Spider Man PS4 Suits, which Spiderman are you and when?

Spiderman PS4 is the biggest and most impressive Spiderman game to date, it has surpassed even its predecessor, Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions PS3. While Spiderman PS4 was a great success among the gaming community, it has one factor about it that make it a slam dunk; the suits.

Being able to change Spiderman into the various suits is a great aspect of playing the game which gamers can really appreciate about Spider Man PS4 Suits because there’s so many to choose from and if we’re being honest here, the interchangeability of the suit is what makes the game awesome.

From a strategic perspective, it’s good to go trying on suits as they’re unlocked and what have you but I have to say that not every suit is good to use in every situation.

Spiderman games have always been open-ended which means that you can unlock everything in the game and partake of the fruits of your labor when you play the New Game +, if you’re into that.

I’m working on the game right now and there are suits in the game I’ve never even heard of like the Negative Suit for one. My favorite Spiderman suit, Scarlet Spider made it into the game which I just love. In this post I’ll cover a few of the suits, when it seems ideal to use them, the special ability of the suit as well as other aspects.

The suits are many

The suits, the cream of the crop; the only reason to play any Spiderman game is because of the suits and their various abilities. Although I have yet to unlock every suit in the game seeing as how I’m like 28% in; I believe that there’s a suit for every situation in the game and there are more than enough side missions to test out each one.

To me and after playing the game for 6 hours, I learned that there’s no right or wrong suit to use for a situation. I’d say there’s a place in every part of the game where every suit can be used to benefit or help you avoid damage or from taking too much of it.

Overall, the suits are the crown jewel of the game and I encourage you to experiment with the suits; it is not a contest about which one is better but I have to say that it is definitely a huge benefit to keep an open mind about which suit is great for which point in time in the game.

Special Ability

Now, if Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions has taught us anything is that every Spiderman suit has a special ability; well, the symbiote suit did and so did the Spiderman 2099 suit. Despite the fact that I’ve yet to see either suit in the game, it is without a doubt that every Spiderman suit in the game has a special ability.

Take my favorite suit, Scarlet Spider. The holograms are a great distraction to draw the enemy’s attention and gunfire from you thereby giving you the time needed to take out the guy with the RPG (if there’s one present).

Spiderman Noir’s special ability keeps enemies from calling backup when needed; good, if you need to make a break for it or recover some energy.

Spiderman’s Advanced Suit (white spider crest), I wasn’t all that impressed with it when I first used it. However, its Web Blossom ability is not to be trifled with and its good if you need some breathing room upon getting surrounded. I’ve grown to love the special ability of each Spiderman suit.

Experimenting with the special ability of each suit will definitely give you an advantage; I can’t think of a reason to not wear the Spider Armor Mk II Suit when facing off against thugs with guns because of its bulletproof ability.

The perfect suit for the perfect level

While you’re going through your gallery of suits in the game, do you ever think about what suit you could use if you were going to do a stealth mission or even a mission that takes place at night where your very discovery could jeopardize the entire mission, I did when I was working on the museum mission after Mr. Negative’s thugs invaded.

Incidentally, I used Noir Spiderman for the museum mission because it not only took place at night which, as you well know, Spiderman Noir’s ability to blend in with the dark like a shadow made it ideal. I also did it because of his special ability to keep bad guys from calling back up.

I didn’t hardly use his special ability but it was enough to make it through the level without being seen by any of the gun-toting thugs. Ultimately, I made the decision to use my Noir Spiderman suit on night missions and sometimes when I just want to switch up suits but mostly, I use the suit for night mission/stealth missions.

Spend time unlocking the suits

This goes without saying and I might’ve mentioned it in a past post but take the time to unlock the suits in the game by doing all the side missions along with other missions that require your attention. The experience points you get accumulate and add up; its a safe bet that you can have every suit before the endgame doing all the side missions.

Doing the extra stuff makes the Negative suit worth it!

I’m stickler for doing everything in a game so it was nothing for me to do all the side missions and find all the landmarks that I’ve found up to this point, I even did those annoying lab recalibration puzzles for Otto’s mechanical arms which were by no means easy. At this point in the game, I’m pretty much free to swing around city while making my way to my next mission.

From the first time I played the game, I saw the potential in not rushing to the main mission because I knew I was going to be able to benefit from the extracurricular activities so I’m encouraging you to do the same if you already aren’t.


Spider Man PS4 Suits are the cornerstone of the game and each one is more powerful than the last. One thing about the suits is that their special ability is unique and it goes without saying that making a point to unlock more suits will get you more into the game and will doubtlessly make the game more fun.

Using a specific suit for a specific mission like using Spiderman Noir for night missions and stealth or using Scarlet Spider’s hologram ability to distract enemies so you can focus on the most dangerous enemy which could be either an RPG or a Sniper.

Spending time unlocking the suits is the biggest time investment there is but it does pay off when you have that suit needed for that mission and its not all bad to be swinging around the city getting to know the different parts of that city. If you have any questions about my post then leave me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and Happy gaming.

Dragon Quest XI Open World, where you at and where are you going?

The best thing about Dragon Quest XI Open World is being able to go anywhere and everywhere you want as long as you have the right transportation, it goes without saying that getting around in the world would become a little overwhelming if you didn’t have the Zoom ability at your disposal (Thanks Veronica).

Exploring the open world gives you the power to go whereever you want and that means you can go do every sidequest there is along with exploring other places in the post game. Although you can explore the open world during the first and second half of the game, you won’t really appreciate it until the post game.

One thing I always got into the habit of doing is starting with the places that seem like the hardest to get to like the places in the open waters and the good thing about that is that you’ll be able to get it out of the way if you don’t like exploring by boat like me.

So, now I ask you, where are you in the game; how far have you made it? Is there anything impeding your progress and are you looking for help of any kind? I’m going to discuss where I am in the game, why I am and my advice to you if you’re in the same place in the game and possibly a tip or two.

Where I am at Present

At this very moment, I just got to the Arborian Highlands and I’m scouting the area for any hidden treasure that I might have left behind previously. I want to go on record as saying that this is very arduous and time-consuming but I also can’t help but wonder if there isn’t some trophy awarded after finding all the treasure in the world (Don’t tell me!)

From there I’ve been going backwards on the world map and my journey led me to Phnom Nonh where I took care of the crazy malicious character that was in charge of cursing everyone in Phnom Nonh by going into the mural in the ruins. I want it to go on the record that I’ve taken the liberty of killing any enemies who cross my path.

I’ve gone up a few levels and I feel like I’m ready to take on anything in the game, but I have to ask you; where are you in the game right now?

Why I am here

Along with the exploring the Dragon Quest XI Open World, I’m at the point that I am at right now because I’m traveling the world to get stronger so I can go back to the Trial of the Luminary and destroy the boss(es) at the end; I was no match for them before but I also didn’t have the Blade of Ultimate Power!

I just not too long ago finished exploring all the Insula(s) in the open waters because, as I’ve said before, I hate exploring the open waters by boat but it does have its benefit such as destroying the high level sea monsters; the Squidzillas aren’t even anything to worry about at this point in the game.

