Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist Characters, having trouble; here’s a little hint

Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist is out on PS4 as you well know and if you’ve been playing the game like me then I’m sure you’ve no doubt run into your fair share of problems with the current place in the game or particular character in the game (mine was Bastion now it is Jaden as Nightshroud).

There are more than enough cards in the game to put these guys down or so you think.

However, not surprisingly, sometimes not pulling the right card or getting the right card at the right time can really screw you as far as battle strategy and deflate any hopes you have to destroying your enemy and ending the duel.

Incidentally, the biggest problem can sometimes be that the duelist has an answer for every card strategy you implement.

Have you gotten to this point where the only thing you can do is keep trying to beat that duelist that keeps giving you trouble with nowhere to turn; well, I can tell you that the solution isn’t as difficult as it seems. Now, I’m going to turn you onto some real strategies in order to combat this.

I promise you this, you’re going to have more cards than you know what to do with after this post is said and done. Without further ado; here’s my take on the Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist Characters and the strategies!

Going in a straight line?

Going in a straight line is simply just you going from series to series in order starting from the original Yugioh with Yugi Moto and his pals going on their journey to stop Pegasus then Kaiba and ultimately Marik.

Upon completing this, you’ll go on to Yugioh GX; where you’re dueling every GX character; I’m Nightshroud now battling Jaden in a reverse duel.

Except reversed!

Now, you can keep going in the straight line you are and unlocking character decks after character decks after beating the character and winning their deck recipe, so you can feel accomplished if that’s what you want to do but doesn’t some part of you ever think, “I wish I could take that guy down with Number 33: Chromonaly Machu Mech”


“Why do I have to wait to take this guy down using Stardust Dragon or Red Dragon Archfiend?” I know that as a species we’re taught to do things in order so as to achieve the best result but sometimes in video games these “laws” be damned because you’ll ultimately accomplish nothing which is why you should try….


When I got stuck at Bastion, it made me think about other ways to get through him and it didn’t always matter if I had the right cards or not; most of the time, I did and didn’t. So, I got to a point where I decided to do some exploring into other Yugioh series realms of existence; you can’t even begin to imagine what I discovered.

I went on over to the Yugioh 5D side and I won a few duels over there and earned a good card or two; I scored a lot of good cards including Luna’s very own Ancient Fairy Dragon, a decent card to say the least. Next, I journeyed on over to the Arc V side and unlocked some more cards.

Then, I got curious and journeyed over to the Zexal side and I beat Shark in the first duel then was getting ready to take on Flip but by then I unlocked Kathy Katherine in the Card Shop; she’s the only one right now.

But, you see what I’m getting at, a little exploration can open doors to power unimaginable that includes power to make even the fiercest duelist wet their pants (that’s right I said it).

Card Shop Appearances

As you may or may not know, you’ll unlock different (and certain chosen) duelists in the card shop after you get through a certain point within that series; and if you’re curious then you can check out the list here.

Ultimately, it’s in your best interest to work your way through a particular series until you hit that roadblock i.e. the duelist whose giving you trouble.

A little into my journey to the 5D side, I unlocked Tetsu Trudge and Leo & Luna. I unlocked Zuzu, Gong and Yuya on the Arc V side and I nearly cleaned Yuya out as far as his deck because I got a majority of his Performapal cards including his kick ass Odd Pendulum Dragon card.

As I previously mentioned I unlocked Kathy Katherine in the Card Shop and I scored a lot of great cards to boot; I know I still have a little ways to go before I unlock some more people across yugioh dimensions so to speak but I can tell you now that my card collection has grown substantially.

Just so you know, when I found Yusei as Warrant Armstrong; he was using Chronomaly cards which hail from the Zexal dimension so I’m not the only one going outside the line.

Changing cards between butt-kicking isn’t helping

Scoring a lot of cards from the duelists that you beat and buying them from the card shop in the game is absolute, and it gives you the ability to mix and match not to mention try different combos such as different cards with different attributes. What I used to do was have a deck of half light and half dark monsters; doing this has led me to many a victory.

However, what do you do when changing cards between butt-kicking and getting your butt kicked isn’t helping; what if you feel like you’re going into a battle with a ton of good cards and still can’t win?

The problem then becomes obvious that your changing cards isn’t helping so going outside your realm or exploring other series is your key to victory.

You get a good amount of cards when you start the game but its not enough; plus, it isn’t always a guarantee that you’re going to get that right card even if you arrange them in a specific order which you can’t.

Pendulum and Tuner cards are Lifesavers

As I said in the heading, Pendulum and Tuner cards are lifesavers and I say this because both allow you to get your most prized card or monster on the field not to mention opens doors to more powerful monsters such as Rune Eyes Pendulum Dragon and Stardust Dragon along with many others.

Start here if you want to, it doesn’t say not to

Whatever deck you make with whatever cards you make it with, always have, my rule of two, two tuners and two pendulum cards. You’re going to be thankful you did, if you’re looking to get a lot of monsters on the field immediately then keep this strategy in mind always.

Tuner monsters may not be the first choice but they’re just as useful especially Tuned Magician.


Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist Characters are among the most intricate not to mention as talented a duelist as their television counterparts, but that doesn’t mean that beating them in order is mandatory which means that going in a straight line isn’t necessary; you can start in the Arc V series then work your way up.

Exploring other yugioh series doesn’t seem ideal but it is necessary in order to get the cards you need to destroy your opponent in the game. Be mindful of the Card Shop Appearances because as you play through that particular series you’ll unlock more and more people which is great.

Changing cards between duels doesn’t always help you especially with the assortment of cards you have now. Always have at least two tuners and two pendulum cards in your deck because they’re going to be lifesavers that’s going to help you win the duel.

If you have any questions or comments about my post then please leave me a message. Thank you and Happy gaming.



Dragon Quest XI Post Game, want to know what to do, here’s what to do!

As soon as you start the Dragon Quest XI Post Game, you’re going to be bombarded (or at least feel like it) with more than a few dozen sidequests and other requests that is meant to build you and your team into the perfect, invincible warriors.

Now, I’m going to tell you right now; you need to do this because the enemies’ strength and powers are on par with yours and your team.

So what does that mean for you, it means that every 30 steps you take you’re going to be fought back by everything that you thought was a waste of your personal energy because the enemy fell so easily; I promise you, this time they won’t.

The post game is full of surprises and a lot of equipment that would really work wonders for your team and those on it. I don’t need to stress that this equipment is the strongest in the entire game. But, you might be wondering, where do I begin; how do I get started, where?

Well I’m going to cover that in my post along with several other things to get you going in the right direction but what awaits you in this post is not to be taken lightly, so consider yourself warned!

Naturally, save Veronica

Your first goal upon returning to the past is to keep Yggdrasil from falling by preventing Mordegon from bringing about the calamity thereby saving everyone’s life including Veronica who will be able to walk off the battlefield in one piece. Since this is naturally a part of the story then this is something you’re going to automatically work to prevent.

See, Veronica is safe and sound!

Also, I want to take the time to note that no one goes back in time to screw things up a second time especially if that’s their only chance to correct it, but I digress. Saving Veronica’s life is the key to much larger things; plus, you can’t do anything in the Dragon Quest XI Post Game until you see that scenario through.

