Free video game strategy guides, pros and cons

Many of the best video game companies work on creating guides for the games that they create, but some of those strategy guides eventually become unused or ignored altogether. However, free video game strategy guides have practically replaced the physical copies which have been known to get destroyed or lost.

Also, gamers had less to worry about when it came to free video game strategy guides especially when it came to preservation. I’ve been an avid collector of strategy guides especially those that I got with the games I bought. So, here’s the pros and cons of free video game strategy guides.

Completely Online

One of the main pros of free video game strategy guides is that it is completely online making access to it easy, it is without a doubt that gamers found that having a free video game strategy guide can not only save them time but can easily be used again and again. Also, many video game walkthrough strategy guides that came out for games like Super Mario Bros 1 can be accessed online as well.

Happily, gone are the days when gamers had to stand in line at a GameStop or Disk Replay to get a guide to a new game and finding that the guide is no longer being sold which makes trying to get the most out of their game an impossibility. That’s why free video game strategy guides is the way to go; I’ve been using them for years.

Very Thorough

Another advantage that free video game strategy guides is that they are very thorough; I’ve been playing games where the physical game guides that were made for the game did not say or tell gamers a lot, it was more pictures and illustration than strategies. Any video game company can make video games tutorial, but unless it completely walks the gamer through then it will do no good.

Gamers look to get the most out of their game and the digital download of a game guide is the only way they feel that its possible, I have a particular site that I go to when I’m looking for advancement in a game usually an RPG and I know that looking for that answer online is the best way to get my answer to that all important gaming question.


An all time favorite and one of the classic pros is the accessibility; the gamer has complete video game accessibility over that game which means that there is no secret or anything that the gamer cannot get to. There are gamers out there who has game guides buried deep down in their closet with no time to get it; free video game strategy guides is always readily accessible online.

Another thing that I love about online game strategy guides is that they cannot only be accessed on any computer, but they can also be accessed on smart phones as well which is good for gamers on the go when they can’t find their physical copies; if they’re still using them. Despite the fact that physical copy game guides are still being used to play video games in the present day; they are not as widely advertised or accessed like they were 25-27 years ago.

The online strategy guides make it easier for gamers to play certain games and not feel as if they have to use the game guide to beat the game; the logic can be seen from a reverse perspective such as if the gamer cannot access the online strategy guide then they won’t bother trying to access it which would motivate them to play the game without help from that guide of any kind.

The Cons

As great as an online strategy guide is, it is without question that there are some disadvantages to free video game strategy guides; some gamers have, as I’m sure they have, encountered this throughout their time playing video games. One of many cons that lie with free video game strategy guides is that there is a limited time only membership.

For example, gamers will be able to access the online game guide to the game, but only have so many days before to use it before they have to pay for a membership. This can make a big difference in accessibility of that game guide, some gamers might be inclined to not be bothered with paying for a membership especially if they don’t intend to use the guide again after beating the game.

Bringing Facebook into It

Some online strategy guides don’t make gamers pay out-of-pocket to access the guide; they instead want gamers to use their Facebook account to gain access to the guide. While it is not a problem for many gamers to do, it puts gamers at a disadvantage because they may be playing a game that other gamers might not be interested in especially if they post it on their wall on Facebook.

Not every video game has one

Free video game strategy guides are available, but the only thing that’s bad about this is that not every game has an online guide for it. For example, there are a few game guides on Super Mario Bros 3, but there might not be any for Super Mario Bros 2 or Little Nemo Dream Master. I’m not saying there isn’t but its been my experience that some game guides online were only available for some games and not all.


Free video game strategy guides are very useful tools to have when the gamer needs a quick tip to bypass a section in the game or to be able to walk through an RPG without getting stuck; they are online which makes them easy to access. These types of guides are very thorough and can spot certain places in games that the physical copies lack.

However, the only bad things about using an online game guide is that it requires gamers to use their Facebook accounts to be able to use that guide and some charge a small fee after using it for so many days; gamers are spared this if the online game guide world do not have a guide on the game. All in all, gamers should use free video game strategy guides because they are readily available and can be preserved for years to come.