Another reason why I am here is because I feel like it is my obligatory duty to 100% the game and I feel like the only way to do that is by exploring everywhere and that means leaving no stone unturned; that includes going to Yggdrasil to get the Yggdrasil Dew just to have it on hand for a battle which I suggest you do.

My advice, don’t ignore the enemies on land in the areas you visit; they’re super strong but give you mucho experience. Currently, my team is at Lv. 86+ So, where are you in the game right now?

If you’re at this point, my advice

Exploring the Dragon Quest XI Open World in the post game sort of feels like you have a huge chore list of things to do before you face off against Calasmos. If you’re at this point then here’s my advice. First, get out in open waters and explore all the Insula(s).

With them out of the way, you won’t have to worry so much about them when you’re putting the final preparations on the game before you head to the black star.

Second, talking to everyone in every town is advised but pay close attention to the pink bubble people and those with sidequests; they take precedence and you WILL be doing some traveling.

If you want to attempt the Wheel of Harma trials then you very well may but when you get to the final trial, you may want to back off until you’re stronger and have found a way to get a hold of some pep pop (Derk, hint, hint). The last trial is going to demand that you have 99% of your abilities and be pepped up; everyone. Where are you in the game?

Use Noah’s Archive and find treasure along with the Ultimate Key treasures

I mentioned in a previous post about Noah’s Archive; well, now it’s the best chance you have at finding all the treasures that are still hidden in the various towns and battle areas. As I also mentioned, if you’re looking for a valuable treasure as the archive mentions, you’re looking for a treasure chest.

So, go backwards starting from Drustan’s Labyrinth’s own Trial Isle trials and seek the items there then work towards finding the Ultimate Key treasures because they are many and they are vast not to mention valuable.

This goes without saying but if you’re not sure where the Ultimate Key locations are then look at the map anytime you enter a town or a battle area.

If you haven’t rebuilt Cobblestone yet then now is a good time to do that as well because now that you have both the Magic and the Ultimate Key, you’ll be able to get all kinds of treasures. Here’s a hint: When you get to Arboria, and you use Noah’s Archive, it’ll say there’s one valuable treasure left.

Want to know where its precise location is, go to Serena and Veronica’s house, go upstairs and look beside the leftmost bed. I found it there yesterday when I went looking for it; imagine my surprise. Are you here in the game or where are you precisely?


Where are you at in the game, where are you going; if you’re going to explore the Dragon Quest XI Open World then start exploring the Insula(s) then travel the world getting stronger so you can go back to where you battled that strong monster and got killed and beat it.

You can optionally do the Wheel of Harma trials right now as well but if you’re going to then stop before you get to the final trial and leave it until you learn the rest of your powers and abilities. Use Noah’s Archive and find the Ultimate Key along with other hidden treasures while fighting the enemies and getting stronger.

So, where are you in the game, how far have you come; do you feel you need a hand on where to go next; if you do then leave me a message regarding this post and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Thank you and Happy gaming.



Dragon Quest XI Weapons, upgrade often especially if you’re doing the Wheel of Harma trials

One of the best qualities about a Dragon Quest game is the weapons, but some weapons are better than others as you well know. Weapons are judged by their strength, the added power they give the character as well as the secondary effect that it comes with.

However, Dragon Quest XI Weapons have been known to be the kind that gives you a little of everything, a little protection from instant death to being able to cure every ailment there is. While weapons are truly the main power in the game, it has become a rather touchy issue as to when to upgrade.

A general rule is usually to upgrade weapons often, but when would your weapon upgrade come in handy; in general or if you know they’re going to carry you to a win. For example, if you’re going to complete the trials within Drustan’s Labyrinth, it is advised that you forge the highest level weapons.

There are things about weapons that get overlooked and attack power is all that’s taken into account which it should not be. In this post, I’ll talk about the importance of a weapon analysis, where it’ll do you the most good and what you have to do to make super strong weapons.

Pay attention to the star level

Now, I’ve made plenty of Dragon Quest XI Weapons and even tried them out on enemies; it was great knowing that my new weapon was causing lethal damage. However, one thing I always overlooked was the star level; it didn’t dawn on me the true power of the weapon came in the form of the star level.

Always pay attention to the star level of the weapon and another reason to do this is so you don’t make the mistake of forging a weapon that might have a higher attack power but the star level is low. I did that too many times and wasted so many materials to boot.

The star level will tell you exactly if the weapon is of the highest quality weapon-wise and in it so doing, you’ll be able to save not just time and forging materials but you won’t have to journey all the back to either the Trial of the Disciple to get Orichalcum or to the Battleground to track down even more Orichalcum.

It might not seem like much or seem important at the time but for the future, pay close attention to the star level so forging weak weapons doesn’t undo you.

Magical Might makes a difference

As with many Dragon Quest XI Weapons, you’ll come across many Heavy Wands that have a great deal of magical might to which Rab and Veronica can immensely benefit from when it comes to their magical attacks. You’ll want this to be as high as possible when you’re facing off against enemies especially within the Wheel of Harma.

Weapons with strong magical might will no doubt come in handy when you use Veronica’s Magic Burst or her and Serena’s double tech Mighty Magic Burst. I was using this on the Slime Party in the first round of the 4th trial of the Wheel of Harma and swept the field clean instantly.

Let’s not forget Rab and his Pearly Gates ability, his magical might especially when he’s pepped up will cause lethal damage of the highest caliber 450 – 505+; it doesn’t matter what level Rab are at after Lv.80. Magical might will always be the reason why magic attacks do the kind of damage that they do.

I just forged Veronica and Rab a Staff of Eternity, a weapon with high magical might and power to boot; don’t go into the Wheel of Harma trials without it.

Wheel of Harma – 4th trial, 3rd monster team

This part of the trial is by far the most complicated in the entire 4th trial, you’ll face off against 3 metallic hands and one metallic scorpion. Strategically, it helps to have the most powerful weapons and for this battle you’ll need Hendrik and Jade. Before I go on, its worth mentioning that Jade should have her Lightning Thrust ability.

Hendrik should have his Hatchet Man ability because the only way these metal monsters are dying is by those two attacks in particular. I want it to go on the record as well that one of the hands will occasionally cast Whack so be prepared for that; I was lucky enough to make it through the round without seeing it.

Above all else, destroy the hands first because they’re the biggest threat; this is where having the strongest Dragon Quest XI Weapons really comes into play because, and I believe this, it helps with the critical attack likelihood. The character builder makes this a slam dunk if you’ve been keeping up with that which I hope you have.

Revisiting areas for materials

One of my favorite things to do when creating Dragon Quest XI Weapons is revisiting areas for materials like the Orichalcum that lies in the Overlooked Cavern in the Battleground area or the Disciple’s Trial to get more Orichalcum. Personally, I hated the latter because I was there on the hunt for something else.

But, if you’re searching for Orichalcum in particular then I suggest you go to the Disciple’s Trial for it; I’d even mine a bunch of it so you don’t have to make frequent trips like I’ve had to. Revisiting areas for materials is something I would encourage you to do because it is going to make the Wheel of Harma trials easier and less time-consuming.

