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Published May 3, 2019

There has been, in the past, more than a few 007 James Bond games that have really made an impact in such a way that it keeps the gamer coming back for more. Games like 007 Blood Stone PS3 and/or 007 Everything or Nothing. Excellent games without equal in entertainment and challenge factor not to mention great story.

However, this time I am reviewing 007 Blood Stone PS3. I remember when I picked up this game at the local Video Palace in my town. I researched it, as I do every game that piques my interest, and I made the purchase. There was so much about the game that was just awesome and it didn’t feel repetitive.

This is actually the second James Bond 007 game that I fell in love with and that’s saying a lot considering that I first started playing 007 games back in the PS1 generation which I didn’t care for. 007 Blood Stone PS3 has a lot to offer gamers especially those who are just starting out.

There’s cool weapons, the story, the fabulous and sexy Nicole Hunter and the various intelligence you get in the levels you visit; all will be covered in my review. So having said that, let’s get started with the….

Weapons 9/10

The weapons in 007 Blood Stone PS3 were not half bad, in fact, one of the reasons I fell in love with the game is because of the weapons. You’ll get to use all sorts of assault rifles and other weapons including James’ signature weapon the P99. I loved using the weapons and I feel like they made getting headshots from enemies so easy and I never had to worry about ammo refill or anything ammo related which was good.

One particular weapon that I felt could’ve been a little improved and that is the Grenade Launcher. I was so happy to get my hands on this terrific weapon only for its awesomeness points to go down because it was only good for one shot. At least in 007 Everything or Nothing, the RPG in the game was good for 8 shots and it was a weapon you were not just happy to have but proud to wield as well.

The Grenade Launcher really could’ve been better and had more shots to use especially on enemy crowds. That aside, the other weapons were awesome especially the Combat A.R; man, that weapon could tear through enemies like a knife through butter and it was a great weapon to boot not to mention the MP5 and MP7. Also, the stealth takedowns were terrific and entertaining. Definitely A –

Story 8/10

The story in 007 Blood Stone PS3 was one that I have to say was a little difficult to follow. For example, James was chasing after some unnamed madman in Athens, Greece then he starts after another unnamed individual until he gets a name near the end of Istanbul then it was onto Siberia with a sexy sidekick to pursue another madman who was like an uncle to her.

I just felt the story kind of lacked conviction and the big surprise is that the big bad all along turned out to be someone who was trying to get very close to James; it was sort of a disappointment. There were times when I felt I could follow the story until the end and there were times when I was like “what the hell”, I just felt like some of it didn’t really add up.

Then it’s like by the time you get to Bangkok, you’re already assuming that Rak was the big-bad wolf so to speak but again, you’re misled and it turns out that he was answering to someone else along with his boss. Really, with the story, I’d give it a B+ at best.

Intelligence 10/10

In 007 Blood Stone PS3, there were tons of intelligence that told you about various things within a level which included anything from weapon descriptions, warnings, threats even descriptions of vehicles that are or were used on the level.

Okay, I definitely give the Intelligence an A+ not only because I feel like the game went old school like giving dossiers on what and who to look for and specific threats, but I felt like finding the various intelligence about the levels were very challenging but very rewarding.

I missed about 14 in the game; there’s 50 in all and the information is the most detailed you’ll ever read. Because I like reading somewhat out loud, I got more into the game especially when the intelligence told about the “weapon of the week” as it were.

The intelligence in the game made getting into the game more worth it because when it came down to me, the intelligence had that level of suspense that I just grew to love and none of it felt forced or indiscreet.

Nicole Hunter 7/10

Every James Bond 007 game has an ultimate big bad and Nicole Hunter was the ultimate big bad, she was calling the shots from jump street. I was blown out of my seat when I discovered that and she was not giving off that vibe like she was a bad guy/girl.

Incidentally, she was James’ contact in Monaco and I believe that she and James would’ve made a great couple because she clearly wanted him. However, even more disappointing was the fact that she was answering to someone else and was gunned down.

I definitely give Nicole Hunter a C+ rating as a boss because there was no boss fight and you had to tear up that beautiful car of hers; it was torture watching James sideswipe her car off the road, I almost teared. Ultimately, Nicole could’ve been the ultimate ride or die girl but I think that James didn’t want to get to close to her but I think he should’ve.

Overall, Nicole Hunter was a great sidekick and distraction; she made the game fun and it was good watching her strut her stuff; no matter what she’ll always be my favorite Bond girl for all time.


007 Blood Stone PS3 was a great game where certain elements in the game really made it shine. The weapons were great to use except for maybe the Grenade Launcher which kind of “gyp” gamers with its one of round of power. The story was a little conflicting and confusing to some degree but it was very enjoyable and kept you on the edge of your seat.

The intelligence in the game were great distractions and if you’re a person who loves learning then you’ll definitely enjoy reading them along with Nicole Hunter who turned out to not be who she was but she was a great Bond girl and boss.

My overall verdict in the game, B+ and I urge you to get this game even if you already have played a few James Bond games, make it a note to play this one, you won’t regret it.

So what do you think of my review, was I right on or way off; either way leave me a message and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Thank you and Happy gaming.


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  1. AntonioAntonio


    I really enjoy playing video games and this game is up my street, with all the features that you want in  a game. I am not really a bond fan, as he seems to get out of impossible situations with ease. I like the genre of the game,as I love shoot up and missions type games. 

    If it has the gadgets, cars and girls then I may have to give this game a serious look. How long will it take to complete the game?

    Thank you


    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      First off, the game is awesome. Second, it does have gadgets, cars and a Bond girl. Third, the game took me approximately a little under 30 hours. It may take you less or more depending on how adept you are at gaming but the game is fun as hell despite how many times I died in the game. The thing is, the game isn’t even that hard even on Operative difficulty.  

  2. VincentVincent

    I am personally a big James Bond fan and Daniel Craig is one of my favourites. 

    I think gameplay wise it is good but I doubt the story will be interesting enough for me. I have pretty high standards when it comes to games. I really don’t want to waste my time on a game if I don’t get a good experience from it. However, since you are praising it I will consider picking it up. Also, how long is the actual story?

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      The actual story of the game is about a little under 30 hours, but it is a worthwhile game to play and even though I didn’t quite follow the story at first, it was still a good game overall. Pick it up, you won’t regret it.

  3. BobbyBobby

    Whats up RJ, just wanted to thank you for the report on the new 007 game, Blood Stone. I too, played all the original PS1 and PS2 007 games, and they were mediocre at best, at the time anyway. I kinda stopped playing them and got hooked on Call Of Duty, so it’s cool to know they finally put one out that looks like it can keep up with the competition.

    I’ll definitely give this one a try, it sounds like a lot of fun, and seems like the developers may have put a lot of extra work into Blood Stone to get it running as smart as some of its counterparts.

    Thanks again, excellent rundown on this new PS4 game!


    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      I appreciate your feedback and I just beat the game recently and I liked it; 007 Everything or Nothing is another good one and that’s for the PS2. Play it, and you’ll fall in love with that one too. Also, Blood Stone 007 is on PS3 so its definitely a game worth buying. 

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