While it might seem a really boring way to start off the post game, it is still every bit as important as the events that precede it. So, don’t rush trying to get to the “good parts” of the post game; take your time and be patient.

You can ignore the enemies if you want to while you’re making your way to rejoin the group; the enemies walking about the Arborian Highlands are weak so don’t sweat it.

Drustan’s Trial and others

Drustan’s Trials, and the Trials at Angri-La are more than just enemy bashing and level ups; these trials are the epitome of power itself. Dragon Quest XI Post Game is home to these trials and completion of them are mandatory for unveiling of great powers within the characters themselves.

I have one word of advice when it comes to Drustan’s Trial, GET YOUR ASS OVER THERE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! I won’t spoil it for you, but you’d be wise to do the Drustan’s Trial first because his visage has a lot of cool stuff including an item that’ll increase the Luminary’s sword powers that’s tucked away in the Trial of the Luminary.

Angri-La’s Wheel of Harma Trials are among the toughest in the entire game; it has been hypothesized that it is tougher than Drustan’s Trials but those eyewitness accounts were sorely mistaken and people were mislead.

Ultimately, the second that Drustan’s Trial become available, run on over there and get inside there. Trust me when I say that you’re either going to be really strong or really smart, Drustan’s Trials sees that you end up being both.

Don’t do anything and that includes rebuilding Cobblestone

I know this seems a little unorthodox the way I’m putting it but I mean EXACTLY how I have it, rebuilding Cobblestone takes a great amount of globe-trotting not to mention slaying the right monsters to save the right people. From experience, I saw to each of Gemma’s requests and I ended up facing old enemies and a more powerful version of an older enemy.

You’re going to really need to bring your A-game when you go hunting for Gemma because even the Hades Condor boss that you face at Cobblestone Tor is irritatingly tough; it didn’t even feel like a boss battle, it seemed more like a fight for survival which put several of my team member in critical health.

Also, I want to go on record as saying that rebuilding Cobblestone doesn’t need to take precedence until after you complete at least Drustan’s Trial and got everything he could offer you; even then I’d ride into battle against the Hades Condor with Jade, Hendrik, Rab and Hero. The Dragon Quest XI Post Game granted enemies who, were once weak, into engines of destruction.

Every town has a problem and a sidequest; even pink bubble people are turning up

When you’re told to travel the world and get prepared to battle the Dark One, you’ll no doubt take this to heart; I did. Upon visiting a town or certain towns, you’ll find that there’s a sidequest available and even people with pink bubbles have crazy requests or something they want you to do in order to restore whatever peace there was.

Listen to the plea of the pink bubble individual

I mean, people in towns the world over are turnt up and are reaching out to you for whatever reason; if we’re being honest here, yeah their requests matter too. I found myself puzzled in the Dragon Quest XI Post Game because it seemed like no one was sleeping well because there was always a disturbance somewhere.

Even the pink bubble Heliodorians are in a panic that must be quelled lest pandemonium ravage the land and things get more out of control; again, don’t worry about this until after you’ve completed Drustan’s and the Angri-La trials because taking care of whatever is out there causing the disruption is going to take every ounce of skill you can muster.


Dragon Quest XI Post Game does have you running around from place to place getting you prepared to face Calasmos but saving Veronica takes precedence because without her no post game nothing would be possible. Drustan’s Trials; get your ass over there immediately because it is the key to unlocking every power within each character.

The same for the trials at Angri-La, it is something that needs your immediate attention as you’re able; rebuilding Cobblestone right away is pointless so it is not something that requires your direct attention as does the people in towns all over the world with sidequests in each one.

If you have questions regarding my post then please leave me a message and I’ll respond immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

Don’t hesitate to abuse your pep powers because they will be needed in order to survive the Dragon Quest XI Post Game





Dragon Quest XI Luminary Skills, splitter powers; cracking the code!

Recently, I was looking for an answer to a very, seemingly, complicated question and the question was when does the Luminary get his splitter powers; a question that no gaming group to which I am a part of have been able to answer which is I guess kind of ironic.

The splitter powers that are awarded to the Luminary are a great asset to him and it gives him a substantial power raise not to mention abilities to oppose every element in the game. When I first got my hands on the splitter powers, I used them and they are quite powerful but they can be enhanced to deal even more damage.

There were many completely bogus theories about the splitter powers such as they being awarded to the Luminary after he creates the Supreme Sword of Light; this is obviously fake but worry not because I have the facts and I’m here today to say that I cracked the code.

As a gamer, I owe it to my fellow gamers to present the facts regarding anything taken out of context or getting those all important questions answered in games that many wouldn’t dare explore. So having said that, here’s an in-depth look into Dragon Quest XI Luminary Skills.

Where are the splitter powers, when?

If you are or have ever been curious about the Dragon Quest XI Luminary Skills such as the splitter powers then the first place I’d like to direct your attention to is the postgame; yes, the postgame. Now, you’re probably wondering when; at a little place slightly to the east of the World Tree called Havens Above.

This becomes a destination shortly after the Luminary is sent back in time to save Veronica’s life; after you do so then you’re introduced to the Watchers who will then introduce you to their Elder. Ultimately, the Elder bestows the splitter powers on the Luminary and spoiler alert, you also get the Ultimate Key here as well.

The Splitter powers complements and destroys every opposing element so if you’re fighting an Earth elemental or an enemy who uses Earth powers then pull out that Skysplitter and wreck them. The same can be said for the Seasplitter vs. Fire elemental enemies.

What I love about the splitter powers and being given them is that you no longer have to worry about relying so much on elemental attacks and spells of teammates, but they’re still good for compounding damage on an enemy so keep that in mind.

The Super Sword of Light

The Luminary’s birthright, as it is known, the Super Sword of Light is the key to unlocking and use of the splitter powers; you will not be able to get anywhere in the postgame without this weapon but more importantly, the bonuses that come from equipping the weapon.

While in possession of the Super Sword of Light, the splitter powers can deal damage unimaginable. Furthermore, the splitter powers are a part of the Luminary himself so it goes without saying that those Dragon Quest XI Luminary Skills was something that people would expect to see in the early parts of the game; I know I was.

I got to a point where, as I was slaying enemies, saw that the enemies take a special kind of damage from the Super Sword of Light; like it was a bit of an electrical shock after using it on an enemy. But, I can say beyond reasonable doubt that the Super Sword of Light is more than enough to get the job done for the time being so enjoy it!

The downside to the splitter powers

Naturally, as there is an upside, there is a downside and the downside to using the splitter powers is that you cannot use them without the Super Sword of Light equipped. Which, if you stop and think about it, makes a lot of sense. The Dragon Quest XI Luminary Skills didn’t require the use of a sword in hand as you well know.

However, using another sword at the postgame point in the game with the Luminary makes no sense at all. Simply, all of them, with the possible exception of some of the Greatswords, are simply no match for the Super Sword of Light’s attack power.

Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t switch to Greatswords to destroy big enemies or use it on difficult enemies, but if you’re thinking of using them in place of the Super Sword of Light or if you’re going to use Greatswords until you construct the Supreme Sword of Light; don’t do it.

I won’t tell you how to play your game or play it your way but if I were you then I’d keep the Super Sword of Light equipped so you can have ready access to the splitter powers as you need them; it doesn’t say not to.