Personally, I was looking for a Chronocrystal or two and I didn’t remember that Derk sells it in the Cobblestone shop for a huge stack of bank so if you’re looking for Chronocrystals then that’s where you’ll find it. Many areas are home to materials that have what you need to make the strongest weapons on Erdrea.

Another plus to revisiting old areas for materials is the dozen of strong enemies that lie their and beating them up for extra experience points never gets old. Also, I want to point out as well that the experience points gain per monster kill is immense. So my advice, sit back and enjoy it.


Dragon Quest XI Weapons are judged based on their attack power, magical might and most important, their star level which tells you how powerful they are. Magical Might benefits Rab, Veronica and Serena; don’t ignore making them weapons that’ll skyrocket their magical might.

Revisiting areas for materials is beneficial for you for two reasons. To get stronger as you’re searching for whatever the material it is you’re looking for and two, so you’ll be ready to conquer the 3rd monster team of the 4th trial of the Wheel of Harma with the two aforementioned characters.

If you have any questions about my post then please feel free to send me a message and I’ll respond immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

If and when you complete the Wheel of Harma’s 4th Trial, you’ll be given a chance to complete the fifth. My advice, don’t rush to get it done; travel the world and complete other sidequests in other towns. Don’t go anywhere near the final Wheel of Harma trial until you’re at Lv. 92+


Dragon Quest XI Post Game Grinding, you won’t need to for Crystalotl.

For many gamers playing or have played Dragon Quest XI are aware that the post game is the biggest thing in the game which means that no matter how much you prepare, you can still get ambushed by a tough enemy or a boss.

The thing about Dragon Quest XI is that the post game usually involving gamers grinding so they can be ready for the tough challenges ahead.

However, such a thing is not always ideal when you’re planning to do Dragon Quest XI Post Game Grinding because grinding doesn’t always save you; need proof, head on over to the Trial of the Luminary, get to the end and face off against Abject Terror and Darkest Despair, you’ll see what I mean.

The post game is all about tying up loose ends and seeing to it that you’re ready for Calasmos, but you’ve got a long way to go if you just started and even longer if you’re finishing the second half.

Crystalotl is one of the hardest bosses in the game you’ll ever face and having adequate protection will help you in the fight.

Crystalotl is no reason to do any post game grinding, in fact, I’ll discuss everything you need to do to bring down the crystal harboring behemoth starting…now.


As I mentioned previously, you don’t have to do any Dragon Quest XI Post Game Grinding to bring down Crystalotl; really, the Character Builder is the thing but more importantly, the skill points you got saved up. In a past post, I made it known that saving up your skill points can really get you some good skills.

To get this arduous quest started, you’ll need to talk to the Watcher on the eastern island at Havens Above and he’ll tell you that he’s aspiring to become a better harp maker and wants to make Serena’s his guinea pig so to speak; you’ll need to undertake the mission and retrieve the item needed to enhance Serena’s harp.

Also, its worth mentioning that you can buy your skills as you accumulate the points to do so which would give you an advantage if you were looking to grind before the fight with Crystalotl; that thing is a beast and be warned, pulling your punches is not an option. It helps if you are protected against paralysis; the creature’s spiked missiles can paralyze you.

I believe that it is enough to be able to get the skills you need, I’m not saying that increase to magic mending and magic might along with critical hit increase aren’t important so don’t ignore those in the least bit.

In a small way, if you’ve been saving up your points from the completion of Trial Isle up to the point of going through the entire Battleground area, you should be more than ready points-wise.

Powers, Divide, Blade of Ultimate Power

Naturally, if you’re going to go after Crystalotl then I suggest you have some powers on hand that’ll make the battle easier and not give Crystalotl a chance to drag out the fight hence giving it a chance to end you. One of the biggest powers that you’re going to need is Erik’s Divide ability.

This ability is boss in any fight because I was able to deal the monster 9x more damage over the course of the fight, but it goes without saying that more is better especially when you’re facing down Crystalotl. Dragon Quest XI Post Game Grinding might get you Divide in the shortest time but where’s the fun in that?

Another great ability that I would DEFINITELY suggest you have is the Blade of Ultimate Power; this ability sealed Crystalotl’s fate and my win against the monster using it. The ability hits hard which is exactly what you want when you’re battling this cretin.

Rab or Serena

Now, both Rab and Serena are healers as you well know and you also know that Serena has a slight advantage in the healing department over Rab; she has Omniheal (if you got that for her at this point, I did).

However, having Rab in the party means he’s not likely to die as quick as Serena but Serena is an ace healer with Omniheal in her deck so it’s either or.

I want to go on record as saying that if you take Rab then just know that his Multiheal ability is nothing to scoff at; it got me out of trouble and saved me from taking more damage from Crystalotl’s spiked missile attack during the fight, it’s up to you who you want to take with you as the healer.

Another thing to consider when you’re taking Rab with you is that Rab has the Ring of Ruin ability which can give your team’s powers and abilities a huge damage increase which will definitely have Crystalotl taking more damage per attack.

Personally, I went with Rab because I didn’t feel Serena, despite having Serenica’s outfit on and Omniheal, she wouldn’t have been up to the task of helping destroy the monster.

Hendrik, obviously

Hendrik, the Zwaardsrust born bruiser and honorable knight of Heliodor; Dragon Quest XI Post Game Grinding is not needed to turn Hendrik into a beast for this fight.

However, I do want to stress the importance of him having his ancestors’ armor set equipped – Drustan, before you consider taking on this sidequest because the shield will keep Hendrik alive and recovering HP while paralyzed.

Outside of that, Hendrik is needed for this fight because his Gyrfalcon Slash and his Double-Edged Slash really brings the pain in this battle not to mention that they hit hard enough to damage the monster a great deal so whatever you do, make sure you have these skills.

Hendrik also has Magic Barrier and Kabuff; abuse Kabuff. The rationale, Crystalotl’s physical attack deal lethal damage so its important to make sure you have that up; I didn’t and I was okay but be better than me when I say abuse Kabuff. Magic Barrier does little to stem the tide of damage you take from his whirlwind attack.

I want to go on record as saying that Hendrik is a big asset in this battle so you want him there when you’re going toe to toe with this thing; he’s your key to staying alive.


Dragon Quest XI Post Game Grinding is not as needed or necessary as some gamers believe, but Crystalotl is no joke so being at a good level to destroy it is warranted. Regarding preparation for the fight, a crap load of skill points and decent armor will win the day.

Powers like Divide and Blade of Ultimate Power is enough to get the job done during the fight without spending more time in the Battleground area in order to get strong enough to destroy Crystalotl effortlessly. Rab or Serena are ideal choices for taking into this fight; their healing powers will come in handy.

Hendrik is another plus and a valuable ally in this fight, his Double-Edged Slash and Gyrfalcon Slash can really deal some damage. If you have any question about my post then please feel free to send me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

If you’re having any trouble with the fight or just need some clarification then my video here will help you.



Dragon Quest XI Noah’s Archive, treasure hunting made easy; use it and find everything

Dragon Quest XI post game has a lot of content that keeps you going long after the second half is complete, but RPGs are usually good about one thing, treasure hunting. While it is optional and doesn’t really have significance on the rest of the game, it can be very beneficial.