Strategies for Finding Items in Wide Open Areas

Dirge of Cerberus

Many games have video game collectors items that are hidden in crevices and corners as well as anywhere an item can hide; the item can be anything from a clue bottle to something as seemingly meaningless as a capsule containing in game footage. In days gone by as in the present day, gamers still go after these items as a means of achieving perfection in the game where this exists.

While it is not a bad thing to go after items that have integral gaming significance; it can be time-consuming and boring looking around for those items IF you don’t have an approach or a plan, if you will, about how to find them without the process taking forever. Here are some strategies to keep in mind when you’re searching for items in wide open areas.

Aim High

Sly Cooper

More times than not, gamers are made aware that there’s a huge quantity of an item that is needed to unlock a secret in the game; finding that item can mean the difference between extra power/in game advantage and getting lost in translation. So to do away with this, always aim high. This can be accomplished by getting on the highest landmark or building within an area so you have a view of the entire level. Moving the Analog stick or directional buttons to see the surrounding area which can help you find the items you’re looking for.

Another advantage to doing this is that you’ll become better acquainted with the level which becomes important when you’re trying to get from one half of the city or area to another part if you’re on a time limit. Gamers need to aim high if they plan on finding those items because some items are easy to miss even if they are right under our noses within these games. Ultimately, always aim high.

Go Low

Sly Cooper               Dirge of Cerberus

Sometimes getting on the highest peak to look for the smallest items doesn’t always yield the best results; the next best thing you can do is go low. Incidentally, there are items that hide in underwater areas or parts of an area that gamers would not think to look. Some gamers might believe that some items like a capsule or a clue bottle might not seem like they would be on or near a watery pit or pool of water, but chances are that’s where you’ll likely find it.

It has been my experience that looking for items while traversing the low ground can be just as strategic as it would be searching for them on the high ground. For example, there’s a capsule on a piece of land miles below the gamer’s location. Find that low end path and you’ll get that item.

Search low and leave no stone unturned because if you have already searched everywhere high and covered most or all the high ground then search low. The point here is to cover one altitude before you cover another; doing it this way will ensure that you’re not running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Games where this important

Coincidentally, there are games where these strategies will come in the most handy if you’re looking to get the most of your games or games where this is required. For one, all sly cooper games. I say that because these games have clue bottles and waypoint markers that can only be found using these strategies. Also, using these strategies have also helped me find all safes in all sly cooper games.

Sly 4       Shinobi

Although the clue bottles are hidden well, it is not without question that they can be discovered using these strategies. I recently started a game on Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. I found myself getting confused looking for the clue bottles as well as the loot that is hanging out in some areas of the level.

Dirge of Cerberus is another game where these strategies are important because there are Memory Capsules in the game that are hidden very well, it is without a doubt that I used these same strategies to find all 82. Blade for the Playstation One also further supports the idea that searching high and low will help you find those all important items.


Now, everyone has heard the expression “stop, look and listen”. Well in games where you’re looking for in game items, it is always good to listen to everything in your gaming environment. This is one of the main reasons why I was able to find all 30 clue bottles in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. The bottles make a noise that signifies that they’re close by or you’re near them. This can be used to find all the clue bottles in the game and it saves on time.

Despite the fact that certain items are not immediately in plain sight for you to find them, it is important that you listen for the noises in the background because you get closer to what you’re trying to find if you are willing to stop and listen for distinctive noises of that item because that’ll tell you that you’re on the right track.

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus

It is imperative to keep an open mind when listening for noises in your video game environment because sometimes some items make a different sound than items that are stationary and hard to find; some items do not sound the same or make a sound in general so it is important to listen for anything that might sound strange or off as it was.