The postgame appearance making sense

As I was making my way to the Elder of the Watchers and after being granted my splitter powers, I had an epiphany; my splitter powers are given to me in the postgame for a couple of reasons. One, Drustan’s Labyrinth; a place where the toughest challenges await along with the mightiest weapons in the game.

You’ll need your splitter powers to get to this point!

Second, incentive; the Luminary reaches the full peak of his powers in the postgame so why not capitalize on it. Also, I want to go on record as saying that there are a LOT of monsters roaming the world who are on the same level as you and if we’re honest here, you’ll be happy you have those powers.

I fought a vicious black dragon that was roaming the plains in the Dundrasil Region and let me tell you, it was tough as hell. The levels of my team right now is upwards from lv. 66+ and I had trouble so that should give you some idea how tough the enemies are in the postgame; even if you are using the Dragon Quest XI Luminary Skills

When you get to Drustan’s Labyrinth especially the Trial of the Luminary, you’re going to need your splitter powers to bring your A game because the enemies in the labyrinth will bring theirs so consider yourself warned.


The Dragon Quest XI Luminary Skills are many and powerful but none more powerful than the splitter powers you get from the Elder Watcher a little into the postgame. The Super Sword of Light is a powerful weapon and instrumental in using the splitter powers because they will not be accessible without that weapon.

Naturally, getting the splitter powers in the postgame is ideal because of the powerful enemies roaming about and Drustan’s Labyrinth; such powers might not have really been needed in the first and second half of the game not to mention that the Watchers were in terrible shape after Yggdrasil’s fall.

If you have any questions regarding my post or have any concerns then please feel free to leave me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

Ever wonder about how to get your hands on the Luminary’s Big Banga skill; well, wonder no more because it is strictly a Luminary skill found in the Luminary skill grid. So, you think about that should the time come that you get curious about the full extent of the Luminary’s power.

You can’t quite see it right now, but its there!

Mega Man 11 Unlock Parts, you’ll want to get your hands on these when you get a chance!

Mega Man 11 is the most challenging Mega Man game to date and if you’re looking to really immerse yourself into the action and gameplay of the game then be prepared for a wild ride. There are a lot of places in the game where, as you well know, require the power of the Double Gear System.

But as you also know, the Double Gear System burns out quickly which leaves Mega Man in trouble if you’re not careful.

I want to go on record as saying that Mega Man is seriously under powered when the game starts but as you play through the game a little, you’ll come to discover that Dr. Light creates parts for you to buy and equip as you see fit which you unlock over time. This is something that you definitely should take advantage of.

Believe me, there are times in the game where you’re going to need the various parts in the game and if I may say so; these parts are no better suited to the task than keeping you from death’s embrace. In this post, I’ll talk about the parts that I feel will help you survive and ease you into the difficulty of the game.

The Mega Man 11 Unlock Parts aspect of the game is absolute and definitely something that gamers should take the time to explore the reason lies in the parts as I will discuss.

Unlock Parts

Dr. Light’s Lab isn’t just a haven when you need a break from the action, it is also a place where you buy and unlock different parts for Mega Man to use on his travels through the Robot Masters’ domains.

I discovered that any and every time that you check in at Dr. Light’s lab, you’ll find that he has created parts for you to purchase which amount grows as you progress.

I died several times while trying to get away from the firewall on Torch Man’s level and went back to Dr. Light’s Lab and saw some new parts that were definitely must-haves. Also, I deduced something about Mega Man 11.

The various parts that you unlock in the game is meant to make the overall challenge factor in the game not so challenging which includes the various challenges in the game.

Yeah, you can adjust the difficulty, but I feel like that does little to stem the tidal wave that is the challenge factor; unlocking the various parts in the game will see to it that you not only keep a strong lead on the firewall on Torch Man’s level when using the Speed Gear but you’ll have more time to think of a plan instead of just running. Be mindful!

The Cooling System

This is a godsend when you’re traveling to Torch Man’s level because that firewall is murder; literally, and getting away from it isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world to do. My advice to you, get this ASAP; I mean, the moment that it is unlocked, buy it!

Here’s the short version, you’ll burn through your Double Gear System when you activate either the Speed or Power Gear. But, you’ll be able to use the Double Gear System at a much quicker rate than you otherwise would if you were waiting for it to cool down on its own.

You see what I’m getting at; the cooldown aspect of the Double Gear System happens quicker which gives you the ability to activate the Double Gear System again in under 10 seconds instead of the usual 20.

However, when you use the “Overdrive” Gear (L1 & R1 – When Mega Man’s life is low) the cooling system cooldown aspect is a little slower so it’ll be a bit of a wait so consider yourself warned.

Auto Charge Chip

I LOVE THE AUTO CHARGE CHIP!!!! This little wonder is definitely something you want to invest in early too because it takes all the math out of keeping your Mega Buster charged of your own accord.

This is something that never stops being useful and if we’re being honest here, we gamers already have our hands full trying to activate the Double Gear System to get past an obstacle or using the Power Gear to get that much-needed boost.

With the Auto Charge Chip, you’ll automatically be charged to max power and all you have to do is point and fire. This is perfect to use in conjunction with the Power and the Overdrive Gear because you’ll hit max power almost instantly which will allow you to fire either the two energy shots or the “gigantic” overdrive power shot.

And, if you’ve got this equipped while using the Power Gear to fire the special weapons; man, forget about it. Your power will equate that of the “Overdrive” Gear’s power in Mega Man’s regular form. Do not walk out of Dr. Light’s Lab without this little beauty because it is going to save you so much heartache and pain.

Other Helpful Parts

There are other useful parts that are great collector’s items and while they might not seem as useful as the aforementioned parts, they are just as welcomed all the same.

For example, the Buster Plus upgrade which will increase the size of your Mega Buster bullets and Charge Shot. This is great because, as I’ve noticed, both Mega Buster bullets and the Charge Shot get a little boost in power.

While it was easy for most enemies to duck and dodge the bullets and charge shot because they were practically microscopic, it was almost impossible to get a good shot on an enemy or enemies unless you were up close and personal. Let’s not forget about the Energy Balancer; you’ll be using special weapons in the game.

There’s no way around using special weapons in the game to get around obstacles and you’ll be using them with both the Speed and Power Gear. However, thanks to the Energy Balancer, you’ll never have to switch to the weapon because the Energy Balancer will take care of the refill for you and you can keep killing your enemies and owning in their domain.


Unlocking parts in Mega Man 11 is instrumental in helping gamers get through all the obstacles in the game; the game’s algorithm is set to the hardest difficulty but the parts make getting through the stages easier and less of a headache like working to get away from the firewall on Torch Man’s level.

The Cooling System should be picked up as soon as possible to help with the Double Gear System accessibility along with the Auto Charge Chip which will alleviate you of having to try to keep your buster charged while working to do other things.

Keeping in mind too that the Buster Plus Chip along with the Energy Balancer will be instrumental on your journey as well; don’t underestimate their power or their usage.

If you have any questions about my post or anything in it then please feel free to leave me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and Happy gaming.


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

This hardly needs to be said but buy a couple of Mega Tanks from the lab as well because even though you’ll have the Energy Balancer, you’ll need that “top up” before you face the Robot Master.


Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age PS4, before you hit Hotto; do this!

There comes a time in every RPG that you often find yourself tying up any and all loose ends before going off and taking on the end game boss; Dragon Quest games are no different especially the current Dragon Quest game, Dragon Quest XI.

Now, those loose end may come in the form of an item that you have to find for an NPC (Non-playable character) or even checking up the going ons about town.

But, the very loose ends I speak of are in the form of sidequests as well as other tasks. Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age PS4 span over 3 significant parts; the first half, second half and post game. There are 60 sidequests in all but you don’t get to access the last 13 until post game.

Anyway, there are several things to do and keep in mind as you’re getting prepared to storm the Fortress of Fear and face Mordegon. More importantly, there are some things to do before you hit Hotto to start the forging of the Sword of Light which I will discuss in this post…starting now.

Sidequest Tip

Now, with Hotto only a Zoom away; it might seem like it’s easier to do the rest of the sidequests in the postgame added onto the ones you already have to do when you get there. However, the sidequests that you have at present, do them and get them out of the way. That’s playing Dragon Quest XI Echoes of An Elusive Age PS4 with strategy!

Naturally, I don’t believe I have to explain why but there are some knickknacks that you get from completing those sidequests that can go toward forging stronger weapons and other gear that’ll help you survive. Indignus, your first boss at the Fortress of Fear is stronger than Jade was when she was under Booga’s control back in Octagonia.

The only sidequests that I see getting ignored is the Measure of a Man – Lonalulu and Ritchie’s Roulette Challenge – Octagonia; those can be done postgame.

Here’s my sidequest tip, after you get the “particular something” or complete the sidequest objective, don’t report back to the person that “hired” you just yet. Do another sidequest and do the same thing.

For example, say you complete Measure of a Man. Don’t report back to the guy yet, do another sidequest then don’t report back to that person then do another. The whole point here is to do all the sidequests but don’t report back to person until you’ve completed all others.

Why it’s good to do it immediately after getting the Orichalcum

I believe it is ideal to do the sidequests immediately after you get the Orichalcum because you’re only going to be a hairbreadth away from the Fortress of Fear for one.

Another thing, the only thing that’s going to be barring you entry is the creation of the Sword of Light which is a mandatory task that you must complete before you can put together a plan on how you’re even going to survive.

Another reason why is because you’re not that far from beating the game; technically, Gallopolis and Hotto are the only places of real importance when you get to that part of the game not to mention the volcano. Once you get the Orichalcum, getting to the legendary forge becomes the ultimate goal in Dragon Quest XI Echoes of An Elusive Age PS4

There’s no real reason to put it off and/or try to entertain the idea that you don’t want the game to end after you beat Mordegon because it won’t because the postgame is filled with surprises; surprises such as the one that the Luminary is going to get more powers.

Search for the materials for new armor and weapons etc.

As you well know, being stronger and staying that way comes in the form of armor and weapons. So my advice, take the time to get the materials for new armor and weapons; a great place to do this is the Battleground where you get the Orichalcum. I personally reaped an emperor’s ransom worth of materials such as colored eyes, densinium along with a few ores such as Platinum and Gold.

This is where finding all of those sparkly spots are going to come into play, if you took the time to find them as I suggest early on then you’ll know where to find everything that you need to make a specific weapon or armor. I advise you to get at least 7 to 9 pieces of materials so you won’t have to stop forging to find the material you’re missing.

In Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age PS4, weapons and armor are king so don’t drag your feet about making yours. Another thing, don’t feel bad compelled to make the Luminary a Metal Slime Sword; its power is on par with a Dragonsbane + 3.

Gaining Levels

You’ll find yourself gaining levels as you’re making your way across the landscape and checking out places. One of the biggest things I want to point out as you play Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age PS4 before you hit Hotto is that if you’re destroying everything that crosses your path then you should be fine level-wise.

When I was ready to go to the Fortress of Fear, my Luminary was a Lv.60; he was more than a match for everything that had an eyesight in the joint. Don’t worry so much about trying to be at a decent level or a good enough level where you think you’ll have minimal difficulty with the enemies there.

Ultimately, as long as you swap your characters in and out then you shouldn’t have to gain anymore levels than you should already have. I have to admit, the enemies wandering the Hotto Steppe are of a tough caliber but nothing you can’t handle. I probably don’t need to say this, but don’t rush to get to Hotto.

I say that because the enemies you’ll encounter will reward your haste with death if you’re not careful and attentive; two of my guys almost died from the Cyclops’ attacks.


Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age PS4 is a game where boundless strategies are needed to get to not just Hotto but the legendary forge, a particular sidequest tip to remember is to do all the sidequests but not report to the person that hired you until you’ve done all the others first.

Doing this after you get the Orichalcum is ideal because Hotto and Gallopolis are the only two places in the game besides the volcano that has any significance. Searching for materials for weapons and armor helps immensely especially inside the volcano where enemies are strong.

Gaining levels is something that’s not necessarily mandatory as long as you’re killing enemies as you’re going along; you’re not going to really need to level grind or gain anymore levels than you already have. If you have any questions regarding my post then please feel free to leave me a comment or a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

Looking for the first Whale Way Station of the game, it’s Luminary Landing; you’d be surprised how many people ask this question but don’t see that its right in front of them.

Here’s something to help you for the road ahead




How long is Spiderman PS4; long, but it doesn’t have to be if you do this

Spiderman PS4 presents a lot of challenges for gamers including the inner city chase after small-time hoods who dabble in everything from drug dealing to petty theft to grand larceny.

Playing the game for the little time that I was, I instantly became overwhelmed with all the backpacks you have to find and all the city crime you have to stop not to mention all the satellites you have to descramble.

It is a known fact that when gamers are presented with a dozen or more sidequests that can be done immediately or take place in a designated (especially the one they’re in) it can become a chore trying to figure out where to start and sometimes how.

What’s good about Spiderman PS4 is that it has a lot of challenges that enables the gamer, if they complete them, to test their mettle against the city of New York.

Also, the game rewards gamers with experience points that can go toward unlocking things like extra suits and other cool stuff. For me, it wasn’t an issue of challenges; it was more about where to begin to start the challenges.

I can say that I’ve developed a way that gamers can get their fill via the city challenges and not have to worry about doing it all at once which I will talk about in this post starting…now.

Doing too much

Now, when you’re perched atop whatever building you’re on; I bet I can tell you exactly what you’re thinking; “do I do the investigation at the Fisk Construction Site or do I start with all the crimes, backpacks or even side missions?”


You could be like “I’m going to do the backpacks, satellites, and all petty crimes in the city all at once”. Let me tell you right now, you’re doing too much. See, it’s not a race and you’re definitely going to have all the time you need to complete a challenge or find all the backpacks. There’s nothing rushing you and besides, it’s not always ideal to rush to get something done.

You know you’re doing too much if you’re trying to figure out the fastest way to get the simplest task done and while it’s ideal to have a strategy to that regard, you’d just be doing too much if you’re running around about the city without any kind of plan as far as what you want to do. So my advice, slow down and…..