Other RPGs like DQ VIII have Nose for Treasure via Yangus’ Humanity skill but DQ XI has Dragon Quest XI Noah’s Archive, a potent treasure hunting item to be sure; at times it can be the most frustrating thing taking up space in your inventory but it goes without saying that pinching the post game and the towns for everything shining and stationary, you will need it.

Take the 3 trials on Trial Isle for example, I used Noah’s Archive repeatedly to find what I thought were regular pieces of treasure but ironically, the slot machines within the trials counted as treasure; the tokens that you get from within the machines are similar to the Drasilian shillings you find hence making them treasure.

I’ll discuss the ins and out of Noah’s Archive and why you should use it not only after the trials but why acquiring it early might be a better idea than waiting.

Noah’s Archive Acquisition

Noah’s Archive can only be acquired in the post game from him after you rescue him and his daughter from the monster invasion in Gondolia; it goes without saying that if you’re going to go this route then you’re on the path to getting Cobblestone restored to its original form.

In my professional opinion, getting Dragon Quest XI Noah’s Archive early is the best course of action because when you travel the world, and you will, you’re going to want to find everything in towns and dungeons especially if the items that you’re hunting for are of the best quality such as Yggdrasil Dew, Sage Elixir or Elfin Elixirs.

All in all, Noah’s Archive is the key to you acquiring everything in the game item-wise and despite the time it takes, it would behoove you to take the time to find everything whereever you are. If you’re in a town on a sidequest, use Noah’s Archive, snoop around and find those items.

Here’s a hint. If you’re in a place like the Snaerfelt or Champs Sauvage and you use Noah’s Archive, it says one valuable item in the area; 10 times out 10, the treasure you’re looking for is a treasure chest. In towns, it’s either a treasure chest or an item you find in a barrel or pot. Remember that. I was in Heliodor almost 4 hours before I figured that out.

The benefit to using this during your 3 trials trek

If you did acquire Dragon Quest XI Noah’s Archive early on like you made restoring Cobblestone to its original form the first thing you did when you started the post game or got to that point, you’ll have the item in time for your trek during the 3 trials.

The benefit to using Noah’s Archive during your trek of the 3 trials is that you’ll have an easier time finding the special armor and weapons of Erdwin’s team.

Now, you can find these without Noah’s Archive but it just makes it so much easier using the item.

If you want Noah’s Archive, you have to restore Cobblestone

The rationale, you don’t have to worry about second guessing yourself about whether or not you’re missing an item or not, its always easier to find and get treasure on your first run through rather than to go back into the same places over and over again trying to find it.

When the time comes that you’re going into the 3 trials on Trial Isle; having this item is a must and you’ll be glad you did when you clean the place out. Personally, there’s no bigger pain in the ass knowing that you could’ve had that Yggdrasil Dew that could’ve bought you more time and life to survive. Think about it, take a second!

Ultimate Key Needed

As you may or may not know, Dragon Quest XI Noah’s Archive is but one of the things you need in order to successfully treasure hunt and break the game so to speak. The other item that you’ll definitely need is the Ultimate Key which you get in the Watcher’s Circle in the Havens Above area where it waits for you in the treasure chest.

I don’t believe I need to tell you about the importance of the Ultimate Key, it is crucial that you have it so you’ll be able to go to places like the Battleground to clean it out. Furthermore, it’ll be needed when you’re on the sidequest called “The Holiest of Harps”. However, even after you finish that sidequest, you’ve no doubt seen iron cages with iron doors that have treasure chests in them.

Case in point

With the Ultimate Key in your possession, many things become possible and so it goes without saying that acquiring that key is of the utmost importance while also stating that you won’t get very far in the post game without it; you could but why would you want to, did you in DQ VIII?

The next thing you should do

The next thing I believe you should do is, after using Dragon Quest XI Noah’s Archive to get every item in the 3 trials, head to Havens Above to complete the sidequests given to you by the Watchers.

The reason, Hendrik and Serena are going to benefit and if you haven’t delivered Erdwin’s Bracelet to the one Watcher then do that now as well so Hero’s Sword skills can get a major power upgrade.

Before I go on, its worth mentioning that you don’t necessarily have to go to the places I mentioned here in this post; this is just my strategic recommendation. Next, stop off at Yggdrasil and grab a Yggdrasil Dew; it’s a great thing to have when you’re between an Omniheal and a hard place.

Yggdrasil is entirely optional actually, you can go there for the Yggdrasil Dew if you want to but its entirely up to you because if we’re being honest here, Serena has no doubt learned Omniheal at this point (possibly, well, mine did) but the Yggdrasil Dew can still be used as an “opening act” so to speak if you need healing.

Finally, Angri-La is the last stop on your way to becoming stronger; you have the Angri-La trials to complete so head there and get it done. My advice, don’t step foot here unless you’re a Lv.80+.

The reason is simple, you and your team would’ve learned 93 – 97% of your skills via Character Builder; so there’s no real reason why you shouldn’t be ready to face whatever Master Pang and her trials throw at you.


Dragon Quest XI Noah’s Archive is the key to finding every piece of treasure in the game, but the acquisition of said artifact is up to the gamer alone; you can get it before you do the 3 trials or after; the choice is yours. If you’re going to get it before the 3 trials, it’ll be that much easier for you to find all the Age of Heroes weapons and armor sets.

The Ultimate Key is needed alongside Noah’s Archive in order to find everything; treasure hunting without the Ultimate Key is not an option so don’t make it one.

Your next course of action after the completion of the 3 trials should be to complete the sidequests at Haven Above then head on over to Angri-La, but again, the choice is up to you about where you want to go next.

If you have any questions or comments about my post, I’d love to hear it; leave me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

Ever wonder where, when you use Noah’s Archive in Gallopolis clearing it of any and all items except 2 hidden treasures. Well, there’s a Puff-Puff girl in yellow that’s standing between the armor and weapon shop; the last 2 hidden town treasures are in her house. Agree to a Puff Puff then after she let you in, search the joint and you’ll find the last two items.





Dragon Quest XI Luminary Trial, you must do the following before proceeding there.

As you well know, Dragon Quest XI has you trekking to Trial Isle in order to, as Rab puts it, get into fighting shape so you’ll be ready to fight Calasmos. Trial Isle is home to 3 of the most challenging trials in the game, Disciple Trial, Trial of the Sage but there’s one trial where you’ll truly be tested, the Trial of the Luminary or Luminary’s Trial.

Dragon Quest XI Luminary Trial reek of enemies bringing their A game so you know you’re going to have to as well. Normally, I would’ve charged right into the trial of the luminary without even thinking but there was “something” about it, my gut told me that I should never cross its threshold; never step inside without upgraded gear, better weapons or a combo of the two.

However, I will tell you now that from my perspective, its worth going all over the world to gather the materials needed for certain armor sets because two characters get their final outfits which lasts them until the endgame. Personally, it goes without saying that taking the time to prepare for the Trial of the Luminary is lifesaving which I’ll talk about in this post.

Clear both the Trial of the Disciple and Sage’s Trial, obviously.