Perfectionism in games like Sly Cooper means finding everything including the clue bottles that’ll lead to the level’s safe or other in game content. However, you’ll get a good survey of the landscape when you aim high which makes it easier to find semi-stationary items. Remember to go low too because its easy to believe that an item you’re looking for isn’t hanging around on some lily pad or small corner in an abandoned building.

Don’t forget to listen out for that particular item if it makes a sound because it’ll be an indication that you’re close to it or its nearby. Remember my strategies, apply them and no item will ever be out of your reach; that’s a promise!

Do’s and Don’t of playing RPGs

Chrono Trigger

Role Playing Games or RPGs as they are known has captivated many gamers, games like Dragon Quest VIII and Final Fantasy X are still favorites that people play today; myself included. Incidentally, playing an RPG meant always being prepared for the unexpected because there was always a bigger enemy or one that had more bite than your average.

However, it is without a doubt that playing any Role Playing Game can be a little overwhelming especially with everything that has to be done in the game. Many gamers do not realize that they can potentially make life in that game difficult for themselves when they try to do something that does not work such as level grinding and not exploring their environment.

Doing both of these can lead to monumental problems down the road and being an avid gamer, I have experienced this. It is not hard to play these games, but its not easy either; sometimes it seems easier to give up, but its worth it not to. There are very simple rules when playing RPGs.

Don’t Level Grind

This is a common theme for most gamers when they play Role Playing Games because they feel it is warranted when their characters get overwhelmed and end up dying as a result. Most RPGs make it so characters can go through the entire game without much difficulty. This also works in many of the massive multiplayer online role playing games.

Chrono Trigger

So having said that, level grinding isn’t necessary because the game practically hands you everything you need and tells you exactly what to do despite how obvious it’s not. You can walk around the environment while looking for treasure chests or running errands for a NPC (Non-playable character) and gain the levels needed to battle enemies with minimal trouble hence making level grinding unnecessary.

I’ve played where I have run around in a circle trying to get my party stronger or strong enough to the point where my characters will only have to strike the enemy no more than twice to destroy them, it was always enough get me through every RPG game until I learned that I was doing it all wrong.

Incidentally, there more than enough battles in this type of game where gamers do not need to stay in one area and kill the same ones. Often times, enemies in later levels aren’t any stronger than the ones that the gamer are fighting at the level they are at or in the area they are in.

Explore, explore, explore!

Many gamers have come to the conclusion that a certain amount of exploration is necessary in order to fully understand what is going on in the game. A lot of times, its worth it to explore everything because you never know what you’ll find. Ten times out of ten, you find so much more when you make the time to investigate everything even certain things that might seem as if it is out of place or does not completely belong within a certain place.

Dragon Quest VIII

You can see a dragon with an axe standing in front of a treasure chest or standing in front of a doorway into another room and wonder why its standing there or you might even be told of a HP Regenerator that’s somewhere in the dungeon area from someone in town and they speak of a powerful artifact. Looking around can make a gamer knowledgeable about that area or certain landmarks within that area.

One of the worst things that you can ever do is run through an area without giving it your full attention which requires you to go into every room, fall down every pit and even run off the beaten path to investigate other things in that area; keep this in mind always

A battle fought is a battle won

Many gamers are aware of the fact that they can’t always win every battle, but fighting a lot of battles in the game will make your characters strong; unarguably. Running from battles is only necessary if the enemy is killing your characters with one hit. This is a fear that gamers can put to bed as long as they do not venture to places where enemies are stronger than their characters.

Participating and fighting every battle is can be a little tedious sometimes, but gamers learn a lot about their enemies when they participate in battle. For example, a lot of enemies usually expose an elemental weakness that they have and that gamers can exploit thereby making that enemy easier to kill for easy experience points. The point is that being in battle a lot is a lesson all on its own; a lesson that gamers would do well to heed.

Dragon Quest VIII

Another benefit to fighting in battles is that it gives gamers a chance to regain a little life and magic power. For example, one or possibly two of your characters have a skill or ability that allows them to siphon magic points from the enemies which goes a long way when you are miles from the nearest town or save point. This is a lifesaver and has pulled me out of the fire tons of times.