Break it down

As you well know, the various challenges are broken up into different categories which consists of backpacks, city crimes, side missions, satellites etc. If you’re looking for an edge and are interested in having everything laid out before you, I suggest you start with activating every satellite in every city everywhere (well, everywhere you’re able). By simply breaking down the challenges, you can clear them easily and quickly.

My last satellite

Another reason to follow this strategy is Focus, it is easy to become overwhelmed with trying to do everything at once so you can get on with the storyline or the story arc as it were. However, it cannot be argued the center of the story is important but so is taking the time to do the extra stuff.

I cannot tell you how into the game I got when I followed this strategy; it made things so much easier, Think about it, activating the city satellites will “illuminate” the path before you when you want to do a side mission or a part of the city that you need to get to.

Furthermore, this is a great strategy to implement in order to find a particular something like the ever annoying bird watcher side mission at Belvedere Castle. I never hated birds or wanted them dead so much before in my life.

The Reward of Strategy

Every strategy is rewarded but in this game, you really reap the rewards which comes in the form of suits and power suits. Like the Spider Armor MK II which Spiderman is awarded after he reaches level 5. When I first saw this suit, I was like “wow, I got this for doing some of the challenges”. But the truth is, some of Spiderman’s suits unlock at different levels.

I even unlocked the classic suit – the one with Web Blossom ability, I was so blown away at the amount of suits that you can unlock in this game. Naturally, this is all thanks to the strategy of picking and choosing one challenge to do and doing it to its completion.

The rewards worthwhile!

If you’re going to go after all the backpacks in the city or in the various parts of the city then focus on that until its completed.

I found that you can rack up a lot of points focusing on one challenge at a time or choosing to do one thing at a time; strategizing to do one challenge instead of trying to do it all, you’ll really…

Enjoy the Ride

The way, the only way to do that is to take your time and enjoy the ride. I get that the crimes in the city can might compel you to going rushing forward or to the “scene of the crime”, but rushing to get to that crime isn’t going to help you especially if you’re going into battle to against armed men.

My advice, take your time and enjoy the ride i.e. going from place to place doing one task at a time.

Whether you find yourself going after that final satellite or even going after stopping your 20th crime or even discovering your 11th landmark; whatever the case just take your time and enjoy the ride. Besides, you paid 60 dollars for a game so you may as well take your time and get the most bang for your buck.

Rushing to get something done isn’t the way to enjoy anything; a lesson I had to learn the hard way many times even recently. I was trying to get to the scene of the crime where a couple of burglars were holding up a jewelry store.

Ultimately, they got their asses kicked by me and arrested but I still felt like I shouldn’t have rushed there because I took a lot of unnecessary damage and forgot that my battle focus was active.

Plus, the bigger aspect of this is that you’ll unlock more suits with the various experience points that you gain doing the various challenges all over the city so you’ll be able to go to that particular crime scene as Scarlet Spider, use its special ability to minimize or eliminate damage entirely. Think about it!


Spiderman PS4 is a decently long game but most of the length comes from the various challenges that you have to optionally do along with the story arc. However, it cannot be argued that you’re doing too much if you’re trying to go after all the backpacks while stopping all the crimes even while trying to do all the side missions; I advise you to pick one and do it then finish it.

Breaking down the various tasks comes in handy when you’re trying to do decide which is easier to tackle first or which is the best challenge to start with first which would be to descramble all satellites the state over.

The reward of strategy is simple, experience points that goes toward unlocking additional suits like the bulletproof Spider Armor MK II.

Above all, enjoy the ride i.e. the gameplay and the game mechanics; don’t rush if you don’t have to especially since there no time limit on anything that you have to do. I’d love to hear your perspective on my post here and if you do have any questions then please feel free to leave me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and Happy gaming.


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

Sometimes the best thing you can do in any game is come up with a plan of action or a strategy on how to approach a task or a challenge or even how to unlock a particular something like a suit or an additional ability which I talk about in my video.


Castlevania Requiem Collection, every gamers’ dream come true

Castlevania on PS4 has been the dream of many a gamer myself included and it cannot be argued that many gamers are looking forward to the day when they can download a Castlevania game to their PS4.

When it was announced that two Castlevania classics from the past are making their way to present day PS4 console, it was news most welcomed. Castlevania Requiem is coming out and will be available to download at some point in time this month.

Some gamers might believe that the coming of this is exactly what they’re looking for and for all intents and purposes, they’re right. However, the games will come as a set instead of separate entities which, in the greater scheme of things, is good because gamers can get two games for the price of one.

Now, the games in question, Castlevania Symphony of the Night and Castlevania Rondo of Blood, will be available for gamers to enjoy to their heart’s content. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy beating up on the small frogs in the Underground Caverns and dodging the Grim Reaper’s scythe while making your way to Drac’s hideout.

Ultimately, having this game collection on the PS4 game list is going to be awesome and I’ll talk a little about that in this post including other aspects that might not be quite so great. So here’s my take on Castlevania Requiem Collection.

Castlevania Symphony of the Night comes to PS4

Long ago, Castlevania Symphony of the Night was being created to be played on the original Playstation; the PS1. Who knew that the most popular game in the Playstation generation would come to a future console like the PS4; this is welcomed to say the least because even I can’t help but to be curious about how the game would look on PS4.

I can remember that Castlevania Symphony of the Night was hard to find after the PS3 came out which really hit home with a lot of gamers, including myself, who couldn’t find the game anywhere not even at a Disk Replay.

Thankfully, Castlevania Symphony of the Night will be available on PS4; it sorts of makes up for those many years when the disk was, and still probably is, over $100.00.

Castlevania Symphony of the Night by itself is worth whatever the price is on the collection because Castlevania Symphony of the Night is just that awesome a game; that game’s had my heart from the moment I saw it in GameStop, November 2000.

Games should be separated i.e. if gamers want one but not the other

Now, I love the idea of the Castlevania Requiem collection coming to PS4 and I even love the idea that Castlevania Symphony of the Night will be at the forefront of the collection.

However, my only beef with this collection is that you don’t get to choose which game you want and don’t want. For example, I have only played Castlevania Rondo of Blood on PSP and with tragic results; the PSP was not a handheld worth its salt.

What if I just want to play this by itself?

However, some gamers might be underwhelmed with Castlevania Rondo of Blood and not want it but will play Castlevania Symphony of the Night no problem.

This is the only thing that I think might be an issue with some gamers because some will like both games and others might only want one. I wish that gamers could have a choice but it seems that the collection is a pack and not individual games.

I’m remembering something similar with the God of War Origins Collections; I like God of War: Ghost of Sparta but didn’t care for God of War: Chains of Olympus. Unfortunately, gamers who bought this collection didn’t have much of a choice then either; myself included.

Collection is good if gamers never played either game

The Castevania Requiem Collection is good to have if you’re a gamer that’s never played either game whether it is because you didn’t have access to it at the time or whether you couldn’t afford it or a PSP; either way, gamers from miles around are getting a second chance with this collection.

I figure that if you’re going to spend money on a game from the past it may as well be a game you enjoy such as the Castlevania Requiem Collection.

Castlevania Rondo of Blood might not be as good as Castlevania Symphony of the Night but I feel it is important for every gamer to at least try out both games because they’re getting a gift that many thought they never would.