As in the heading, before you take on the Trial of the Luminary; you must clear both the Trial of the Disciple and the Sage’s Trial. Upon clearing these and whether or not you’re able to beat the bosses, which you should be able to without too much hardship, you’ll be allowed to proceed to the Dragon Quest XI Luminary Trial.

My advice as you’re traversing both trials, search every inch of the place because more than a few pieces of two of your characters’ outfits lie there and it goes without saying that you need it. Another piece of advice I have for you when attempting these two trials is that don’t sweat if you’re under leveled.

I say that because the first time I took on the Trial of the Disciple, I was at a Lv.64 but surprisingly didn’t have much trouble with the enemies; it was sort of a different story by the time I got to the Sage’s Trial but even then I had no trouble with the enemies. If you make it your life’s work to trounce every enemy in the place then you’ll be ready for the trial of the luminary.

Creating the Supreme Sword of Light; optional

Okay, so when I decided that I was going to even take on the trial of the luminary; I thought “my Super Sword of Light might not be enough to get the job done”; there were a few thoughts regarding this.

One, creating the Supreme Sword of Light is optional. I say that because if you remember, the Watcher on Trial Isle mentions only the Super Sword of Light; it didn’t mention anything about the Supreme Sword of Light.

So this led me to believe that the Super Sword of Light is more than enough to get the job done even when the time comes that you attempt Dragon Quest XI Luminary Trial. The rationale, the Super and Supreme Sword of Light’s attack power are equal.

The only benefit that the Supreme Sword of Light have over its Super counterpart is that if you use the Supreme Sword of Light as an item in battle, it’ll erase all bad ailments no matter what they are; it comes in handy in a small way but the choice is up to you about whether or not it makes enough of a difference to create.

Armor Sets

In my opinion, I believe that the biggest challenge of preparation is traveling the world to gather everything you need to create whatever it is you need which brings me to the Armor Sets. Currently, I have Erik’s, Veronica’s, Rab’s, Jade’s Warrior Princess armor set, I have two pieces of Hendrik’s Drustan’s set and one piece of Serena’s Serenica set.

Also, I want to go on record as saying that Hendrik is in his General’s Outfit at least until I complete Dragon Quest XI Luminary Trial or until I open the red door within to get access to the rest of it. I mention this for the sole purpose of emphasizing that armor is going to be crucial to surviving and I think the armor sets are the key.

Incidentally, it might not make much of a difference when it comes to defense as you’re trolling through the trial of the luminary but I believe every bit helps which also leads me to believe that creating the armor sets is one of the best moves that you can make.

My advice, keep plenty of Slipweed and Silkblossom handy; they seem to be precious commodities when forging some of the armor sets.

Powerful weapons more or less matter

Another thing to keep in mind as you’re moving through the Dragon Quest XI Luminary Trial is that powerful weapons are a definite must but in my opinion, don’t put too much emphasis on them. For example, the Supernova Sword is powerful and I believe that Sylvando or even Erik could wreck some serious havoc with it.

The Supernova Sword

At present, Hendrik has the Miracle Sword which will take him far while in the trial of the luminary because, and from what I can tell, enemies within the trial are the toughest enemies in the entire game so it is worth making sure that you have every perceivable advantage.

You can get by on good weapons even the ones that you buy from Derk’s shop in Cobblestone which, I believe, are among the strongest and most hard-hitting weapons in the game.

My advice, if you’re going to buy weapons from Derk’s, don’t be stingy with the cash especially since these weapons are going to further complement your ability to be able to stay alive in the trial of the luminary.

Let’s not forget about the Character Builder and the power it provides; you should have more than enough points saved up so you can get yourself a good skill or two and trust me, it will make all the difference.


Dragon Quest XI Luminary Trial is the toughest of the 3 trials, but clearing the Trial of the Disciple and the Sage’s Trial will put you on the fast track to accessing it.

Creating the Supreme Sword of Light more or less make a difference but it can be helpful and handy if you’re looking to turn the Luminary into a “doctor” so to speak.

Armor Sets are recommended especially with the above mentioned characters and Hendrik’s General Outfit is enough to get him through until he get the rest of his Drustan’s Set. Powerful weapons are more or less needed to complete the trial of the luminary but they are helpful in accomplishing said task.

Also, don’t hesitate to spend almost everything if you’re going for broke at Derk’s because the weapons he sells are of the finest and deadliest quality. If you have any questions at all about my post then please feel free to send me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and Happy gaming.


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

If you made the FOOLISH mistake of restoring Cobblestone to its original form before attempting the 3 trials; you’ll no doubt end up with Noah’s Archive which gives you a round number of how many treasures there are in the area. Use this to find every treasure in all 3 trials.

Also, Queen Marina’s little trinket, the Sea Queen’s Conch is a great tool for finding and helping people in need which I believe will come in handy if you’ve gone through every town, helped everybody but feel like you’ve missed someone.


Shining Force II Promotion, why Lv. 20 is ideal and waiting to promote isn’t

Shining Force II, predecessor to the first Shining Force game has brought a lot of gamers over to its side of the fence with its stellar gameplay and game mechanics such as the new promotion aspect not to mention the mystical promotion items that can promote certain characters to another class beyond their norm.

For example, Sarah, promoted with the Vigor Ball, will be promoted to a Master Monk instead of Vicar. Another example, Jaha, promoted with the Warrior’s Pride, will be promoted to a Baron instead of a Gladiator. Promoting based on the gamers’ preference is one of the best aspects of the game.

However, there has been A LOT of debate about when to promote; some believe promoting past Lv. 20 actually help develop the characters’ stats. The choice of when to promote is clearly up to the gamer because who doesn’t want stronger characters who are capable of two-shotting an enemy?

Shining Force II Promotion starts at Lv.20 with the highest being Lv. 40 but some gamers believe that promoting at Lv. 40 is ideal because one-shotting enemies will allow them to run through the game which decreases the challenge factor substantially.

Lv. 20 is the best level to promote your characters and I’ll discuss why. I’ll also discuss briefly about who the promotion choice really affects.

Promoting at Lv. 20 is Best

In the past, Shining Force II Promotion at Lv. 40 was the recommended level to promote characters because the ability to one – two shot enemies was all about bragging rights and somewhat, skill. However, promoting at Lv. 20 IS the best course of action for two reasons.

The first, the awesome promotion battle music; the second, characters actually have a better chance of developing their promotion level spells at a much earlier point in the game vs. waiting until the Zalbard battle or even spending time in the Elven Forest special stage gaining levels before promoting.

Shining Force 2

Case in point

My advice, don’t wait on promoting your characters; if you’re going to promote them past Lv.20 then I suggest Lv. 22 and no further. Promote your characters at Lv. 20, you’ll thank yourself when Kazin (Sorc) is using his Neptune summon to level some of Zalbard’s life points.

A result of my promoting at Lv. 20

Furthermore, not choosing to promote at Lv. 20 means that you’re going to be that much longer trying to get your hands on the promotion level weapons which will definitely be needed on your way to Creed’s especially since you’re going up against the Skeleton Warriors.