Pay attention

More times than not, there is always something that a NPC will mention that might seem a little off or does not quite add up; it can be said that there’s some hidden meaning to what it is they are saying. In which case, giving them your undivided attention will more than likely help you understand what it is they are trying to say or tell you or point you in the right direction.

Dragon Quest VIII

Also, this pays off in dungeon or even town areas where you’re looking for something specific that cannot be ordinarily found off the bat. Don’t think that there isn’t more to what you see when you enter places because when you pay attention, you can spot just about anything. Sometimes there are things in the background that stands out to you and could be the means of destroying a tough enemy so keep your eyes peeled.


At the end of the day, following these simple rules when playing RPGs will make your journey through them fun and you’ll learn a lot in the process which goes a long way in that game and others like it.

Want to own your Action/Adventure games, Follow this!

Jak 2

Action and Adventure games are the heart of the video game world, it is imperative to gamers to know exactly how to handle every situation that they might encounter in those action adventure games especially in ps3 action adventure games. More times than not, gamers know that there is one major enemy for every 10 minor enemies and that big enemy is usually a boss; that boss usually requires the use of your deadliest weaponry for you to prevail!

Coincidentally, there are ways of dealing with “complications” (for lack of a better term) in gaming today and one video games tip I use when I play action/adventure games is always aim for an enemy’s weak spot; you’ll deal 2x normal damage. Also, you’ll likely score a critical hit if you’re using a powerful weapon. Check out my other tips.

Only use your big gun in emergency situations

In many games especially in action adventure games, there are video gaming situations such as enemy rampage or getting surrounded from all sides by enemies where gamers find themselves stuck with almost no way or saving their best weapon for the boss. To that I say this, use your big gun in those emergency situations because there’ll always be weapon reloads or uses that you’ll get when you destroy your enemies.

Exhibit A – Resident Evil 4

An example of this is in the game resident evil 4, your Shotgun/Riot Gun and Mine Thrower are considered big guns; using them to get out of emergency situations such as enemy overload is completely warranted. Do this or you could find yourself on the end of your enemy’s wrath! What you use now, you’ll get back later on.

Use Everything You Got At Your Disposal

In games like God of War and Max Payne, enemies can become a problem if and when they call other enemies or reinforcements to help them out against you. Use everything you got at your disposal to end your enemies be it magic or a grenade launcher because holding on to your most powerful weapons will do you no good if you’re dead; there’s no such things as holding back for a rainy day if you need right away.

Magic in all the right places – God of War II

Jak II ps2 is a shining example that using everything you got can be lifesaving especially when you are up to your neck in Metal Heads who can surround you quickly, it is imperative that you use everything including your innate dark powers to destroy your enemies. In these types of games, there’ll always be ways to refill your weapon and/or energy supply so don’t worry about running out or not having anything left.

Jak II – Dark Bomb

Master Combos

Many games such as in star wars episode 3 revenge sith ps2 require gamers to master combos in order to be effective in battle. Make your obligatory duty to learn and master combos in action and adventure games that have them because not only will you get more into the game, but you’ll be able to create your own combos as well.

In the star wars the force unleashed for ps2, I developed a combo known as the Electric Seeker Slam which is done by pressing Square x 3, Triangle x 2 and Circle; the prerequisite for learning this combo is that you must have the Sith Seeker before you pull it off. However, that does not mean that you can’t aspire to create other combos before then because you can.

Starkiller owning – Star Wars the Force Unleashed PS2

Don’t Be Perfect

Arguably, the best feeling in the world when playing action/adventure games is the fact that you got everything in the game which could be said is a sign of perfection. My advice, don’t be perfect; its not worth it and it destroys your gameplay and gaming experience. If you miss something on a level that you can’t revisit until next game, it’s no love lost; just move on and whatever you’re missing you’ll more than likely not use it even more if its value depreciates i.e. a weaker weapon.