To put a finer point on this, Rondo of Blood was near impossible to download on the PS3 on its lonesome but now gamers can download two great games on PS4 for the price of one.

I can say beyond reasonable doubt that this collection was a long time coming and many gamers will come to appreciate the fact that this collection was right on time.

Worth the price

Lately, I’ve been hearing different things regarding the price of this illustrious collection and I have to admit that I first thought it was going to be at least $60.00 only because the games are not just from a bygone gaming era but they are also rare gems of the highest caliber which would make them worth even more or so one would think.

So, what do you think a collection like this would cost, 60, 40 or even 35; nope, 20 dollars and under. Incidentally, it is a great price to put on a great game and hell yeah its worth it because believe it or not, Castlevania Rondo of Blood is the prequel to Castlevania Symphony of the Night as you well know so its definitely worth the price.

Another thing I feel make the collection worth the price is the fact that you can get to play with Maria Renard after you rescue her which, from I can tell, is totally worth it because she’s almost as powerful as Richter which is great. I’ve played with Maria before and she is awesome. So, this collection is totally worth the price.

Final Verdict

My final say-so on this is that yes, every gamer should get the collection because they are a part of gaming history not to mention that you get two games for the price of one and you get to learn all about Richter and why he was on the Drac’s trail and what his story is. Maria Renard is another reason to invest in this collection, she is just as good to play with as Richter.

The price makes it a great buy and if we’re being honest here, it is a welcome drop from the usual sixty dollar price tag that most PS4 games come with these days. The gameplay is awesome and there is so much to do and learn in the game like Richter’s subweapon crash which is great for those who have not played the games before but it is enjoyment itself for those who have played the game before.

So my thing is this, go out and get the game collection; it is something you’re not going to want to be without on those days when you don’t have to go to work and got a day off.


Castlevania Requiem Collection is coming to PS4 and it is a great collection that every gamer should have; Castlevania Symphony of the Night is at the forefront of this collection which many gamers are looking forward to.

The only bad thing about the collection is that gamers cannot pick and choose which game they want to get and not get. For example, I still have Castlevania Symphony of the Night to play on my PS2; I don’t want it on my PS4 but I do want Rondo of Blood.

The Castlevania Requiem Collection is worth the price and good for gamers whose never even played either game; it is not without question that the collection is going to be a big hit with gamers everywhere.

If you have any questions regarding my post then please don’t hesitate to leave me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

After you beat Castlevania Symphony of the Night, you’ll see credits rolling; you don’t need to sit through the credits. You can turn the channel or watch your phone, but I don’t think you should turn it off because I believe that watching the end credits have percentage points. So keep that in mind when you get the idea to skip the end credits.


Mega Man 11 First Impressions, everything and then some

Mega Man 11 came out a couple of days ago and there are more than a few things that really sticks out to me, it does and does not play like your average Mega Man game.

For example, Mega Man operates on a whole another level such as using the Double Gear System to alter himself and his environment. Although gamers were warned about said things in the game, it goes without saying that Mega Man 11 has surpassed its predecessors in every way.

My first impressions of Mega Man 11 was that it was definitely a different experience playing the game like in past Mega Man games you didn’t have to watch for so many obstacles within a level but in this game you have to really pay attention or you’ll die nonstop. Another thing about the game is that it is very challenging even more so than any game on the Mega Man X Legacy Collection.

The gameplay is awesome and it definitely makes a statement about how gamers should be mindful of the action within the game, it is simplistic and very easy to get into; I’ll cover everything in this post regarding what impressions I got of Mega Man 11 when playing it for the little while I was. Here are my Mega Man 11 First Impressions.

Mega Man’s jumping height

Mega Man’s jumping height seems to have improved because if I remember correctly he didn’t jump so high in previous games except for Mega Man 3 using the second player controller cheat. Incidentally, Mega Man’s jumping height is impressive and can clear more than a few feet.

I remember I was on Torch Man’s level and I was trying to clear a gap and I got over the gap easily; good considering that I thought I was going to die falling into the pit.

Of course, it goes without saying that I still needed Rush to help make some of the jumps up to the upper tiers platforms but Mega Man’s renewed jumping height is a very welcome addition to the game. I can’t say that Mega Man’s ability to clear gaps will ever come into question because I noticed a significant difference when I was playing the game for the time I was.

I’m not going to get too hung up on Mega Man’s jump ability but I will say that the Speed Gear is definitely welcomed if gamers, even first timers, are having trouble. The game is awesome as a whole; gamers who have yet to play it is in for a treat.

The Double Gear System

The Double Gear System really took the gameplay to the next level and I say that because if you’re going to play a Mega Man game, you’re going to always be treated to a perk or two; the Double Gear System in this case. I got to use the Speed Gear, the Power Gear and the “Overdrive Gear” as I put it (tan gear when Mega Man’s life is low – L1 & R1).

I didn’t even know who I was when I activated the Double Gear System because I wouldn’t have used any in-game perk unless I was using a Robot Master’s weapon to past an obstacle in past Mega Man games. Overall, I love the Double Gear System; the impression I got of it is that it is only good for a few seconds which can be problematic at times but not so much.

My advice, activate the Double Gear System whenever the opportunity arises and really just play with it because it’ll, as it did me, guide you to its understanding like you’ll know when its okay to use it and when not to. My impression of the Double Gear System – Ultimate Power.

The Challenge Factor

The impression I got of the challenge factor is that rushing does no good. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve died trying out Blast Man, Torch Man and Fuse Man’s level because I was trying to rush the challenge; I like how the Double Gear System makes it so you can conquer any challenge within that game.

Also, I like how the bolts made a comeback in the game which makes it easy to buy things like energy tanks, weapon tanks and the like.

Also, what I like about the game is that Rush is always on retainer when you need him, it is good that you have access to him whenever because I can remember in past Mega Man games you had to go to the special weapons screen to activate him. Rush kind of takes some of the challenge out of the reaching energy tablets that are out of reach.

The Robot Masters, in my opinion, are unique to the regard that their names are not rip-offs of past Robot Masters; I mean, Atomic Man’s power can’t compare to that of Torch Man’s even though they’re both fire elementals.

Fuse Man and Elec Man, different; their power similar but Fuse Man is stronger. I like the innovative direction the game took; it makes me appreciate being the Mega Man fan for the 28 years I have been.

Other aspects

Okay, my impression of the other aspects of the game is that there are enemies every few feet; I know this was a recurring thing in other Mega Man games but I just get that it is more prevalent in this game than any other before it. The impression I got slamming into enemies was that I should be firing my M-Buster consistently.

I’ll say this; there should never be a time when you’re not firing your Mega Buster because you’re going to take a lot of unnecessary damage if you don’t. I can remember in other Mega Man games where you didn’t always have to keep your charge shot on the ready, but you have to in this game which gives me the impression that being on alert no matter where or how an enemy is or acts is key.

I did come to the conclusion that this might be a little excessive but it is a necessary evil in order to stay one step ahead of your enemies. Another thing I figured out was that the reason why Mega Man’s initial charge shot is so weak is because the Power Gear is there to compensate.

Dr. Light’s Lab

Dr. Light’s Lab is home, to say the least, but it goes without saying that you can’t just go there anytime you want which kind of sucks because going there would, I think, increase your chances of making it through the game.