The Rings are Power i.e. Power Ring & Protect Ring

Eventually, you’ll come into possession of the Power Ring and the Protect Ring; both are potent weapons in their own right. You’d be a fool to underestimate their power when used as items – to put it bluntly. Sometimes, its easy to forget and ignore the true power of these two rings but you’ll need their power after you get promoted, mostly.

Giving the Power Ring to a character whose attack power is lacking is good, but using it as an item on another character whose attack power could use a boost can and will always benefit the character using the ring and you.

The Protect Ring works a lot of the same way, but the difference is that you’ll have to use it on a group of your characters for you to get the max amount of points.

Overall, utilize the full power of these rings especially after you partake in the Shining Force II Promotion at Lv. 20; it’ll help your characters hit hard and live longer; if we’re being honest here, repairing the rings after they break from use is a small price to pay which is technically inexpensive. Think about it!

Hero’s bolt spell owns

Once upon a time, I was the type of gamer that relied on strength alone to win battles and that was no different in Shining Force II when I got into playing it seriously. I didn’t rely on spells or anything else that gave me an edge in battle. However, I learned, the hard way, that using your characters’ powers make battle easier.

Lovin’ it

Hero’s Bolt Spell for example, don’t be afraid to lean on that when you’re weakening your enemies because its pretty lethal starting out and gets deadlier as he grows and as the Hero gain levels. Abuse the hell out of Hero’s Bolt Lv.2 because it covers a wider area and enemies getting struck will take even more damage.

Shining Force II Promotion does not inhibit gamers from using everything they have to win battles and that includes any spells they have that’ll hit enemies over a wide range or exploit an elemental weakness. It is all there for us gamers, so don’t get prideful about what trying to win through strength alone because you won’t last if you’re not being strategic with your team’s abilities.

Slade is affected the most by promotion level differences

The sad part and actually the most detrimental factor of making the choice to promote past Lv. 20 is that the decision is going to hit one of your strongest characters really hard, Slade. As you well know, Slade is all about speed and later, power along with a combo of the two after he gets promoted.

If you ever needed a reason to not promote past Lv. 20 when it comes to Shining Force II Promotion, Slade is more than enough reason. Simply, his ninja magic start developing after he gets promoted.

You want Slade promoted and that strong!

My advice is to get him promoted at Lv. 20 because the amount of damage that his Raijin will do to the prism flowers when you get to that point is going to be deadly; trust me.

Slade’s Katon does lethal damage to the right group of enemies especially if they’re allergic to fire; it goes without saying that making sure that he’s in every battle is worth it.

The rationale, Slade’s increasing strength and power will be a big asset to you when you face off against King Galam and ultimately Zeon. Taking Slade out of the party for any reason is NOT AN OPTION!!!


Shining Force II Promotion allows gamers to promote their characters one class higher using certain mythical promotion artifacts that are found throughout the game. However, promoting at Lv. 20 is the best course of action not just because of the challenge factor in the game but because many characters’ powers rely on the early promotion like Slade for example.

Using the Ring of Power and the Protect Ring along with Hero’s Bolt Spell will make a lot of the first promotion battles easier i.e. Fairy Pond and Pathway to Creed’s to name a couple. If you have any questions about my post then please feel free to send me a message and I’ll get back to. Thank you and Happy gaming.


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

Let me introduce you to my new Pegasus Knight


Dragon Quest XI vs VIII, similar and yet so different!

Dragon Quest XI is the first GOOD Dragon Quest game to come out on a console since Dragon Quest VIII, I’ve played the latter and was taken aback by everything in the game.

The story, the heroes, the weapons, the powers etc. However, when Dragon Quest XI’s trailer came out, I was so amped because the game was similar to Dragon Quest VIII yet it was so different.

Dragon Quest XI, and it goes without saying, did many things better and improved on things that were a hindrance to gamers in DQ VIII. Things like getting a hold of a ship to sail the open waters or a hint on how to get the ultimate flying contraption to make your way to the endgame location where the present big-bad sat upon his throne.

Both games made it so buying things from the shops vs. alchemical creation was a decision that gamers could make freely. One particular thing that many gamers fell in love with was being able to control the Hero and make him either a sword or spear user and whatever secondary skill set you wanted to master.

In this post, I’ll discuss what make Dragon Quest VIII and XI similar and different by the aspects that make them so. Without further ado, here’s my perspective on Dragon Quest XI vs. VIII.

Hero Powers

Now, Dragon Quest XI was great about the Hero’s powers and what all you can get access to as long as you’re willing to work for it and not shortcut. The current Hero has access to powers handed down from both his ancestor and his father i.e. Gigaslash. Also, the Hero is a second generation Luminary which grants him all kinds of powers such as Zap, all forms of Giga-abilities etc.

Dragon Quest VIII’s Hero was no wet behind the ears slouch either; from birth he was always immune to curses and poisonous attacks and spells. This came in handy, as you well know, when you fight Geyzer in the Waterfall Cave. I enjoyed being able to concentrate on just healing Yangus while he did the damage dealing and occasionally, myself.

You get access to powers like Zap earlier in Dragon Quest XI vs. VIII which comes in handy about the time you’re journeying to Lonalulu and fighting enemies that are of a watery nature. The Hero’s powers is unique across both games; I hate how you have to fight to get your Zap spell before attempting to save your 5th heir in Dragon Quest VIII.

Character Building Options

Dragon Quest XI vs. VIII always had one thing in common; how to build your character based on your preference. Dragon Quest VIII, incidentally, encouraged gamers to work on mastering no more than two skill sets at a time. Well, in Dragon Quest XI, you can master as many skills sets or all of the skill sets as possible.

You can have and master as many skills as you want

There’s one thing that gamers that play this game seriously underestimate, and it is the urgency of the characters’ abilities. For example, many gamers I’ve talked to has made it clear to concentrate on one to two skill sets at a time. But, I found that gamers are limiting themselves because they believe that Dragon Quest XI is the same as VIII but its not.

Another example, focusing on Veronica’s Vim skill set alone would suggest that her magic will make her more powerful than even Morcant was at her age. However, Veronica’s attack power with the Whip and Heavy Wands needed some work but that was corrected in her Heavy Wand and Whip attack power increase skill.

Fighting to get those skills was its own badge of honor

Jessica was the team’s magician in DQ VIII, she had attack power and powerful magic to boot; there was never anything to pick up when it came to using Jessica. Changing her from Whips and Staves to Swords and Fisticuffs WAS NOT and I repeat WAS NOT an option.

Only you have the power to avoid/fight enemies

Dragon Quest VIII was good about having you fight enemies with every few steps you took which was good. The reason, you knew that you were getting ever closer to getting that level up, but you had no choice unless you ran from battle. You did, however, have a choice to fight the Infamous Monsters which were either out roaming in broad daylight or are out after darkness has enveloped the earth.

See, you have a choice to fight that thing

What I love about Dragon Quest XI, you have a choice to fight monsters no matter where or when they are. For example, I was working my way around the Eerie Eyrie and I kept running into the same enemies. Well, I kept killing them until I decided that I was bored with doing that and decided to avoid them; it was good to have the option to do so.

Dragon Quest VIII forced you into a fight which worked to your and the game’s advantage, it was almost like you had no choice but to spend every second fighting except when you were in towns.