Perfectionism in action/adventure games can drive a gamer mad and cause them to give up on that game. For example, I’m currently working on Final Fantasy X-2 and even though the final fantasy 10 2 walkthrough tells you how to find everything along with getting every single percentage point, it’s not worth being perfect and getting the 100%; enjoying the game is perfection not getting every single thing in the game.

Perfection is for the birds!

Now vs. Later

Certain action/adventure games make has enemies placed in areas where the gamer has to get past those enemies in order to advance. However, there’s a little trick to that. If you see your enemies at a distance, you can take care of them now or at that point in the game so you won’t have to deal with them later; this can make a big difference when you’re trying to conserve health.

Gamers will likely encounter this in action/adventure games like max payne 2 ps2 where this lifesaving tip can help the gamer conserve ammo as well; it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to ponder what would happen if you’re low on health and bullets. If you see a gang of enemies clustered in one spot, you could throw a grenade or any incendiary object to destroy all of them; it never pays to put off for later what you can do right now. Remember that.

Now they won’t be there on the return trip!


Action/adventure games are among the best games to play whether if it’s for the reason of blowing off steam after a hard day or settling a score, but as long as the gamer concentrate on not being perfect and using everything at their disposal then they will have the necessary tools to play and beat any action/adventure game. Of course, using your big gun in emergency situations can make the game more fun and more challenging too.

At the end of the day, taking care of certain enemies now vs. later will better prepare you for anything the game throws at you including anything that the boss has too; taking the time to master combos will also help with handling enemies too.

Gamers’ guide to dealing with sidequests in RPGs

Shining Force 2

In Role Playing Games, gamers know that there are sidequests that are or might be crucial to the RPG that they are playing. However, some sidequests in the game are tedious and a bit of a headache for some gamers.

To me, the sidequest that is the biggest headache is the Dragovian Trial sidequest in Dragon Quest VIII and that is because the enemies there are the strongest in the entire game; Rhapthorne’s minions at his castle paled in comparison to those guys in the Dragovian Trials. I believe that a gamers’ guide to dealing with sidequests in RPGs.

The Sidequests

Amazingly, the final fantasy 7 sidequests are not complicated in any way; it takes time and patience not to mention Master Magic Materia along with a few materia combos. Ruby and Emerald Weapon are among the strongest in Final Fantasy 7. I’ve never managed to destroy either of them but I came close every time; always have patience and use your weapons wisely.

Final Fantasy VII           

Emerald Weapon, here I come!                                  Chocobo digging up treasure. Awesome!

Many of the weapons and armors in Final Fantasy 7 have Double Materia growth abilities which is the key to mastering materia quicker. The Chocobo Hot and Cold game from Final Fantasy IX is another of my favorite sidequests; one that I suggest gamers do because you’ll get a lot of powerful gear early on and as you access more of the world map.

Dragon Quest VIII

This is quite a hike!

The Dragovian Trials sidequest in Dragon Quest VIII is, in my opinion, worth it and can definitely be conquered if you use your characters’ innate skills such as the Miracle Sword ability. Learning abilities while traveling around in the game will make sidequests easier to do when it is time to do so.

Final Fantasy IX

Play this, you’ll like and you’ll get some cool cards.

The Tetra Master card game in Final Fantasy IX isn’t so much a battle of strength as it is a battle of mental strength but should be taken on by gamers to learn something new about arranging cards especially since learning this will lead to a powerful accessory in the game that’ll teach you how to learn one of the most useful support abilities in the game, Auto-Life.

Time, take yours

Many sidequests don’t put gamers first and often times leave gamers more confused than ever before especially if time is a factor on some of them like the Emerald weapon battle in Final Fantasy VII. That aside, take your time because you’ll discover more ways to make that sidequest easier to do than if you were trying to rush it trying to get to the endgame; something I’ve done.

Chrono Cross

I hate this part of the game!

My advice is to treat every sidequest or the ones that you want to do like you have the rest of your life to do them which you do, but it creates a state of mind where you won’t feel a need to rush or feel as if you’re wasting more time than you care to on doing a particular sidequest; no sidequest is time-consuming if you take your time.