For example, if you’re going to go after Acid Man and you get to a point where you need an Energy Tank; you can’t get access to one until you find bolts to buy and access to the lab.

I can’t help but think that all the “missing” parts that are to be sold in Dr. Light’s Lab will eventually be revealed as you go through the game. My impression of this is that the game is going to make you work for those extra parts which I guess I can respect because nothing ever worth having is gained easily or do I need to remind gamers about the Arrow Shot from Mega Man 8; I love that Arrow Shot.


Alright, so my overall impression of the game is that it is freakin’ awesome. Secondly, it is a bit more challenging than previous Mega Man games; in fact I think the only other Mega Man games that was as challenging was 9 & 10.

The Double Gear System is a great add on to the game and it makes gamers appreciate its function along with the fact that it makes the game a cakewalk but the amount of time you have use of it can be frustrating.

All the other aspects of the game such as having Rush on retainer really ties the game together and I can say without a doubt that it is a very welcome addition to the Capcom family. Dr. Light’s Lab is a great place to get items but you can’t just go there whenever you want; yeah, the game makes you work for that too.

Mega Man’s jumping height has improved drastically which is another welcome change, it is great for all intents and purposes but it cannot be argued that the challenge factor really puts things into perspective. If you have any questions about my post or want to leave a comment then please leave me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately.


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

On Torch Man’s level, you’ll come face to face with a giant fire wall; activate the Speed Gear the second you get on screen so you can get a lead and keep it when you’re making your way past that part of the level. Above all, keep that Mega Buster up and firing because enemies and obstacles are everywhere.

My first attempt at trying Blast Man’s level



Playstation Classic Mini Console, an analytical look at the miniature sized marvel

The Playstation Classic Mini Console is an idea that later became an item of obsession, it is without a doubt one of the most sought out game consoles in the gaming realm.

Many gamers have speculated that it, like its Super Nintendo ancestor, is going to have 20-21 games on it. Many of the games are from the Playstation generation, games that gamers enjoyed before all the DLC and extra stuff you had to buy.

The Playstation Classic Mini Console is small and compact enough to be carried anywhere, I can say that I still play many of my PS1 games on my PS2; many gamers don’t have that luxury especially since they no longer have a Playstation 1 or any of the games so one can see how this console is going to be welcomed.

So it is great to many gamers that the Playstation Classic Mini Console is coming out because it gives gamers a chance to get back what they lost or had to give up in the name of keeping up with the current gaming trends. My post will cover an in-depth look at the Playstation Classic Mini Console along with its other perks; a look at a great console that’s bringing back a lot of great games.

The theory behind the product

The theory behind the product, the Playstation Classic Mini Console, is solely based on its NES and SNES predecessors as many gamers well know. The word ‘Playstation 1’ hasn’t been discussed as much until the product bearing its name came into being. There’s already an NES and SNES mini classic edition so naturally there was going to be a Playstation Mini Classic console; its no surprise that this was going to go from theory to reality within a matter of months.

Ultimately, the Playstation Mini will be at the top of every gamers’ list especially those who’ve never had a Playstation 1 before and started with PS3 or PS4 as their first gaming console so the fact that this gaming product is coming out is going to bring a sense of retro gaming into the current generation consoles.

One could say that the theory behind the product lies in the fact that gamers wanted a collection of mini consoles for commemoration purposes but it can also be said that it was time for Playstation to get its own mini console; who can say?

Games, gotta love the games

My favorite part of any post I make, the games. The games coming out on the PS1 mini is among the best of the best and if we’re being honest, we know what’s at the top of that list, don’t we? Gamers will be happy to know that games such as Castlevania Symphony of the Night will be on there along with Wild Arms 1 and Final Fantasy VII to name a few.

My favorite game on PS1

I mean, think about it, all those times that you thought that the games that you used to play on PS1 gone forever because there were scratches on the back of the disc or the disc being too expensive to acquire on one’s means alone. Another thing about it too was that we all had that one friend we used to borrow games from but those days are gone forever with the PS1 mini.

Second favorite

I remember finally figuring out that any weapon or armor piece that has double or triple materia growth in Final Fantasy VII, you are to keep forever because you won’t have to level or materia level grind in order to be ready to get the Master Magic Materia on Disc 3; totally worth it by the way.

Why it’s better than the original

Most gamers will argue that some games are not as good as their original which might be true in a big way, but that logic hardly holds up when talking about a gaming console. Every gamer, myself included, can definitely agree that the PS1 mini is going to be better than the original on account of its size and overall handling.

Do you remember when you used to take the games out of the PS1 and got to a point where you did it so much that the laser head broke off; that’s what happened to me on that fateful day in March which drove me to get a PS2, but I digress. There will be no laser destruction to worry about because all the games are built in as were the games on their predecessors.

Plus, the console itself comes with two controllers which means that gamers and buyers will not have to spend another $20-40 dollars buying a second. Make no mistake, it is definitely going to be worth the money gamers will no doubt spend on it.

My Verdict

The Playstation Mini Classic Console is going to be worth the money that gamers will more than likely spend on it because of all the great features and I’m pretty sure that there are going to be games that will have their save feature brought on over which means that if you save your game in Final Fantasy VII after getting the Knights of the Round, it’ll be saved to the system as well.

This will be really handy when you’re looking to revisit a certain point in the game and if we’re being honest here, Castlevania Symphony of the Night and Final Fantasy VII made the PS1 so it stands to reason that the games make the system worth buying alone.

When this console comes out finally, I’m encouraging every gamer to get one especially those who never had a PS1 growing up or being born in the PS3/PS4 generation. Also, it cannot be argued that kids (ages 5 to 8) breaking into video games could really benefit from playing the PS1.

The reason, the kids, they’ll get a firsthand demonstration of just how hard gaming was before entering the age where games just handed you everything; so it’ll be a good lesson for them and they get to enjoy retro games from their parents’ youth. Win-win.


The PS1 Mini Classic is a much looked forward to gaming console that will take many a gamer back to the time of their youth with games like Final Fantasy VII and Castlevania Symphony of the Night; the theory behind the product is what gave birth to it. Well, that and gamers wanting a mini PS1 for their collection; theoretically.

Many gamers will agree that this mini marvel will be better than the original because the games are built in and there is no laser head to weaken and eventually break when removing the game discs, so it is something that most gamers can appreciate. Despite what’s going on at present, my verdict still stands; gamers should buy this if not for themselves then for their kids.

If you have any questions about my post or if you have any comments regarding it then please leave me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and Happy gaming.


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

If you’re looking for the precise location of where the Knights of the Round materia is in Final Fantasy VII, let me point you in the right direction



Dragon Quest XI Tips; Commit these to Memory Always!

I’ve been working on Dragon Quest XI for a while now and I don’t have to tell you that it is a great game that’s full of surprises; everything from the hidden sparkly spots to finding out that Jasper was the traitor (which I already knew when I first went to Heliodor).

Since my last post, I’ve done a lot of experimenting with my teams’ powers and have been trying them out on different enemies; I’ve learned a thing or two to say the least.

There are Dragon Quest XI Tips that gamers have developed that have given attention to liquid metal slime grinding and experience points farming; I’m not on any of those, I play my games with strategy. However, I will say that it is not easy trying to survive the hordes of enemies who seem to get stronger as you do.