Hero’s Back Story

Dragon Quest VIII was different in the aspect that gamers didn’t learn anything about Hero’s origin story until the post game; gamers didn’t even get an idea of the Hero’s blood relative until mid-game i.e. Argonia (Love that town and part of the game).

Case in point, my home or what’s left of it

Dragon Quest XI filled gamers in on who the Hero was, his parents, his home and his blood relative Rab, King of Dundrasil. To put a fine point on this, you learned about everything mid-game which meant that there were no secrets as far as who the Hero was and where he came from.

Also, I want to go on record as saying that Dragon Quest XI did an even more impressive job on emphasizing the Hero’s role in the greater scheme of saving the world on account of being the Luminary.

The Hero from Dragon Quest VIII was half Dragovian who Rhapthorne never knew was but feared the Dragovian race overall because of the power he knew they possessed.

Plus, you have to go the way of the Dragovian Path in order to get to the Hero’s home in DQ VIII; it just didn’t seem fair to gamers to beat Rhapthorne then climb the Dragovian Path to face monsters that’re as powerful as Rhapthorne in his first form.


Dragon Quest XI vs. VIII; there are some very notable similarities and differences, but none that would make the games unbuyable. However, the Hero Powers are definitely similar in both games with a difference in their access points and character building aspect

While you have the power to choose if you want to fight enemies or not in XI, you’re encouraged to do so in VIII so as to grow strong enough to get access to the powers needed to kill the more complicated enemies like the Infamous monsters.

The access of the Hero’s back story really set the bar high for Dragon Quest VIII to compete with XI; you knew who the Hero was and his entire origin story to boot in Dragon Quest XI.

If you have any questions or comments based on my post then please feel free to leave me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

Get on your computers, smartphones, tablets or whatever electronic device you have that’s not nailed down and buy these games; trust me, you’ll be happy you did. RPGs are the new puzzlers.



Dragon Quest XI Weapons, storming the fortress of fear then check this out!

I’ve been playing Dragon Quest XI for a long time now and I have to say that it is the most revolutionary game of its kind; the game teaches many great lessons on the long road to success which arrives at the death of Mordegon and Calasmos.

Ultimately, before getting to the Fortress of Fear, you’ll cross plains of “different dimensions” such the underwater world of Nautica.

Also, you’ll be getting a transport that allows you to visit realms that exist in the sky such as the Watchers’ own Havens Above domain. Enemies in certain areas are usually easy enough where you can get in a few good strokes with your primary weapon and move on to others.

However, what do you do when you get to the Fortress of Fear and find out that your “primary” weapon and its damage output isn’t getting the job done especially against enemies that are made of tougher stuff than enemies you’ve faced thus far; the cause of this could be many. One, the weapon is ineffective on the enemies.

Two, the Luminary gang are not strong enough to face the enemies in said place and since that’s not the issue then logic suggests that the primary weapons are not getting the job done. Three, the weapon lacks the attack power to deal the damage needed to kill that enemy or enemies.

In this post, I’ll discuss how to hit the hard enemies in the Fortress of Fear harder to inflict mass damage along with who you can and what you can count on to get through the Fortress of Fear. Here’s my post on Dragon Quest XI Weapons.

The Sword of Light isn’t going to cut it, Luminary

Exactly how I have it written in the heading; the Sword of Light isn’t going to cut it nor none of the enemies here for 3 reasons. The first, the Sword of Light (quote unquote) is a forged fake; its power or lack thereof pales in comparison to the real Sword of Light; the Super Sword of Light that Mordegon takes from the Luminary at Yggdrasil.

I used the Sword of Light at the Fortress of Fear against every single enemy there and guess what happened; the sword BARELY did ANY DAMAGE to them. So what am I saying, using the Sword of Light at the Fortress of Fear is pointless. I even used it against Mordegon when I got to him and I barely had anything to show for it.

So my advice, don’t bother using the Sword of Light against the enemies at the Fortress of Fear because you’ll do more horrible than a sniper with a head cold.

Hit hard and fast with the Luminary i.e. Cutting Edge

The Sword of Light is useless against the enemies at the Fortress of Fear but that doesn’t mean that everything in your arsenal is useless; Greatswords are great for hitting tough enemies for a lot of damage especially when you use Cutting Edge, a Greatsword ability. The Luminary can hit hard and fast using this ability; many enemies within the fortress are metallic in nature.

Which means that you’re going to need to do something or use something to penetrate their armor which the Greatsword will; it goes without saying that there is a reason that you have two weapon choices in this game, if one weapon isn’t getting the job done or killing those enemies outright then you know the other will.

Above all, it’s important for you to use a Greatsword all throughout the time you’re here because, in my experience, enemies are only going to fall to the might of a Greatsword or another weapon of greater attack power than the primary. So be mindful of that.

Hendrik is a big help

Along with the Luminary, Hendrik should DEFINITELY be a go to while you’re making your way around in the Fortress of Fear and here’s the top 6 reasons why:

1. Hendrik’s Axe skills such as Parallax does great damage on demonic enemies and undead enemies.

2. Like the Luminary, Hendrik has Greatsword abilities like the Cutting Edge ability (make sure he knows this before you storm the joint or right immediately after you touchdown).

3. When it comes to skill and power Hendrik complements the Luminary’s with his Heroism and Sword skills.

4. Despite when Hendrik joins, his attack power is still on a higher plateau than the Luminary’s.

5. Need to heal so Serena and Rab aren’t doing it alone; Hendrik has the MoreHeal ability so you can definitely lean on him if you’re badly bruised.

6. Kabuff is one of Hendrik’s greatest abilities; it can take the max damage of an attack and reduce it to nearly nothing.

Keep these six in mind when you storm the Fortress of Fear and make sure that Hendrik is in your party; you won’t get that far without him, I’m going to tell you that much right now.

Jade and Rab’s got Claw Skills to pay the bills

Jade and Rab have two unique weapons like everyone else in the party, Jade has Spears and Claws. Rab has Claws and Staves. However, if you’re taking Jade and Rab to the Fortress of Fear party (and you should) using Jade’s Spear and Rab’s Staff is NOT going to get the job done.

Equip both of them with Claws, and the reason for that is because Jade and Rab, from experience, will critical EVERYTHING in the fortress except for the Metal King Slimes; Jade’s Lightning Thrust will kill the Metal King Slimes outright every single time.

Rab and Jade’s Claw skills will always come in handy here especially since most of the enemies trolling the place are metallic which the two can use to their advantage, using Spears or Staves here is not going to destroy enemies nor critical them.

It is imperative that if you bring these two with you then you have to make sure that you forge them some strong claw weapons beforehand otherwise their chances of survival is zero even if they’re using Claws and strengthening the claw weapon via character builder is DEFINITELY advised.

Gigasmash doesn’t hurt either

Now, although welcomed but not a requirement, Gigasmash is a great move to have when you’re storming the Fortress of Fear because I’ve seen enemies take lethal amounts of damage from it and since it is a Greatsword skill then it stands to reason that they’re going to.