There are many sidequest benefits that await the patient and the ambitious; it can be anything from a powerful weapon to a magic power that will give you access to power beyond imagination. One of the benefits is that you’re always learning about something pertaining to that sidequest that can strengthen you. For example, the hidden training ground in Elven Town in Shining Force 2; gamers can fight monsters to gain levels for their character even pushing them to promotion levels which is 20-33.

Shining Force II              Shining Force II

Another benefit is the discovery of powerful enemies that gives excellent experience points; somewhere between 10,000 and 120,000 allowing in game characters to go up several levels in almost no time at all. However, you have to work to reap those benefits which means that you have to be open to exploring realms and domains.

Furthermore, extraordinary healing items are another benefit of doing sidequests. The reason is that many healing items in RPGs can heal a character almost completely without the use of magic power expenditure from the characters; it is without question that valuable resources and their benefits await those who are willing to do the hard work. Also, the gamer benefits as well which is a big plus.

Skipping some sidequests isn’t allowed

Hardly an unwritten law in RPGs, skipping sidequests is not practical. You think gamers who play witcher 3 skipping sidequests talking about how they’re not needed to advance as a whole; I guarantee you that you won’t. Skipping a sidequest isn’t completely a bad thing if you’re playing an RPG where a specific sidequest isn’t necessary.

For example, ozma in final fantasy ix. In order to fight Ozma, you have to find and appease the nine friendly monsters in certain locations throughout Gaia. While its might be necessary to take on Ozma with the blessings of the friendly monsters nine, it is not necessary to take on Ozma if you don’t want to but appeasing the nine friendly monsters can go a long way in gaining AP (Ability Points) for your characters’ abilities.

Final Fantasy IX               Dragon Quest VIII

Finding the Argonia kingdom Chancellor and getting Jessica’s ultimate weapon from the Baccarat Casino are sidequests that you ARE NOT allowed to skip because you’ll find powerful weapons with special abilities that will stun your enemies or make it hard for them to attack you outright. Be smart, know what you can and cannot afford to lose.

Make sidequests work to your advantage

Gamers will often find that some sidequests and the aspects of it can kill them over and over again, but making the sidequest work to your advantage can be a lifesaver. Take Chocobo Ruins Depth dungeon sidequest in Final Fantasy X-2. Rounding up the chocobos in the Thunder Plains or Kilika Woods in Chapter 5 will do two things. One, your girls will be able to master some abilities for their dresspheres.

Two, they’ll be able to go up several levels while hunting and gathering the chocobos which will make them more than a match for the Via Infinito sidequest in Bevelle; oh and you’re not allowed to skip that one either. So it’s important to make sidequests work to your advantage.

Final Fantasy X2


Sidequests are an integral part of any Role Playing Game, but it is through hard work and dedication not to mention patience that gamers find themselves being more than a match for their competition. So if you’re struggling with sidequests then look no further than this post.

Why More Gamers should play Yugioh Games

Yugioh GX

Yugioh games​ have been around since 1998 and despite the fact that there were some yugioh games that did not quite appeal to some gamers, including myself, there are some good one worth playing. However, if you play yugioh games online then you have a pretty fair grasp of the game. Incidentally, not every gamer feel that the games are even worth the hard work and trouble. Personally, I’ve been a Yugioh fan since the beginning and I have a few of the games and I love them. Especially since I’m working to get my hands on these treasures…


Although some Yugioh games can get quite tedious, it is without question one of the most strategic games that a person will ever play. There are other reasons why gamers should play Yugioh games.

The Cards

One of the greatest and best reasons why I play Yugioh games is because of the cards; the monsters, spell and trap cards have the most interesting and, in some cases, humorous special abilities in the game. The yugioh trap cards are my favorite to use in the game like Seven Tools of the Bandit, Commander of Swords and Torrential Tribute to name a few.