Ultimately, the following Dragon Quest XI Tips is something I created that you can use which I encourage you to because sometimes the hardest thing to do is trying to find that next vial of Magic Water to give yourself some magic power back so you can use your powers especially if you learned Zap. So having said that, here are my Dragon Quest XI Tips; commit these to memory always!

Lean on Rab

Rab may look like an old man with sub par skills and a somewhat crappy skill set but trust me when I say that he’s far from useless which leads me to the first of my Dragon Quest XI Tips; Lean on Rab.

The reason I say this is on account of the fact that he has some very valuable skills such as his M-Pathy which comes through in a pinch especially if you’re abusing Hero’s Luminary skill, Zap which I was.

Another reason to keep Rab close is because many of his abilities focus on hurting enemies and healing his comrades a great deal. Now, I’m not saying to always have him in the party but I think it goes without saying that he should get a little more face time than your other teammates; well, outside of Serena, Jade and Veronica.

Really, Rab’s M-Pathy is definitely an ability you want to abuse because as you well know that he get a magic point refill when he gain levels which could go straight toward using his M-Pathy skill to give others a magical helping hand.

Use your spells on the “appropriate” monsters

Any lover of Dragon Quest worth their salt knows that spells are the key to conserving health and magic especially if it is healing magic, it sucks when you have to burn more magic points healing than using your magic to destroy your enemy which brings me to #2 of my Dragon Quest XI Tips; use your spells on the appropriate monsters.

Case in point

For example, you’re going to cross paths with enemies who get spell-happy as it were the farther you progress, but using powers like Antimagic on spell abusing enemies can go a long way and let’s not forget about big monsters such as the Cyclops; their lumbering size can be used against them especially when you throw Snooze and Kasnooze in the mix.

Don’t get caught trying to use attack power alone to kill tough enemies because that’s why there’s a skill grid for each character not to mention spells you learn when you gain levels. I just learned Erik’s MountainMover skill and it has downed MANY a tough enemy.

This probably goes without saying but anytime you’re in a battle with 2+ enemies that look alike then get Veronica and abuse Bang, Boom or any other spell that will wipe the floor with enemies with ease like Kasizz.

Before you leave Sniflheim, do the sidequests

After your “stay” in Sniflheim upon exposing the royal family’s “blindness”, two sidequests will become available; Viking Hoard and Cold Crush. I almost missed these two after I left Sniflheim, I suddenly remembered as I was climbing the World Tree, Yggdrasil. I’ll tell you though, it was a stroke of luck that I made the decision to hit the Viking Hideout before even stepping foot in Sniflheim.

This might not be as valuable a tip in my Dragon Quest XI Tips, but I assure you that remembering to check your in-town map for sidequests can be afterthought especially if you’re nearing the end of the first half of the game; don’t be in such a hurry that you forget about the going ons in town. The dangers you’ll face for not completing the sidequests in Sniflheim is no less real.

So, take the time and do the sidequests before you completely leave Sniflheim because I can’t help but think that there is no returning to it later on after the world completely goes to hell after Mordegon and Jasper take over especially since you have to revisit EVERY town and country all over again.

Before you leave Arboria for the World Tree

Two sidequests will open up after your little talk and history lesson from Father Benedictus; Planting Seeds for the Future and Fit as a Fiddle. Okay, here’s what you’re going to do.

First, go talk to the fitness nut in town regarding the sidequest, Fit as a Fiddle and agree to do it. Next, go to the Grove of Repose, left exit out of town, and talk to the sick girl there; agree to do it.

Both the Red Kale and Wishteria Seeds are found in the First Forest; find them and immediately go back to town via Zoom and drop off your payload to the people expecting them. Then, you’re going to walk right back to the First Forest and make your way up to Yggdrasil’s Altar on foot.

This particular of my Dragon Quest XI Tips has made enemies scatter to get away from me when I get near them and really, there’s no secret nor grinding; I believe that if you walked your butt up in there then you can walk your butt right back out. Using Zoom is completely forbidden and that means no using it to get back to the Campsite in that area as well.

And, if we’re being honest, enemies in the game or even in that part of the game aren’t particularly that strong so there’s no reason why you should be having any trouble with the enemies in the Arborian Highlands or the First Forest.

What my skill categories look like at present

The one thing that I’ve taken the initiative to do as I got more into the game is doing my own thing with the skill grid, I was told once to focus on one skill group at a time so as to get the maximum amount of use out of one group of weapon skills. But, you know what’s wrong with that logic, you’re limiting yourself which isn’t something that’s wise to do in this game.

All of my characters have learned a great many skill over different skill paths which I like because those abilities all come into play sooner or later. For example, I started getting more into learning different skills especially across the Luminary skill path, I learned Zap and Poof.

Before Yggdrasil

Despite having lost my Luminary powers at the present time, I don’t regret choosing to learn those abilities when I was able to I got great use out of them.

My skill grid regarding each character is uniquely me and I’ll tell you now, it is something that I encourage any gamer playing this game to do; learn different skills across the skill grid. Limiting yourself is not an option in this game so don’t make it one, I didn’t.

Don’t underuse or underestimate Jade and Rab’s Claw skills, they’re powerful

Jade and Rab both come with Claw weapons when they first join as you well know, I’ve been using Jade’s Spear and Rab’s Heavy Wands as only their primary weapons along with skills.

I equipped Jade and Rab with their respective Claw weapon and the damage that they were doing was spectacular; I even saw Jade get HP back upon with every strike which was good for me because she was hemorrhaging health at the time.

Rab did decent damage to the enemies he fought using his Claws thanks to his attack power; remember this the last of my Dragon Quest XI Tips, don’t underuse or underestimate Jade and Rab’s Claws skills because they are lethal and can end battles as quickly as any other weapon or skill.

If nothing else, try it out and see what I mean; you’ll be as impressed as I was when I was using them. Spears, Enlightenment, Allure and Heavy Wands are good to use with these two but get Claws in the mix from time to time; they work like magic against certain enemies.


There are certain Dragon Quest XI Tips that will take gamers a long way in the game but make no mistake, it is just as bad to limit oneself as it is to fall back on things like grinding to get ahead.

Gamers that play this game will be straight as long as they lean on Rab when they need a magic point pick me up not to mention using their spells on the appropriate monsters such as using Antimagic on spell abusing enemies and using Snooze and Kasnooze on big enemies.

Sniflheim needs special attention before you leave there and upon getting the items to satisfy the two people in charge of the two sidequests in Arboria, make your way back to the First Forest and ultimately Yggdrasil’s Altar on foot using no Zoom power whatsoever and that includes using Zoom to get back to the Campsite.

The skill categories should be a work of your own design not something based on a recommendation or what the best piece of advice is regarding what skills to concentrate on.

If you commit these Dragon Quest XI Tips to memory always, you’ll be just fine. If you have any questions regarding my post then please feel free to send me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

Before you leave Arboria or even before you begin your ascent to Yggdrasil’s Altar, get your hands on a Zombiesbane; you’ll be glad you did when you face the beasties alongside Hendrik at the start of the second half of the game.

The Falcon Blade works too, but the Zombiesbane is preferred!