed and don’t touch the Cyclops until you’ve destroyed the respawning Beast Riders while trying to maneuver around the other Cyclops After the Beast Riders are dead then use Rage of the Titans to destroy the Cyclops then do the same thing to his buddy that you were avoiding.

Innovative ways to kill tough baddies doesn’t have to just come from brute strength, it can be lessening the number of enemies that you’re dealing with presently to weaken the collective which is enough to give you an edge in battle. Incidentally, killing tough baddies is never a chore when you know how to use strategy.


Every game has their share of tough baddies but there are innovative ways to kill tough baddies without stretching yourself thin or level grinding. If you have questions or a comment regarding my post then please feel free to message me and I’ll get back to you within the hour.





Why put off for later what you can do or get now? Tips for retrieving field loot/treasures in Sly Cooper 2 & 4

Sly 4

Any gamer that has played Sly Cooper 2: Band of Thieves and Sly Cooper 4: Thieves in Time are aware of the fact that there are additional loot and field treasure that can be collected like loot you pickpocket from common enemies. Many gamers, myself included, have come across certain loot items and seek to put off getting it until after collecting the clue bottles.

Interestingly, the tips for retrieving field loot and treasures is not only simple but a practical cakewalk if you pay attention to the signs or the surrounding environment. There are specific things that will provide you with the means of getting that field loot or treasure such as a catapult, a special ability or even a good sprint.

Sly 2

Rail sliding to victory!

There were times when I used to say “I’ll come back for this treasure later” but there were times when I would forget where that treasure is and I asked myself, why put off for later what you can do or get now; if you see a treasure then get it because there’s a good chance that you won’t remember where it is later or won’t be able to get it. Here are my tips for retrieving field treasure and loot in Sly 2 and 4.

Local vs. Faraway

In Sly 2 and 4, there are treasures that are near the hideout (easiest) vs. treasures that are faraway from the hideout (hard). If you see a treasure, use the L3 button/Analog Stick by pressing it in to see how far you are from the hideout based on where you are standing at present. This’ll help you calculate exactly how to go about getting the treasure/loot back to the hideout.

Sly 2

The Crystal Chalice is a little far from the hideout.

One of my tips for retrieving field loot and treasures is that if it’s near the hideout, take the high road i.e. clothesline, telephone line etc. The reason, it’ll keep you away from enemies and you’ll be less likely to run into enemies, get attacked while trying to make your way back to the hideout with the treasure which isn’t easy by any means.

I’ve found that if the treasure is faraway from the hideout then the best way to get it to the hideout is to draw a straight line from where you are with the treasure and your distance from the hideout. Doing this will better help you calculate how to avoid enemies on that long run back to the hideout.

Sly 2

Use the Landscape

You know, its hard to leave a good item where it is because its too difficult to keep the item safe while outrunning your enemies. Another one of the tips for retrieving field loot and treasures is to use the landscape which is not a hardship if you’re using Sly to get the treasures who he is better at it than Bentley and Murray.

Sly 4

Running on a tightrope or a rooftop is ideal because most enemies will not bother trying to run after you; enemies especially since Sly has the advantage of speed on the roof and the concrete. In Sly 4 In 10,000 B.C. there are green turtle catapults that are stationed at different points in the open world.

Use the turtle, that’s a part of the landscape, to get propelled to extreme heights in the air which will allow you to get the treasure and needed air time. Don’t be afraid to jump off of hills and platforms because it will often lead back to the hideout or put you as close to it as possible so you can get the treasure into the hideout and get money for it.

Ace in the Hole

Sly Cooper

The greatest piece of advice that I can give you about getting the treasures back to the hideout and/or retrieving them from their locations is use the paraglider; the ace in hole! The Paraglider is going to get you and that treasure back to the hideout faster 9 times out of 10. Coincidentally, the best way to ensure success using the paraglider is to get some altitude just before you use it.

Get up, press the paraglider button which is R1 and glide downward; you’ll get closer to the hideout as you come down the higher up in the air you are. There’s no reason to put off getting a treasure or field loot later if you have the tools to get it back to the hideout right now.

Don’t put off getting that treasure now if you can avoid it because the money you’ll make from that treasure may clench the possibility of you buying that special move which could help you out even more. Trust me, don’t start any mission until you buy the paraglider when it becomes available because you will need it; I guarantee it. The paraglider is one of THE best ways to retrieve field loot and treasures.

Use your Special Abilities

Hardly an understatement, your special abilities can be used to retrieve field loot and treasures. For example, the Sabertooth Skull treasure can be easily gained and ran back to the hideout by using Sly’s Rail Sprint ability which can be used on any vine or rail by pressing and holding the R1 button.

Sly 2

Use Sly’s Smoke/Flash Bombs to distract your enemies so you can get that treasure back to the hideout for a quick cash in, L1 button lets you toss out the bomb. This is one of my best tips for retrieving treasure and field loot.


Despite the fact that the field loot and treasures can be a little tough to get, you have a better chance of doing it using Sly’s special abilities and starting with the local treasures and field loot first versus trying to concentrate on those that are faraway from the hideout.

The paraglider is a major help when striving to get treasures back to the hideout; the paraglider is your ace in the hole and should not be used sparingly, it should be abused heavily. There’s no reason to put off for later what you can do now especially if you have the means to get it done right now.

If you like my post then get at me and leave me a comment or just tell me what you think; I’m interested in hearing from you and I’ll respond to you within the hour.