Mordegon’s tough but not so tough that you’ll need the Gigasmash

However, let me be clear about this, having Gigasmash is not a requirement because even with Cutting Edge, Rab’s M-Pathy skill and a crap load of Sage Elixirs; you’ll be ready for Mordegon and whatever he throws at you.

The nice thing about Gigasmash is that the damage it does equates that of Gigagash so don’t feel like you’ll be at a loss for damage to your enemies if you have one and not the other.

Keep in mind too that if you decide to abuse Gigasmash then you’ll be more likely getting MP assistance from Rab and from the obvious level ups you’ll get there. Personally, I only abused Gigasmash on certain enemies groups or one that I felt was giving me more trouble than your average enemy.


Storming the Fortress of Fear is definitely something that you have to do but that doesn’t mean that you have to do it ill-prepared and by that I mean the weapons. The Sword of Light is not effective against the enemies here so switching to your Greatsword is going to win the day.

Using abilities like Cutting Edge can mean the difference between life and death while skulking around the fortress. Hendrik is a great asset and so is his Axe, Greatsword and healing abilities; don’t underuse or underestimate any of them. Jade and Rab’s Claw Skills are necessary for the fortress; you will not take down the enemies there without it.

Gigasmash is good to have but not a requirement as the other contributing factors i.e. Hendrik and the rest is there so in the worst case scenario that you don’t have it then they’re there to help pour on the damage.

So what do you think about my post, is it possible or is it impossible to do the Fortress of Fear without the “fake” Sword of Light; I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave me a message and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Thank you and Happy gaming.



Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist Characters, having trouble; here’s a little hint

Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist is out on PS4 as you well know and if you’ve been playing the game like me then I’m sure you’ve no doubt run into your fair share of problems with the current place in the game or particular character in the game (mine was Bastion now it is Jaden as Nightshroud).

There are more than enough cards in the game to put these guys down or so you think.

However, not surprisingly, sometimes not pulling the right card or getting the right card at the right time can really screw you as far as battle strategy and deflate any hopes you have to destroying your enemy and ending the duel.

Incidentally, the biggest problem can sometimes be that the duelist has an answer for every card strategy you implement.

Have you gotten to this point where the only thing you can do is keep trying to beat that duelist that keeps giving you trouble with nowhere to turn; well, I can tell you that the solution isn’t as difficult as it seems. Now, I’m going to turn you onto some real strategies in order to combat this.

I promise you this, you’re going to have more cards than you know what to do with after this post is said and done. Without further ado; here’s my take on the Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist Characters and the strategies!

Going in a straight line?

Going in a straight line is simply just you going from series to series in order starting from the original Yugioh with Yugi Moto and his pals going on their journey to stop Pegasus then Kaiba and ultimately Marik.

Upon completing this, you’ll go on to Yugioh GX; where you’re dueling every GX character; I’m Nightshroud now battling Jaden in a reverse duel.

Except reversed!

Now, you can keep going in the straight line you are and unlocking character decks after character decks after beating the character and winning their deck recipe, so you can feel accomplished if that’s what you want to do but doesn’t some part of you ever think, “I wish I could take that guy down with Number 33: Chromonaly Machu Mech”


“Why do I have to wait to take this guy down using Stardust Dragon or Red Dragon Archfiend?” I know that as a species we’re taught to do things in order so as to achieve the best result but sometimes in video games these “laws” be damned because you’ll ultimately accomplish nothing which is why you should try….


When I got stuck at Bastion, it made me think about other ways to get through him and it didn’t always matter if I had the right cards or not; most of the time, I did and didn’t. So, I got to a point where I decided to do some exploring into other Yugioh series realms of existence; you can’t even begin to imagine what I discovered.

I went on over to the Yugioh 5D side and I won a few duels over there and earned a good card or two; I scored a lot of good cards including Luna’s very own Ancient Fairy Dragon, a decent card to say the least. Next, I journeyed on over to the Arc V side and unlocked some more cards.

Then, I got curious and journeyed over to the Zexal side and I beat Shark in the first duel then was getting ready to take on Flip but by then I unlocked Kathy Katherine in the Card Shop; she’s the only one right now.

But, you see what I’m getting at, a little exploration can open doors to power unimaginable that includes power to make even the fiercest duelist wet their pants (that’s right I said it).

Card Shop Appearances

As you may or may not know, you’ll unlock different (and certain chosen) duelists in the card shop after you get through a certain point within that series; and if you’re curious then you can check out the list here.

Ultimately, it’s in your best interest to work your way through a particular series until you hit that roadblock i.e. the duelist whose giving you trouble.

A little into my journey to the 5D side, I unlocked Tetsu Trudge and Leo & Luna. I unlocked Zuzu, Gong and Yuya on the Arc V side and I nearly cleaned Yuya out as far as his deck because I got a majority of his Performapal cards including his kick ass Odd Pendulum Dragon card.

As I previously mentioned I unlocked Kathy Katherine in the Card Shop and I scored a lot of great cards to boot; I know I still have a little ways to go before I unlock some more people across yugioh dimensions so to speak but I can tell you now that my card collection has grown substantially.

Just so you know, when I found Yusei as Warrant Armstrong; he was using Chronomaly cards which hail from the Zexal dimension so I’m not the only one going outside the line.

Changing cards between butt-kicking isn’t helping

Scoring a lot of cards from the duelists that you beat and buying them from the card shop in the game is absolute, and it gives you the ability to mix and match not to mention try different combos such as different cards with different attributes. What I used to do was have a deck of half light and half dark monsters; doing this has led me to many a victory.

However, what do you do when changing cards between butt-kicking and getting your butt kicked isn’t helping; what if you feel like you’re going into a battle with a ton of good cards and still can’t win?

The problem then becomes obvious that your changing cards isn’t helping so going outside your realm or exploring other series is your key to victory.

You get a good amount of cards when you start the game but its not enough; plus, it isn’t always a guarantee that you’re going to get that right card even if you arrange them in a specific order which you can’t.

Pendulum and Tuner cards are Lifesavers

As I said in the heading, Pendulum and Tuner cards are lifesavers and I say this because both allow you to get your most prized card or monster on the field not to mention opens doors to more powerful monsters such as Rune Eyes Pendulum Dragon and Stardust Dragon along with many others.

Start here if you want to, it doesn’t say not to

Whatever deck you make with whatever cards you make it with, always have, my rule of two, two tuners and two pendulum cards. You’re going to be thankful you did, if you’re looking to get a lot of monsters on the field immediately then keep this strategy in mind always.

Tuner monsters may not be the first choice but they’re just as useful especially Tuned Magician.


Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist Characters are among the most intricate not to mention as talented a duelist as their television counterparts, but that doesn’t mean that beating them in order is mandatory which means that going in a straight line isn’t necessary; you can start in the Arc V series then work your way up.

Exploring other yugioh series doesn’t seem ideal but it is necessary in order to get the cards you need to destroy your opponent in the game. Be mindful of the Card Shop Appearances because as you play through that particular series you’ll unlock more and more people which is great.

Changing cards between duels doesn’t always help you especially with the assortment of cards you have now. Always have at least two tuners and two pendulum cards in your deck because they’re going to be lifesavers that’s going to help you win the duel.

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