A particular reason why gamers should play Yugioh games is because there are so many cards and so few ways to collect them all; the card collection alone is more than worth playing the game for. Also, the cards can be used to build combos especially if there are monsters of a specific element that can be used to summon other monsters or cards. Take for example these little beauties….

Yugioh                                                       Yugioh

Acquiring these cards is not hard at all, but once gamers get them, they’ll be able to unleash a bevy of Dragonic Fury on their opponents. Some of the yugioh rare cards are a little harder to obtain in some of the games, but the work toward getting them is worth it. Ultimate power knows no equal!

Teaches Strategy

What makes many of the Yugioh games so addictive or possibly brain teasing is the pure strategy of the game; I encourage gamers to give Yugioh games a try so they can experience what it means to try to win with a crappy hand i.e. one monster and 3 or 4 yugioh spell cards or trap cards.

The game teaches strategy and how to use that strategy to crush your opponent so they’ll have no choice but to either defend with a weaker monster or end their turn without throwing any cards face down or any monsters in defense mode. An example of this is when your opponent plays a spell or a trap card with a continuous effect such as these…


Cards like these game help will gamers build the ultimate deck which is both fun and entertaining. However, gamers will also discover that cards in the game have a weakness. The game will help gamers strategize and use their cards so their opponent do not get the opportunity to use the cards’ weakness against their owners which has happened to me on more than one occasion.


A secondary reason that gamers should play Yugioh games is because the in game rewards gamers believe it or not, I currently have these two games…

Yugioh Gx                            Yugioh

Gamers will really enjoy the fact that the games reward gamers for their triumph in duels but also for participating in certain story mode activities such as going to school/class and talking as well as dueling duelists on campus. While the duels can be time consuming, I assure you that you won’t mind when you’re dying to summon that new monster you’ve acquired from your last opponent.

Despite the fact that there are yugioh duelist roses cheats for the game Yugioh Duelist of the Roses, the rewards are worth the trouble and gamers will see that when they play Yugioh games. From my perspective, playing Yugioh games have done wonders for my strategy building skills which I use to strategize in other games as well.

One of the other benefits of playing the Yugioh games is that there is always going to be something to learn or something else to learn in a duel in the game; an example is when a duelist you’ve dueled 10-12 times give you a card and their deck recipe which you can freely copy; I don’t recommend copying the recipe though.

Playing other characters in the game

Being able to play the yugioh characters is another reason why gamers should play Yugioh games because the cards that the gamer get from those iconic characters are among the most powerful in the game and will no doubt be more than a match for any card that any duelist plays. Dueling iconic greats such as Jaden Yuki, Yusei Fudo, Yugi Moto to name a few. One of the best cards to get is the yugioh stardust dragon, its special ability is handy if your opponent is trying to target it for destruction.


An added bonus of playing characters in the game is that the gamer will see how the characters duels and see their moves and come up with counters easily.

The game is all about trial and error, no duelist wins several times in a row without a loss; besting an iconic duelist from the yugioh-verse will more than prove that the gamer is ready to duel and destroy duelists from any class or rank.


Yugioh games have gotten a lot of good and bad press over the years, but one thing is for certain that more gamers should play Yugioh games because it is one of the most entertaining games in the video game realm for one. Secondly, it teaches gamers how to strategize and set up their deck so they can be ready for their opponent and their opponent’s monsters.

Overall, if gamers are looking for a game that will keep them coming back for more then they should definitely download or buy Yugioh games because there’s no greater motivator to win than the heart of the cards guiding you.


Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Review

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

There are a multitude of reasons why people should buy odin sphere leifthrasir; it being a great game is among many of the reasons. The game will likely, as it did me, make gamers fall in love with it because of all the mass improvements that has been made to the remastered version making it one of the best games that gamers will ever play whether it is for the PS3 or the PS4.

I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that even though I cared nothing for the odin sphere walkthrough ps2, its PS3 counterpart was a cut above the rest. Odin Sphere Leifthrasir fueled what was going to be my main reason for getting a PS4; that is until I found out sometime later that it came out for the PS3. This is my review of the game overall.

Character Uniqueness

When I talk about character uniqueness, I’m talking about aspects that make the character unique in every form whether it is their background etc. The characters in odin sphere ps3 are unique as compared to their PS2 counterparts. A lot of their characters moves and abilities speak volumes about how they battle. For example, Gwendolyn is a Valkyrie that hails from Ragnanival in the North so a lot of her attacks are ice based.

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

Gwendolyn unleashed!

Cornelius is another example, would’ve been future king of Titania, Cornelius has attacks that are electricity based such as his Caladbolg ultimate attack and one of my favorites. In the PS2 version, there was nothing that made the characters unique; the creators were lazy about creating uniqueness among the five characters which was sad. In the end, Odin Sphere Leifthrasir redid this ensuring that the characters have unique attacks that supports their uniqueness as a game character.

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir                           Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

You don’t mess with a Pooka with a Psypher Sword                                          Sweetness!

Great Story

Some gamers are inclined to believe that every great game should have a great story which might be true and it can be said that it adds to the circumstances of that game; many gamers might say it was one of those great story ever told type of games. The game does have a dynamite story to it and it’s easy to get sucked up into the story; it makes you really feel for the characters going through their tale of woe or trying to deal with their tale of lament.

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

Also, I’d go so far as to say the story in the game is great because the five characters in the game all have their story to tell; it is almost as if they’re practically asking the gamers to get involved. The story in the game is relatable and it is so compelling, a daughter yearning for her father’s love and not getting it but gets it from a stranger; a stranger who held her very life in his hands, ironically. A dark soul that is trying to live his life right and get it together, a fairy princess who aspires to be a model ruler like her mother before her.

The game can become addictive

Although I’ve never played the computer version – odin sphere leifthrasir pc, I can say that it is a game worthy of a gaming award. I would play the game a thousand times because it is a game that would never get old, it is a good game that rewards careful attention to detail and puzzle solving skills which I have; it is one of the reasons why I got into the game in the first place. Ideally, I would play the game over and over again just to be able to discover the answers to all the clues in the game.

Another reason why I believe I would play the game a thousand times is because it is addictive, gamers will not find a more addictive game than this one. Fun fact, there’s a powerful potion in the game called Elixir which not only restores life points but make you invincible for a matter of seconds which is useful if you need a few seconds of invincibility to destroy that one enemy that is giving you trouble; that potion is one of the biggest reasons why the game is addictive and can get the gamer addicted.

Special Abilities

In Odin Sphere PS2, the characters’ special abilities and attacks were all the same; there was little separating them in battle outside of their weapons. Odin Sphere Leifthrasir did a great job giving the in game characters their own special abilities. For example, assigning every game character their own element such as Velvet – fire, Oswald – shadow, Gwendolyn – ice etc. The game did a marvelous job giving characters special abilities revolving around their element.

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir                     Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

The in game characters are also given other abilities along with elemental ones as many of the gamers that play or have played the game are aware and it can even become overwhelming, but the trick is assigning moves to the characters that would be useful to them in certain battles.

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

The game gives you the option to change out your moves as you learn them; the PS2 version never did that. Another example of this is Cornelius’ Thundercloud ability which deals damage to enemies within a certain vicinity of where Cornelius unleashes it, it is a good ability to use to get the ball rolling on dealing damage.

In my opinion, the special abilities alone are enough to keep any gamer coming back. I’m even going to download the game to my PS3 when I get more money, I don’t just do that for any game.


Odin Sphere Leifthrasir for the Playstation 3 is one of the best games that you’ll ever play and if you’re considering the concept of buying playstation 4 then getting this game should be the first on your list whether you’re buying the game disc or the digital download; it’s worth it on both sides.

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

Also, gamers will be happy to know that this game is easier on Normal than the PS2 version ever was. So, if you’re a hardcore gamer, I strongly suggest you buy this game; don’t rent it, buy it!